Boycott Montana Beef

Beef cattle are the number one predator on wolves and bison in Montana.
Of course, the cows themselves are not directly to blame for the deaths of others; they too are victims of the same exploiters who are waging a war of extermination on wolves, bison and other native species, unparalleled since the ecologically reckless 1800s.

The government of Montana’s attitude toward wildlife is a disgrace—nothing short of reprehensible—for any state who calls themselves a gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Wildlife watchers should not have to concede to the will of hostile states; they have as much right to visit Montana as any beef buyer or trophy hunter.

Recently the state of Montana has turned up the heat on any wild species who might in any way be perceived as a threat to one of their biggest cash crops: cows. Don’t fall prey to the feel-good lure of “sustainable” grass-fed Montana beef. In order to sustain cattle, the livestock industry demands that wildlife be controlled by any and every lethal means imaginable.

It’s time to hit where it hurts. For the sake of wolves and bison and biodiversity, boycott Montana beef!

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved


28 thoughts on “Boycott Montana Beef

  1. Reblogged this on Niki.V.all.ways.My.way. and commented:
    well, being a vegetarian, i boycott all meat, but — just in case someone else needs a reason to examine one of the two things they KNOW they can control: what goes in their mouth. Also, I wouldn’t do much chicken now either … did u hear about the 500K+ chix infected with #BirdFlu ? sigh. no chicken for a while. pork is the originator of what becomes the bird flu, so if u eat meat, the cure is always in the problem. (or not, but if its true, why not here too?)

  2. Take The Lobbying Power Away From The Ranching Industry!

    Boycott Beef In All 50 States Until Wolves And Other Wildlife Are Protected!

  3. Yes, boycott Montana beef. Actually I won’t eat any beef! No more, done! The ranchers/ politicians, on the most part disgust me. They don’t listen to scientific evidence, their ossified brains are made up! They still live in the past, refuse education, and think killing solves ‘their’ made up fears!

  4. As a Fifth generation member of a Montana Ranching family, I agree with the intent of this article. No Longer do I know these people who reside here, Old family names of those who lived upon the land in Montana, raised their families here are rare. Those living here now are from somewhere else, I do not know these people. Too many now no longer serve the land or the wildlife, the respect for either is from them is rare andfew. We hunted to sustain the family and we honored the animal that gave of itself so that our families might be fed. Now, I see and hear the hate that fills our state, I read the horror stories in the news, I see the sickening pictures of tortured animals spread across facebook, I see the bad anti-wolf laws being made within our legislature, I see our state Fish and game ignore sound science when forming policies concerning the wolf, I no longer know these people, these are not that Montanans I knew. Ours is one of the last few remaining old time ranches in western montana, we see the borders outlined by the housing developments build against the fence lines. When their is no longer room or a place for wildlife, where will they live? Is our state to become just another glorified game farm managed only for the wealthy out of state hunters, or the trophy hunters, the hunters who no longer hunt to sustain their families, the hunters who destroy the landscape with their ATVs, Leave beer cans littering the landscape for someone else to pick up, shoot holes in forest service signs, and campground privys ? Is this what the state of Montana is destined to become? My family has never utilized public grounds to raise our beef, and believed our wildlife had as much right to live and reproduce upon that land as we did ourselves. We believed we were but stewards, caretakers of the land. It was up to us to take care of the land and the wildlife for our children and their children. What happened to that dream we shared? I no longer know these people that exploit the very resources we valued so much.
    Our ranch has been a part of our family for generations, and will continue to remain within our family for generations to come, We will continue to be the stewards of the land, and every child in the community may still have access to the streams to fish, and perhaps learn about ethics and values that our family learned and grew up with. Cattle that once dotted our landscape have been sold, but the land will remain, just as it was when the Salish built sweat lodges along its creeks. I am saddened by what Montana has become.
    Steve Clevidence

    • You Steve have spoken for the era I was raised in. Thank you for painting the picture of how it used to be. I am from Montana. Old days. God Bless You. ~

    • Thank you Steve Clevidence for your bio here. I personally think that what has happened are due to massive subsidies to ranchers and farmers and huge conglomerates that are making enormous profits in slaughterhouses across the land now. Our own government profits from allowing BLM lands and forests to be utilized for profit in this industry of gluttony. It is sad, and it is a growing problem. It is devastating and can only be stopped with better legislation and legislators who are brave enough to stand up for stronger values. Good luck to your family. Stand up for those values you believe in. Wish you were in politics….I’d vote for you in a heartbeat.

      • PS….I haven’t bought beef in over a year now. Don’t miss it’s taste one bit. Ugh!!

    • Steve, will you be like another rancher that was very tolerant of the wolves and denigrated those who objected to the loss of a few thousand dollars worth of livestock…..until he started losing them and he demanded that the wolves be removed, and in fact they ran over one and killed it with a 4 wheeler. It is much easier to tolerate other folks loss than one’s own.

      • Ranchers are behind the wholesale murder of wildlife in Montana and other states. That is a much greater loss than the loss of a few cows that they can be compensated for. Who visits Yellowstone to see cows–no one!

      • @ Amazed….I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You obviously dont know the caliber of man Steve Clevidence is. I know Steve very well …he has had my back at many anti wolf meetings in the Bitterroot Valley and in Helena. You will not find a more honorable man! I am fortunate enough to call him my friend!

      • It is important to know that there are good men like Steve Clevidence standing up for all of Montana’s wildlife. Thank you Mr Steve Clevidence!

    • That is absolutely beautiful Steve. I really wish more people were like you. But I have always known Montana was ugly like this. The hate was always here. Its just more visible now.

    • Steve Clevidence, I love how eloquently you have shared your truth, I honor and respect you and your way of living and caring for Mother Earth and her beautiful creatures, great and small. May you be blessed to share this with many, to open their hearts. Well done, my friend. :)))))

    • You, Steve, are what true american ranchers are made of; integrity, dignity, respect and honor. I wholeheartedly agree with Lorna Falkenstein. You honestly should consider standing; statewide, nationwide; political rallys, legislative meeting, conventions, as a fifth generation rancher you may be able to brake the cycle. You live it, love it, you understand the natural balance and beauty; from experience you feel the lifeblood of Montana ranching. I, family, friends, my colleagues are on boeard. We back you 100%. God Bless you.

    • Steve. You sound like a fine man. But you still raise cattle for slaughter and you still hunt. You honor the animal by killing it? The animal did not give its life to you. You took it.

  5. Great idea- as of this moment no more beef for me- Montana or otherwise until we start getting heard. Hope this catches on because this is a great way to show we mean business!

  6. This is an easy request to comply with! Since I don’t eat beef anyway, boycotting it is a cinch! Like when I was asked not to patronize Chik-fil-a, or to stay out of Gunhawk Firearms, which sponsored a coyote-murdering contest. I can be righteous at no cost to me. Lazy man’s activism. Nice! Once in a while I can do with a break!

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