Here’s the sad (and predictable) news…

Howling For Justice

dead wolf flickr commons

Well there you have it, no change in Helena. Same old, same old. I guess the Governor thought he’d be run out of town on a rail if he vetoed HB 73, so he did the easy thing and signed it. Apparently he consulted with biologists, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during those conversations.

Did he hear this?

1. Well you know Governor, we’ve got lots of angry hunters and ranchers out there who don’t like wolves. They think wolves are the reincarnation of Beelzebub or their ex-wives. The greenies don’t contribute to the coffers of  fish and game anyway,  so to hell with them.  What’s a few more dead wolves to keep the peace?

or this?

2. The wolves are scapegoats for people who are just plain angry, don’t give into that mentality. There is no scientific reason to be killing wolves.  Montana ‘s…

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  1. I never really held out much hope that he would veto the bill. He must be looking ahead to his next election…he can’t lose that ranching and hunting vote. BUT it is very disappointing because there was a sliver of hope he would somehow be different. There are now three DINO’S in the state (Democrats In Name Only), Baucus, Tester and now Bullock. Sad really. I guess he’s slightly better then Rick Hill, who wanted an endless wolf hunting season but with the signing of HB 73 it makes Bullock only slightly better in that he isn’t Rick Hill.

    The wolves are doomed in Montana and Idaho unless we can figure out a way to get them re-listed. It’s going to take a very large village to do that, which means the rest of America chiming in on the slaughter. Now if we could just get ANYBODY on mainstream TV to cover this story besides Jane Velez-Mitchell.


    • Your post raises an intriguing point: why is it so difficult getting members of the mainstream media to take note of how wolves are currently being mercilessly persecuted in the western US with the active connivance of state governments? After all, “progressive” (aka liberal) elements of the media like Rachel Maddow and Ed Schulz spend their entire careers posing as the noble defenders of the disadvantaged, the oppressed, and the underdog, whether they be racial minorities, unemployed union workers, drone-strike victims, or gay boy scouts. You’d think that hundreds of murdered wolves might stimulate some small glimmer of interest, wouldn’t you? They can’t be totally ignorant of what is going on in the west. But, then, it’s all just theatre to them.

      Paul Watson pretty well summed up the news media in one of his books: “The media are not interested in facts. The media want drama, humor, entertainment — in short, little mini-circuses to amuse the public every night. The mayor of St. John’s kissing a fish would serve that purpose as easily as a story about Mother Teresa helping children. Content takes a backseat to entertainment values.”

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