Inside the Wolf Hunter’s Mind

My book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, includes a chapter in which I peered “Inside the Hunter’s Mind.” What I saw was a selfish, self-serving, self-important braggart with a self-esteem problem.

But, when I try to envision what goes on in the mind of a wolf hunter, or trapper, my first impression is of an empty space—as devoid of substance as their heart evidently is. To actually imagine what kind of warped thinking goes on in their head is mind-boggling. But, as with every sadistic killer, there must be a motive for their unjust acts.

In considering why they would take so much anger and hatred out on wolves, it’s clear that it couldn’t stem only from superstition like the wolf-haters of centuries past. We must not forget that it’s not really the wolves themselves that these people hate, but the idea of a species killed off by their forefathers now being protected by more evolved people who want to make amends for the damage done by those seeking to “settle” the land and “subdue the Earth.”

Modern day wolf haters don’t have a phobia of wolves—instead they’re paranoid of any kind of government control of their perceived “right” to exploit the land and wildlife as they see fit. When they act out their murderous fantasies, they’re not just killing wolves, they’re trying to assert their power and reclaim their supposed birthright.

So next time you see another tweaked and twisted photo of a wolf-killer with an overblown sense of entitlement posing over a dead wolf, remember that it’s not just the wolves they hate—it’s anyone who stands in the way of their getting whatever they want handed to them on a silver platter.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved


25 thoughts on “Inside the Wolf Hunter’s Mind

  1. Jim, I wouldn’t want to peer into such a dark, distorted and dismal place as the mind of someone that revels in killing something like a wolf. It’s my idea of the worst kind of nightmare. I wish I could find some way to pity these people but that would imply at least a form of empathy. Instead I hold them in utter contempt. They’re so much more damaged than a person ought to be. They’re such a black eye for the already dismal condition of so much of the human species. They’re glib, beady eyes starting back, proud of the terrible crimes against the planet they’ve committed. They’re like an unrepentant pedophile drooling over kiddy porn. They’re everything about humans that needs to be “selected against”. They disgust me and make me feel sad for all of us that they’re allowed to exist.

  2. >>>”….they’re trying to assert their power and reclaim their supposed birthright”<<<

    I think you hit "bingo" here, Jim. Instinctively I know you are right.

  3. This issue is deeper than wolves , they see their world and long held beliefs being trampled. . Gay marriage is now acceptable; pot is being legalized; we have a Black President; the extractive and livestock industries are being scruitinized; minority populations are determining elaction results .. ….they’re running out of ways to fight back except through the “wolf”, a scapegoat for all these issues they can’t deal with…Their fear has taken over from any rational thinking

  4. I believe there is noting to be found there but if the right people would be in their lives, they could bring the light to that dark place in the hearts and minds of killers.

  5. I am not a hunter, I do not own any weapons…I can not, however, understand the predatory, vicious comments Ascribing characteristics to people in this fashion might seem, to those who might not understand the true motivating compassion for animals of posters displaying this dark aspect, murderous. It is in and of itself a type of scapegoating of “the other”.

  6. Geez….all this time, I assumed it was compensation for a small penis. Your analysis really hits home in property rights obsessed Whatcom county WA. To me hunting and trapping is also about domination, control and ownership….I.e. the history of Western civilization.

  7. The hunters are morally stunted control freaks who take out all their rage and frustrations on animals who can’t fight back. That also makes them cowards.

  8. My hope, dream, is to rid the earth of all the murdering maggots that take away that that I love so much, be it wolves, or all of life that needs nurturing, love, and our protection. Murdering animal mama’s that have just given birth, and their babies to me must be a crime against God, and life itself!

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