Petition to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

Action Alert from the HSUS

It’s devastating to watch. In just one year, wolves have taken one brutal hit after another.

First, wolves were stripped of their federal protections under the Endangered Species Act. Then, state by state, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all opened fire on these majestic animals. Now, Michigan may be just months away from joining in the bloodletting.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is a coalition racing to collect 225,000 signatures by March 27 to put a referendum on the 2014 ballot. If the signatures are collected, we will automatically stop the Michigan wolf hunts through November 2014, an effort that would save as many as 500 wolf lives from pointless trophy hunting.

But we’re running out of time.

There is just more than one week left, and we haven’t reached our goal of 225,000 signatures. Can you help us put more people on the ground by making a donation of $25 — or whatever you can afford — today?

Just 50 years ago, these beautiful, shy, highly intelligent animals were pushed to the brink of extinction by the very same cruel and unsporting practices that are threatening them today. When it comes to wolves, our nation is going backward — and we must act now. Help us in this race against time for America’s remaining wolves — donate today.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is working day and night to reverse the fate of America’s wolves. Every dollar raised will help in the fight to stop the senseless killing of this iconic species.

The future of our wolves is at stake.

16 thoughts on “Petition to Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

  1. Wolves should never be killed. They have the same feelings as humans. They feel a deep love of family, fear, pain, suffering and lonliness. Magnificent animal that belongs on our lands.

  2. Wolves need to stay protected. Without protections they can’t survive or recover. Congress never should have stripped the safeguards. Not taking action is unacceptable. I am not giving up.

    • Pete, I have sent organizations dollars for the good work I have seen them do saving our wolves. As a taxpayer, everyone has put millions into saving the wolves from extinction. Now they open fire on them and you expect the taxpayer to turn a blind eye and pass the koolaid.

    • Unfortunately the petition is for Michigan residents only and has to be signed in pen in front of a witness. On the plus side, with enough signatures it’s guaranteed to get a wolf ban hunting on the state ballot.

  3. I do not undetstand this war being waged aganist the wolves, surely these States have more pressing issues before them then the wolves it seems to me that their time and money could be spend on the homeless, the jobless, education which obviously they are lacking in !

  4. Education Beats Elimination! Stop the senseless, barbaric trophy hunts for wolves! Do not take steps backward after moving in the humane direction for years. Many Americans do not want to see the wolves hunted again. Shame on the U.S. or any individual state for allowing this!

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