Stop the Spread of Psychopathy—End Hunting and Trapping

In light of the rise in violent crime, many have pondered the question: “How do I know if my neighbor is a psychopathic serial killer?” Well, unfortunately, it’s not easy. Unless of course you happen to live in any number of rural areas across the country where hunters are required to wear blaze orange—then the psychopathic serial killers stand out like a bunch of sore thumbs.

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit hyperbolic to compare hunters to serial killers. Yes, they both obsess on and stalk their victims, whom they objectify and depersonalize in their single-minded quest to boost their self-esteem, and the kills made by both hunters and serial killers are followed by a cooling off period, but serial killing usually has a sexual component to it.

Let’s hope hunters aren’t literally getting off on their exploits.

Maybe a better comparison for a hunter would be to a mass murderer: the inadequate type who snipes with a hunting rifle at innocent passers-by from a clock tower, or fires an AR-15 at cars from an embankment over a freeway.

Either way, the plain fact is cruelty to animals often leads to the killing of people. The perpetrators of the Columbine mass school shooting in Colorado honed their slaying skills by practicing on woodpeckers with their hunting rifles. David Berkowitz, the self-proclaimed “Son of Sam” serial killer, who habitually took sport in shooting lovers in parked cars along the streets of New York City, began his criminal career by shooting his neighbor’s dog.

Why does the public put up with these people in their midst?

The mainstream media downplays the behavior of serial animal killers as though hunting was just another “sport” to report on; like they were covering some Boy Scout Jamboree. They repeat by rote hunter/”game” department jargon like the animals were inanimate objects, using emotionally void terms such as “crop” for deer or “wolf harvest” for the unnecessary torture and murder of sentient beings vastly more admirable than their pursuers.

Worse yet are the noxious spread of anything-goes anti-wolf/anti-wildlife websites and chat rooms now widespread in social media. Consider the following comments made in response to a hunter showing off the cougar he killed (photo below)…

February 11 at 8:34am – “Nice cat bud.”

February 11 at 8:34am via mobile – “Colter! I had no idea you were into cougars.”

February 11 at 8:39am via mobile – “Hahahaha only old hairy ones like this one!!”

February 11 at 8:51am via mobile – “Good cat man congrats.”

February 11 at 9:15am via mobile – “That’s a nice cat bud!”

February 11 at 10:25am via mobile – “Thanks! Damn fun hunt.”

February 11 at 4:39pm – “what did you do, shoot its paw off!”

February 11 at 5:25pm via mobile – “It had been stuck in a trap at some point. Either chewed it off or pulled it off.”

In other words the poor cougar suffered, possibly for days, in a trap, before being shot by a trophy hunter. “Non-target” species like cougars often end up in traps set for other undeserving animals.

The Ravalli Republic reports (in typical mainstream media passionless fashion) in their article, Montana, Idaho trappers catching more than just wolves

In the first year that wolf trapping was allowed in Idaho, trappers captured a total of 123 wolves.

But according to a survey by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Department, those same trappers in 2011-2012 also inadvertently captured 147 other animals, including white-tailed deer, elk, moose, mountain lions, skunks and ravens.

Trappers reported that 69 of those animals died as a result.

Trappers reported capturing 45 deer. Twelve of those died. They also captured 18 elk and four moose. One of the elk died.

The same number of coyotes ended up in traps as deer. Trappers reported that 38 were killed. Mountain lions also took a hit. Nine were captured and six died.

“There are a heck of a lot of people out there trapping furbearers,” said the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife management chief. “And there also are a lot of people trapping coyotes, which aren’t even regulated.”

Meanwhile, Idaho allows trappers to use wire snares that collapse around an animal’s neck as it struggles to free itself.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s state wildlife game manager vacuously adds, “No one wants to catch a deer. It costs them a lot of time.”

Any society that looks the other way when people murder animals for fun does so at its peril. Marine biologist, Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, had this to say about the growing problem:

“Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is—whether its victim is human or animal—we cannot expect things to be much better in this world. We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we set back the progress of humanity.”

It doesn’t get much more cruel or moronic than this…

cougar kill


46 thoughts on “Stop the Spread of Psychopathy—End Hunting and Trapping

  1. I have to say this is beyond disturbing..this fellow is so either chewed its paw off or ? Really this is a texting conversation?..please expose this and send this to the Media..they need to know the extent of the cruelty that is currently happening to our precious wildlife!
    Can you please send this to green Huffington Post and the Ny Times..this piece is indicative of exactly what is happening to our beautiful wildlife! Stop the Violence Against our Wildlife! SVAW!
    This is a cruel story and so cavalier …these animals are being abused and he is accused!

    • “Misguided?” You are way, way to generous in ascribing the motivations of the subhuman pictured in the post. Misguided is when you donate money to the Obama campaign fund thinking that it will help usher in a new day for wildlife in America and then wind up with someone like Salazar at Interior. That’s misguided. What these pond scum, like the one pictured, routinely do to wild animals is on a whole different plane and deserve descriptors that are a lot less benevolent.

  2. Holy fuck what is wrong with these morons. This is sickening and disturbing. These people need to be in the traps they set.

