Ya gotta hate anything that “will help take down more wolves…”

The Montana House of Representatives has passed second reading on a bill to allow hunters to use rifle silencers when hunting wolves. House Bill 27 would only allow silencers to be used after the general big game hunting season.

The sponsor, Representative Ted Washburn (R-Bozeman)  told the Helena Independent Record silencers help protect the hearing of hunters. He also says a company in his district makes rifles and silencers.

Washburn says about 600 Montanans already legally hunt with silencers when hunting coyote, fox, prairie dogs and gopher. He says those using silencers have to pass a 6-month federal background check and pay $250.

The House approved the bill 68 to 32. It has one more vote on third reading before moving the Senate.

Supporters say the bullets still make a loud noise when breaking the sound barrier and therefore don’t sound like silencers on TV shows. Rather, they make it much…

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  1. I put silencers (suppressors) on nearly all my guns in Call of Duty. If you’re lucky you can pick off whole groups of enemy team members without them knowing where you came from. Hunting humans is admittedly a great deal of fun, but please leave the wolves alone.

  2. It is a good thing that FWP researchers and MSU researchers came along to inform us that predators kill prey and that it is upsetting for the prey and that as a result they have to move their arses around a bit and be stressed. Hundreds of thousands of years of predator prey relationships have to be reviewed as a result and the sportsmen-trapper-rancher-wildlife agency group will make things right with removal of the most of the predators, again, if they have their way, killed so that the prey can relax and eat grass until the human groups can come along and kill them, with a legitimate license of course or need for management, which is not upsetting to the prey because this is the natural order of things, manifest destiny and all, the right thing to do. Being hunted by natural predators is upsetting. It is scary to be hunted and killed, unless it is by humans. So, from us predators and prey, thank you humans, for relieving our stress and making it right. We will graze in tranquility until then. If winters are severe, could you bring us some hay? We are here to be killed by you for you. Enjoy your traditions of killing us for sport and management. Nature did not know what she was doing, but you, humans, have balanced it out. Killing us provides sport, tradition, wholesome time well spent, work, fur, trophies, and it is all good for us! Amen. Let it be so.

  3. Wolf killing in Montana and other states has gotten entirely out of hand. The wolf should be re-listed and protected indefinitely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6X9TjBAnvU

    Current wolf management is not management. It exceeds any sense of fair chase or ethical treatment of this animal. It is wolf vendetta season with trapping beyond the hunt season, multiple tags during the hunt season, extended hunt season. It is not based on anything but rancher and sportsmen pushed vendetta and politics, not science. FWP, USFWS, USDA Wildlife Services deserve no respect on this. The states have shown by their killing attitudes and actions that they cannot responsibly manage wolves. The state forces just mentioned are too much in control. The rationales for management are false: They are killing too many elk. The elk population in Montana has increased 47% since wolf reintroduction. They are depredating cattle. No, they are not; they kill only .0029% for which Stockgrowers are reimbursed.




    “I stopped hunting and trapping long ago. For years, I was ambivalent about speaking out because I accepted the cultural and psychological influences motivating those who grew up considering unnecessary killing a sport. I’ve come to recognize how superficial, shallow, fleeting and self-destructive is this violent indulgence.”

    -Bradley Ayers, Veteran and former hunter/trapper.

    It is time to end the slaughter, end states’ management, re-list the wolf, and maybe all predators and keep them out of state control. Wildlife agencies are too wedded to sportsmen, ranchers, and local-vocal-yokel wolf haters, who are hysteria driven.

  4. I thought it was illegal to own or use a firearms silencer (or “suppressor”) in the US unless one first obtained a special, and expensive, license from the ATF that is preceded by a very intrusive background check (?).

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