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**UPDATE** Remember these are only allegations at this time, but they are backed up by some very serious statements from people with impeccable integrity. We will keep digging for more information, and update as more information becomes available. All of us are still trying to wrap our minds around this. 


Yesterday we were made aware of some very disturbing information. According to multiple reliable sources, with direct links to the the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, a DNR employee or employees have given confidential research data regarding the precise GPS coordinates of wolf dens to wolf hunters/hounders/trappers. The sources are reluctant to go on the record with this information, but if true it would answer many questions about this past falls wolf killing season.

One of the most common questions asked during the wolf killing season last fall was, “how are they killing them so quickly?” I…

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  1. All state and federal agencies need to be cognizant of this. They are being scrutinized like never before and will be held accountable. I don’t give a crap where or who they get their funding from. They cannot do this. Let us be the the painful, festering thorn in their sides. And NEVER give up.

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