It’s Official: Montana Hates Wildlife

To the casual observer, it would surely seem that Montana hates its wildlife.

Not only does the state continue to escalate its attack on wolves by prolonging its hunting and trapping season and increasing the per hunter quota even as the number of wolves there drops, but now their state legislature is proposing to eliminate free-roaming wild bison altogether, outside the confines of Yellowstone National Park.

The same Montana politicians who just rushed through a bill to expand the state’s ongoing wolf hunting and trapping are now considering new lethal bills to:

•prohibit reintroduction of wild bison into Montana;

•establish a year-round hunting season for bison, with virtually no limitations;

•authorize private landowners to shoot on sight any bison that wandered onto their property;

•order state officials to exterminate or move any wild bison that migrate into Montana.

The grizzly bear is soon to come off the federal Threatened Species list, and thereby lose federal protection. You can bet that states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming—those few places fortunate enough to still support the bears in their wilderness areas—are planning to add trophy hunting of grizzlies to their long hit list of “big game” species as soon as (in)humanly possible.

But to hear them tell it, Montanans don’t hate all wildlife. They love having out of control populations of ungulates around to “harvest” between shopping trips to WalMart. As long as their Fish, Wildlife and Parks department provides them with huntable populations of “surplus” elk, deer and pronghorn, those token other species—the wolves, grizzly bears and bison—can stay in the national parks, “where they belong.”

Photos Copyright Jim Robertson

Photos Copyright Jim Robertson



23 thoughts on “It’s Official: Montana Hates Wildlife

  1. Well your piece just says it all !! It’s just one big happy hunting club for those boys .. And our precious wildlife is the game. It’s like colonial Africa, undertones of enslavement and totally immoral … I thought our Wildlife was held in public trust .. Is this state just allowed to run roughshod over all of our precious wildlife because they have a corner on the market ? Is there a conflict of interest here? What about the rest of us that want thes beings to remain wild and free… ? Is this a rogue state … Are we in a civil war regarding the guardianship of our wildlife..?. I am against this state of affairs .. Have they taken a “slave” state mentality ? I say abolish this practice now, this wildlife is ours as well and
    Killing them is not in their best interest at all or for the USA as a nation …

  2. Too many corrupt politicians up there who only care about their pockets!!!!

    I used to ski in MT every winter but now, I will never visit, vacation or support any products or services coming from MT!!!

    God bless these poor majestic animals. Hope they are safe and there will be tons of hunting accidents… That would be poetic justice!

  3. Montana depends heavily on ecotourism. BOYCOTT MONTANA and write to their legislature and Tourism Commission and each Montana Chamber of Commerce and explain why you will not come to their bloody state. Same with Idaho and Wyoming and Washington State. And also Minnesota and Michigan.

    • I used to spent the summers in Idaho and Montana. I went mostly to view wildlife, especially wolves. I will never go there again. If I must travel through to Oregon, I will take on enough fuel and supplies to get through without spending any money there. If I must stop, I will lay over in a rest area or truck stop so they do not get one penny of my money. I would think the wealthy people in Sun Vally and Ketchum would rise up and get rid of these Heathen public officials they have in Boise. I used to meet many of them who go to Galena pass and the Sawtooth just to see and hear the wolves. I have considerable disposable income as a retiree, and I will dispose of it in Oregon Utah and Colorado for now.

      • Jerry, PLEASE ask all your humane friends who travel to do the same, TO BOYCOTT MONTANA, IDAHO, WYOMING, MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN AND ALASKA. When these murderous states feel a big hit to their wallets and purses, they’ll re-consider acting like morons and devils.

  4. this is why i do not live there. was offered a scholarship to a pre Vet college and declined b/c the pain and torture they inflict on their wildlife is shameful. i’d have been killed trying to come between trapped wolves and the homosapien (dare not call them human for their is no humanity to this kind of hatred).

    • Gabriella, when I was in college I had a sweet and beautiful friend, Angela, who went on a one year exchange to a college in Moscow, Idaho. Everyone liked her wherever she went, but she could not take the hostile redneck attitude of so many Idaho college kids. She was turned off and sickened by their disrespect, brutality and cruelty towards wildlife. Angela returned home to New England after one semester. She couldn’t leave fast enough. I feel so bad for the beautiful wolves and all wildlife there, that can’t escape. It is a state full of mentally disturbed animal abusers, including their lunatic governor. You did the right thing.

  5. “Making Sport of Killing Is Not Healthy Human Behavior” You said it all right there. These people are not to be despised, they should be cured, or at least medicated.

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