From the Mouths of Psychos

What a strange era this age of social media is. Any idiot can start a Facebook page on just about any sick subject under the sun. There, as humane activists have found out time and again, they can get away with saying whatever they want about what they’d like to do to non-human animals. Things they could never say about humans are fair game to say about non-human animals.

Facebook does not monitor or police any of the horrid anti-animal sites out there; even the lowest gutter-dweller can receive encouragement in the form of “likes” for the perverse and abusive statements they come up with to voice their disdain for animals such as wolves.

This blog, on the other hand, is monitored to weed out comments like this one I just received from someone identifying himself only as “Bucksmasher” (typos are his):

“Wolves are no good. They serve no usefull purpose. They are not endangered as a species ,they never have been. The ESA listing in the US is a fraud. Wolf huggers are mentally sick. They cry when they hear about a wolf being shot but they have no sympathy for the the deer fawns and elk calves…”

Sure we do–we have a hell of a lot more sympathy for deer and elk than someone using the demented handle “Bucksmasher.”

Here are some of the outrageous comments found on one of the many anti-wolf Facebook pages, in this case calling itself “Save Western Wildlife” (which to them obvious means, “Kill all the wolves so hunters have more ‘game’ for themselves.”)  Their comments are in reference to this photo of Yellowstone wolves, whom they threaten to shoot within the park…

Mating wolves

Save Western Wildlife

We are after breeding pair. Do you know where they are?

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March 11 at 9:58pm

Why are they still alive

March 11 at 9:26pm via mobile · Like · 2..

Save Western Wildlife They are in Yellowstone!

March 11 at 9:30pm · Like · 3..


March 11 at 9:32pm via mobile

I want them both!

March 11 at 9:36pm via mobile

Are ya saying your gun doesn’t work in the park??

March 11 at 9:37pm · Like · 1..

Some one shoot quick!

March 11 at 9:41pm · Like · 1..

Well mabey the government will shut down do we can hunt wolf’s in the park

March 11 at 9:45pm via mobile · Like · 3..

Idaho come help kill all of them!

March 11 at 9:50pm via mobile · Like · 3..

I bet if you shot them all you would get the breeding pair.

March 11 at 9:58pm · Like · 2..

Well hell. Shoot them all anyway.

March 11 at 10:08pm

id drop the one on top. it always sucks when someone ruins your bust a nut groove

March 11 at 11:24pm

Need a machine gun instead of camera

March 11 at 11:35pm via mobile · Like · 4..

I see there’s one less bull elk as well going by the bone sticking up on he far right, which must leave 3 left! I seen on the news last night that the count showed good herd numbers. I guess those counters have better eye sight than the tourists and hunters that have a hard time finding them.

March 12 at 6:08am via mobile · Like · 2..

I don’t know were they r if did they be ded

March 12 at 6:31am via mobile

Why can wolf lovers get pics like these…..put me that close, and park or not there will be gunfire

March 12 at 7:51am via mobile · Like · 1..

there would be wall to wall carpet in my den if i was there with my ar 15 wack um an stack um…..

March 12 8:09am

Well when Obama run our country to the point of government shut down we will go to Yellowstone and get them. Until when you drive through Yellowstone just throw chunks of meet with lead in then. You know lead meatball.

March 12 at 12:20pm

X them all

March 12 at 1:10pm

they fck like rats ,need to kill um before all the deer and elk are gone… NO JOKE CHAZ MAN…. just look at the picture… 10 pups in a few months

March 12 at 3:57pm

They are/WERE IN MY SCOPE! Cant say where now..

March 12 at 6:30pm

Get those fckin things in my scope…fur will be a flying!!!….Click, Click, Click….BOOOOM!!!

March 12 at 6:55pm via mobile

If they were in my scope they’d be DEAD.

March 12 at 6:57pm · Like · 1..

Wolf introduction is totally criminal

March 13 at 6:46am via mobile · Like · 2..

Ask WDFW, they released them throughout WA State.

March 14 at 11:11pm · Like · 1..

Just blow away the smaller one….aim for the females.

March 17 at 2:27pm · Like · 1..

if you are taking pictures carry a gun and shoot some especially when you see this taking place..

March 18 at 7:54pm

Back in my car!

March 19 at 12:18pm

you should be packing a mini 14 with a 30 round clip not that camera..

42 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Psychos

  1. These LOONS in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Yewtaw……are such fancy spellers. Save Western Wildlife ( mule deer, elk, and other animals with hooves) is one of my personal favorites….Run by illiterate morons for illiterate morons…..There is no conspiracy theory that they won’t entertain if it concerns predators…..WTT Chandie Bartell, Scott Rockhead, Toothless bruce Hemming, Brandy Skank Stale Davis…..yep- an enlightened bunch for sure. These people are the original eco-terrorists……We have these morons outside of Yellowstone talking about how WOLVES and only WOLVES are responsible for the Northern Yellowstone ELK Herd’s decline- when everyone knows human hunting, climate change, and predation by 4 other capable predators take more elk than wolves….Then they pull Richard Mitchell out of their ass, remember him- the disgraced and convicted USFWS shill for SCI who arranged import permits for the canned hunters in SCI so they could “collect” the rarest and most endangered wildlife on the planet…..Yep- a real credible source- about as credible as Scott Rockholm himself……You would hope that this insanity could be explained by checking to see if the water supply was contaminated rather than the more probable inferior genetic pool……

