This Should be Required Before Getting a Trappers Licence…

Trappers! Put Up or Shut Up!

by Oliver Starr 

Enough of this trapping is humane, traps don’t injure animals bullshit! I’m tired of hearing these trappers spout their inane lies so here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m putting up a bounty.

I’m offering $100 to the first trapper that posts a full length, uncut video of themselves placing their own hand (ungloved, un-sleeved, un-jacketed) into a full size, un-modified, un padded and professionally anchored #9 wolf trap.  I want them to sit there, in the woods, just like if they were a wolf, for the full minimum trap check time of 24 hours before they are released by someone else.  No weapons, no food, no water.  Just like it is for any trapped animal. (Well, not just like, at least they will know who trapped them and why – plus, they can have their clothes on… see, I’m generous)

The first trapper to do this and provide the full length video documentary proof gets the prize.  I’d offer more but that’s all I can currently afford.  Who’s with me?  Who will contribute to up the bounty.  I’ll bet there’s not a single taker in the entire world.  Not one.  These guys need to either put up or shut up.

(yep, one of these, with both springs.)  If they want to really show us that they aren’t painful or that the animals so trapped don’t suffer, call the media so they can document it for us.

Bounty Update!  As of 9AM on 3/20/13 the bounty is up to $2070.00!  It’s time for the wolf killers to put their arms where their mouths are… You can contribute to the bounty here.

22 thoughts on “This Should be Required Before Getting a Trappers Licence…

  1. Ideally, no trapper will accept this challenge because they get to thinking about it and decided they shouldn’t put an animal through something they would not want to go through themselves. But that would require the capacity for empathy and remorse, as well as a conscience—none of which are found in the average psychopath.

  2. Nice idea, Oliver, but there’s still a key difference between a trapped animal and a trapper accepting your challenge: the trapper will know he will be freed in 24 hours (also, it’s a 72 hour trap check in Wyoming and elsewhere).

    And to be fair, anyone who accepts should have a neutral third party film them sitting out there trapped in the winter; homemade videos are easy to fake.

    • Agree. I actually pointed that out somewhere in that the trapper would know exactly why he was where he was. The one problem with having a neutral third party doing the filming is that it would deter other predators from taking advantage of the situation, which of course is a protection a trapped animal does not enjoy…

      • True. The only way it would really be the same for a trapper as for a trapped animal is if the trapper got caught in a trap somewhere in the wild when no one knew he was out there (like the guy in Utah who was caught in a rockslide and had to cut his arm off to free himself).

  3. Make sure that the trapper that steps up is full of panic, like put him up on a platform only large enough to move around so their is a real fear or possibly have police dogs within inches of biting. Make sure the trapper tries for hours on end to yank his hand or foot free too, hence that’s where the real damage comes from anyways.

  4. This is a great idea, Oliver! I bet you don’t get any takers because even though these trappers are not the brightest bulbs on the tree they know better than to step onto a trap. One can only hope that in a sick sense of justice they would accidentially get caught in their own trap. At this point it is all I can hope for!

  5. I actually took this challenge a few years back, not as a bet, but as and indoctrination to a certain group (unnamed) which I did it with with full padded size 15 boots (non-leather of course) and placed it inside the trap. In short it hurt like hell so I had to imaging just what it would feel to an animal or god forbid a person without the same protection as I had. Today I can still feel pain everyday I walk. Trappers should learn such a lesson.

  6. Re the $100 trap / trapper offer. I would add two things: the first would be for the volunteer trapper to try and run away from the trap with all their might and speed for a minimum of four hours – to repeatedly struggle to get away because that is when the trap tightens and digs deeper into the limb to do the damage; second, consider a second prize for another trapper to be caught by his/her arm/wrist/(paw). Compensate for the wrist option in addition to the proposed leg option by upping the size of the trap to acknowledge for the differences in physiology between a human arm (flat, more rectangular than a wolf’s and therefor absorbs the force of the trap jaws differently than the more “rounded” wolf limb. The same goes for the differences in the shape of the human foot from which the leg extends (vs. wolf physiology) as the trap should connect at the narrowest place on the human leg with the trap size proportionately increased; third, add a surprise (I said I’d offer two things, so surprise!) element: get the trapper’s fun-loving friends to disable the person’s ability to get out of the trap before 24 hours are up. That may create a little fear that would otherwise be missing.

    Still absent, though, is the element of the terror of the unknown, the futility of trying to escape a painful device that makes no sense to the evolutionary experiences culturally transmitted to wolf. In the end, our sense of empathy and compassion would stop us from doing these latter things to trappers, so yes, I support the 24-hour ordeal. However, keep the struggle and trap-jaw tightening aspects intact (no clothing between the trap and skin, please) as they are voluntary—and one of the lessons on empathy trappers need to learn. So, run, trapper, run, and then be stopped and slammed to the ground when you come to the end of your chain and the leg-hold trap jaws dig into your flesh. Not all trapped individuals from other species will try to run away, but many do.

    I’ve sill have not figured out a humane way to create the shock that is still missing from the volunteer trapper’s experience. Oh, that’s right, there isn’t a humane way to do any of it because like meat, “humane” is a myth when applied to hunting, trapping, and fishing.

    Trappers, hunters, and fishers, your worldview beliefs are an anachronism ill-suited to adapting to the ecosystems we have distorted and destroyed. Your lack of empathy is something you learned. You are at the center of the universe. Perhaps, when you are at the center of a staked trap for 24 hours, at the center of the trap jaws squeezing the life out of your leg or arm, you will awake to biocentrism, where empathy lives and you are part of, not the center of, conscious existence. If you are fortunate enough to evolve into this biocentric norm, consider giving a $100 donation to the anti-trapping, pro-wolf organization of your choice.

    • I received a comment from a wolf-killer (which I immediately sent to the trash–hard to believe he think I would approve a comment from someone using the handle “wolf-hunter”) who summed up the reason they’ll never accept the challenge. He said (to paraphrase) ‘Why should I suffer for your bounty when I can get that much from 2 wolf pelts and be back in my warm bed at night?). Clearly it’s not about subsistence or survival for them.

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