Man, I Wish You Were Never Born

Some folks wonder why I sound like such a misanthropist when I talk about the human species. Although to me the answer appears obvious, I suppose I should explain myself to those who might think of human beings as “superior,” “God’s chosen ones” or in some other way entitled to do as they will to the planet and its non-human inhabitants.

I don’t hold all people to blame equally. I certainly don’t blame you, dedicated reader. You can’t help being born human any more than a wolf, sea lion, salmon or slug has any say over who or what they were born. But there are those who seem to go out of their way to fuel my misanthropy. You see, humans don’t just kill other animals to fill their bellies; they destroy them in droves out of spite, to eliminate the competition…or just for fun.

When I hear hate-speech against wolves from hunters who’d rather have them eradicated again than have to work a little harder to “get their elk;” or come across a starving sea lion on the beach and then read that emaciated sea lion pups are washing up in California by the hundreds–all due to their food being robbed by overly-industrious-yet-completely-terrestrial commercial fishermen who have no business taking anything from the sea; or learn that dolphins are being repeatedly shot to death by people along the Gulf coast I tend to get a bit cynical of the notion that man was created in the image of any kind of benevolent god.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013.

In commenting about the recent rash of dolphin shootings, Randall Lockwood, senior vice president of the Forensic Sciences and Anti-Cruelty Projects department at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), said, “One of the things that seems to underlie most intentional animal cruelty and acts of abuse is a need for power and control. A lot of severe animal cruelty [comes from an] absence of empathy, and also a sense that [the perpetrators] have a right to do these things.”

Backing up the premise that people act out of an overblown sense of entitlement, Robert Grillo, founder of the group Free From Harm, writes, “Not only do we assert our supremacy over nonhumans, we act upon it at every opportunity. The notion that human interests “trump” animal interests when we create an imaginary conflict of interest is particularly delusional when one considers that we wantonly kill 60 billion land animals and kill another trillion or so aquatic animals every year just to suit our pleasure in eating them, not for any legitimate need to survive.

“In fact, Professor Gary Francione of Rutgers University continually points to the schizophrenic nature of our relationship with animals. Francione simply asks us to look at the big picture: 99% of our animal use is unnecessary and for purposes of pleasure, entertainment, curiosity and education.”

While Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote, “In relation to animals, all men are Nazis,” perhaps a more appropriate analogy for today’s world would be, “In relation to animals, all humans are serial killers.” How many parents of serial killers have secretly thought to themselves, “I wish Teddy would have never been born?” Considering how well the Earth got by before Homo sapiens came along and started messing with things, and how much mankind resembles a serial killer in its domineering attitude towards animals, I have to say, “Man, I wish you were never born.”

Life on Earth can take a lot of abuse and still come back for more, but it’s never had to withstand more than a few hundred thousand predacious hominids at a time. I don’t find much solace in the prediction by statisticians that the skyrocketing human population “will start to level off when it reaches 10 billion.” TEN BILLION over-consumptive human carnivores devouring everything in their collective path sounds like a monoculture of jabber-mouth two-leggers to me.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013.

33 thoughts on “Man, I Wish You Were Never Born

    • Yup, killing off and shoving up into the face anything that moves, whether it was necessary or not (and mostly, it was not). Flesh consumption has always been about dominance and conspicuous assumption (flouting affluence). In the case of the beleaguered Neanderthals, it was a case of being mobbed by dominance freaks as when chimp troupes kill and eat another primate in front of that victim’s family as a way to scare them. The Marquesas Islanders were no different, they even had human meat markets where they bought and sold their human livestock.

      Humans have consumed other humans in the past, by choice, and they still do it, sometimes in secret. But, they do it.

      Does the term MORLOCK mean anything here? It should.

    • I am more and more disgusted in humans for the barbaric treatment of those species that share this earth. We are such a arrogant race to think other living beings are here for our use, for us to murder, destroy and harm. Some day I hope we all find out different. Because we deserve it

      • Also to the person who writes this blog . Thank you. For stating in better words than I could use , exactly how I feel.