  3. if there’s legal “enforcement” for this behaviour, we should dispose of the psychopathes that are making the laws first

      • If we continue to murder our precious wildlife it will be a “silent spring” forever .. !
        She would be horrified by our non progress on these issues .. It seems worse than ever..
        On another note did you know has recd money from generous donors to put up billboards in some of our western wolf killing states!
        The wolves first foray into exhibiting their horrific plight!
        Please help if you can, so we can get some media attention .. They should put one in Times Square!

  4. You are doing an amazing job in raising public awareness in a way that is intelligent, logical and compassion based. That is a difficult thing to do. You’re gifted. I am grateful that you have chosen to utilize these gifts in protection and defense of sentient, living beings who cannot defend nor protect themselves. Be encouraged. Many of us, who may not be so gifted in writing, are reading you and sharing your posts. Your ‘way with words’ has become incredibly valuable in helping others become more active in raising public awareness of the urgent need to turn from apathy toward compassion. Many Blessings. ~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits”

    PS ~ I share practically everything you write on our facebook page, but I have stopped telling you that for fear that it’s beginning to sound boring and redundant to you. Let me know if you LIKE knowing this. Otherwise, don’t worry . . . will keep your writing moving forward progressively.

  5. Sadly, this kind of behavior is the norm for too many people. Clearly they have something wrong with them, and as someone else pointed out, if their victim was a domestic animal, the trapper would be charged with a crime and would feel tremendous contempt from society. But instead, s/he is proud of his/her “achievement” and feels like a bigger person for it. As I said, there’s something very wrong with these people. A few (or a lot of) bricks short of a full load. No moral acuity whatsoever.

    • Ray, I’m sure Jim has more cogent answers than I can provide, but institutionalized violence against animals is sadly and systematically ignored, whether they are farm animals or wild animals. I think it just hits too close to an entrenched value and financial system that people just don’t want to question. I’ve often said that I think the fight for justice on behalf of animals is actually the most difficult social justice cause people have undertaken in the entirety of history. And that’s because every single facet of human existence involves some form of animal exploitation, whether it’s direct, like hunting, or indirect, like using products that involve animal parts or animal testing, or engaging technology or living habits that undermine the well-being of habitats. We’re all complicit to a degree, obviously, it’s just that some of us are willing to be culpable and look the problem head on while trying to do something about it.

  6. You know in late January my next door neighbor killed his wife and then himself. I knew the guy for 3 years, and the ironic part is, he bought an assault rifle a few days before his divorce was final and took his 1.5 year old Labrador out into the woods and shot her to see if he could do it to a human. Do you need anymore proof that those who harm animals directly are more likely to harm other people?

  7. Another excellent post! All that’s missing is useful information (or a link) about the name and address of the goon pictured in the article. That way, suitably motivated individuals could have the option of anonymously sending him an award or present or such in recognition of his notable contributions to wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

  8. Did you send this article to the media???.. or the people trying to put regulations on the guns? Let’s not let this poor pawless “CAT” have died in vain, from here on out this is what must drive us forward to educate the public to these cruel practices, this has to be our poster CAT …I write to editorial columns, etc call the white house Salazar, but no response of they are seriously misguided! ..Can anyone send this to any media/social media post it on any sites that gets lots of eyes and let them see what we have wrought by relaxing all the rules around the Endangered Species Act …this War on our Wildlife has to be put to an end NOW!
    STOP THE VIOLENCE …this “CAT” wants his life and his sweet, sweet Paw back…so cruel, wanton, and totally ignorant. We SHARE the planet with other beings who don’t look like us, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like this now….WAKE UP AMERICA !

    • Rebecca, you are on the right track. We need to organize and compact all the hundreds of small pro-wildlife groups and form a confederation OR combine/align with a *major* organization. But first we need more exposure.

  9. We’ve been needing a major media event. HOWEVER we need to figure out the best course of action and GUIDE PEOPLE TO IT. Unity.

    Is there a link that you could share? Interested in location, date, etc.
    Do you happen to keep a file of these types of photos?

    Jim, thank you so much for your eloquent writing and for sharing through this blog. It helps makes us all just a little more articulate for the voiceless.

  10. Jim
    Your book should be discussed on Forum on NPR ! Everyone go to NPR and request the violence against our wildlife be discussed .. Listeners will be well informed to listen to this courageous individual.. You are an inspiration to us all .. People need to hear the stories that aren’t being told !

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  12. And such things happen in the USA – a modern, civilized country that boasts to be the leader and propagator of western moral values. What are these values than?
    I deeply appreciate your blog, you’re doing a great job. Greetings from Europe.

  13. POS goofball looking moron, what an illiterate bunch of goons him and his friends are. I wish the cougar would’ve taken him for lunchmeat. So sad when morons such as this think they’re tough, when on equal terms he would’nt stand a chance, what a sissy pansy boy.

  14. He is holding it, like its his pet cat. i don’t understand how killing anything can make someone happy enough to stand there smiling like everyone should give him praise for his efforts.

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  16. Animals are killed, tortured, trapped, exploited, just plain used all over the world. For some reason humans seem to think they have some “God-given” right to do this. Until we, as members of the human race, are willing to take a stand and say “no more” and make the punishment fit the crime, nothing is going to change. I happen to be a Christian, but I don’t believe God means for us to kill the animals, or exploit them either. He meant for us to care for the earth and its creatures. Human have a lot to answer for.

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