      • Wendy Wats: the majority of those who justify such abuse are bible thumpers, who will quote almost without fail the whole “we are granted dominion over beasts” bullcrap. There are a million other passages that command them to adhere to a multitude of other, much more inconvenient and impractical ways, like never wearing a garment of two fabrics or consume a cloven hooved animal…but that’s a churchie for you: treating the set of rules within like a menu from which to pick and choose, choosing only the ones they like enough to make you feel bad for not following. Dumbasses 🙄

  1. This is the Anthropocene Era of the next and maybe last mass extinction. We are a destructive species and may not be able to help ourselves. Since the dawn of civilization, we have set on a course of war against flora and fauna. What we are witnessing today is just the end of it, with conservation agencies and individuals like us, trying to make a stand, and in the process the killers of wildlife are strongly asserting their own “right and entitlement” to go on killing. We are likely to go through a game farm phenomenon and wilderness is gone and wherein the killers go on killing. We are a terrible species, not deserving of the Earth. In only 13,000 years of civilization look what we have done and our numbers are growing. I see little signs of hope that we can turn it around. The very agencies, wildlife agencies state and federal, seem too aligned with the killers rather than conservation.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Except I believe we are the fleas on the dog which is Earth and soon enough we will be shaken, scratched, bitten, washed or poisoned off this planet. Then Earth will began to renew itself and hopefully never have to deal with our kind again. Thank-you for letting me know I am not alone.

  3. Me too; I absolutely hate what people do and what others accept being done; and guess what? Other people’s shock, extreme sadness, and disgust at their actions brings more enjoyment to many of them. They ENJOY ruining existence for others, causing suffering, ending worthwhile lives, feeling “powerful” while being absolute cowards. The species was a mistake of the worst kind, even if we love many individuals. I hope what Roger Hewitt said above comes true, that we’re at the end of this thing, and I hope it’s now.

  4. I won’t lie, sometime I wonder who tagged us as the “smarter” of he species. I understand there are those that hunt to feed their family. My grandfather was an old Cajun, and that’s what he did. Just DON’T let him catch you killing for fun, because he was the type who WOULD throw some pain on you for it. He taught me to respect the wild life, which I’ve passed on to our kids, and grandkids.

    I shrimped with him on the Gulf of Mexico and yeah, have seen those that got a kick out of shooting dolphins. But I’ll admit, I know that there are rules and regulations you are suppose to follow, for idoits like this, but I developed the attitude…they want to play by their own rules, so can I. I’m not saying it’s right, or that other people should do like I do, but damnit animals not only need people who will march and fight in the courtrooms for them, they need people who don’t mind getting down and dirty, and taking the fight to those who think they are above the animals.

  5. It is almost as if you tore a page out of the book of my life, or cracked open my head and read my mind. Finally! Someone says what I have long been thinking.

    The way I feel right now is simply this: I would be willing to sacrifice my life if it meant saving this planet and all its non-human inhabitants.

    What I am about to say sounds out there and super cynical if not down right effed up but I truly believe, when there is nothing left to hunt, the hunters will turn to human targets justifying their right to kill using insane excuses. We won’t live to see it, but their thirst for blood will not end with animals — it won’t. People who kill love the thrill of it. What’s to stop them from hunting humans? IMHO, nothing.

  6. Fantastic article, fantastic comments. Wish there were more people like us, and fewer cowardly destroyers with an overblown sense of entitlement.

  7. Sometimes I want to smack people for saying humans are superior to all othe inhabitants. Makes me feel like dirt. This attitude and view brought about slavery, holocaust, genocide, and othe forms of discrimination. You can tell me that “I only harm others for food” and I’ll smile and nod without rousing suspicion of my true thoughts which range from “You live in the 21st century and you’re communicating with me on the internet” or “you are 4 billion years of evolutionary sucess, fucking act like it!” I am not superior to any creature so I can’t be human compared to the selfish rantings of the dumbed-down, which make me wonder if ARAs are a complete evolutionary step ahead of the game.

  8. Whenever I read your articles, I feel as though I am the author. And as horrific and sad as the truth is, to me, I cherish the reality that there are others out there who feel exactly as I do, that humans are barbarians in our treatment of animals. And how do we change the ignorant? Will education be enough? I’m not that hopeful and do not have that much faith in my fellow man. Thank you so much, Jim, for speaking my truth.

  9. Wow! Thanks to all of you for commenting–I am proud to be a member of such admirable thinkers. When I write such comments on other blogs (not many anymore, as it is a waste of time), I get some pretty angry responses. But I always think that I may have touched a nerve, made those Humanists a bit uncomfortable.
    Remember this nursery rhyme?: “Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall. All the King’s horses & All the King’s men–couldn’t put Humpty together again.” This childhood rhyme hits home like never before. I am not sorry for Homo sapiens, but I weep for what our species has done to this once-lovely planet and all her other life. Time is getting short, isn’t it?
    I know that those of us on this blog will do whatever we can to give non-humans a bit more time–perhaps the prairie dogs will still have some time for one last kiss & tunnel, a few wolves & coyotes will howl their last songs, a stray butterfly will find a shriveling flower–in a silent, dying world. Perhaps they will be the witnesses to the extinction of Homo sapiens. I wonder if Earth will look like Mars then. We should all keep in touch, and drink a last toast together on this blog when the time grows near.

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