  2. If I wuz them and I’m glad I’m not- I would go straight for the shock treatment- I’m afraid there isn’t enough medication on the planet to fix what they got

    • I’m afraid the only medicine that will cure this kind of mental illness is an intra-cerebral infusion of lead! Barring that, the only practical thing one can do is to publicize as widely as possible just how wickedly crazy these people are and hope that someone in the media can tear themselves away from gay marriage long enough to address it.

  3. We should start flooding out all media outlets by sending them this disgusting behavior. We should also send it to all our politicians and express our outrage for treating us like second class citizens and unleashing these wackos on our wildlife and demand a stop to this now!

  4. How is the garbage they spew any different than the crap Al Qaeda or the Taliban put out? What? Are they going to “invade” Yellowstone with their “not a tooth among them” hillbilly army? If the government is serious about rooting out domestic terrorists these wolf hate pages are a good place to start. We need to bring back sedition laws for these anti-government types that are fueling the divide and fear in our country. These are the real terrorists and threats to our safety. They hate the gubmint so much, but I bet if you cut off their SSI or Medicaid they would go crazy. The gubmint is evil except when it is giving out handouts to treasonous trailer trash.

  5. We can’t fix stupid. But censorship is a huge mistake. We need to know how these A-holes think and behave. Let them expose themselves, then use it ourselves to double expose them. Take their “shock treatment” and send it out. This kind of stuff even turns hunters and trappers against their “sports”. I have met many former hunters and trappers who have given it up lately. I had a father in Billings tell me via a blogg that he was not going to expose his son to the hunting tradition. Let them talk. Let them post, words or pictures, then send it out. They are their own worse enemies. We can’t fix stupid, but we can use it.

    • I don’t have the time or inclination to wade through their bullshit everyday. If you do, you can find plenty on their wolf killing fetish (as Justin put it) FB sites, like the one linked from this post or the ones Angela mentioned, Kill All the Wolves, Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes and Lobo Watch, etc., etc…

    • You’re right, Roger, in that revealing themselves, they do more damage to the image of hunting than any of us could. As painful and psyche-changing as it is to do this (I’m definitely changed for the cruelty I see), I wade through these FB pages, discussion boards and blogs, taking notes, because invariably, I run into people who try to reason that hunters at large are our greatest conservationists. If you show people just one or two incidents of bad behavior, they think of them as anomalies and excuse away the cruelty. But produce a file, and you can pretty much rule out the idea that the bad acts are isolated events.

    • Roger, I most respectfully disagree having been in Jim’s position on my radio show. They have their forums and places to post photos, etc and what you say sounds good in theory but pretty soon the issues get lost and the haters take over and we are in the position of constantly responding to them rather than getting “our message” out. This is why Jim’s blog is unique and why he has so many supporters. When I post my opinion on some sites, I am immediately called names and worse and honestly, I could spend my time responding to this but no longer choose to. I choose to put my energy into getting the message out so as to further the cause and help our wildlife. This is Jim’s blog and I do not feel defining certain boundaries constitute censorship. We had much support on our radio show for taking this tact as many just turned the show off when the “haters” came on.

  6. I am posting this to my Senator’s as well as Barack Obama’s page.

    I am pro-second amendment but I am also anti-hunting and all I have to say is you got a lot of nerve to talk about gun control and stopping violence when you had a hand in helping sadists unleash violence on wolves right now! You voted for legislation making wolves exempt from The ESA so they can be hunted and tortured while blocking us from our right to challenge it or try to stop it! Violence towards animals helps sociopaths work their way up to violence on people. You think the sadists that are out there getting their rocks off on killing and torturing wolves are just some good ol’ boys out havin’ fun? Just take a look at the disgusting behavior displayed by some of these psychos in one of their wolf killing fetish groups and then tell me what you think after you see what those of us in wolf rescue and advocacy are seeing every day now because of what you did!

  7. Thank you Jim!!!! FINALLY someone has the balls to expose this!!! We have been dealing with this since the hunts first started! The disgusting pictures and comments they post. The sick and sociopathic groups they make such as Kill All the Wolves, Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes and Lobo Watch, just to name a few, show horrid pictures of dead, gut shot wolves, wolves that were tortured in traps, skinned alive, pups that were crushed to death and that is just the start! They post disgusting comments and laugh about what they do to the Wolves before they finally kill them. These individuals are no better than serial killers that film and brag about their kills. They also threaten us any time we comment on their disgusting posts or pictures, they harass us and call us names, hack our computers, sabotage our pictures on Facebook and laugh at us when we try to get them banned from Facebook and can’t because Facebook doesn’t care! In fact Mark Zucherburg is a trophy hunter himself so what we fight for and do to save these animals on Facebook falls on deaf ears! it’s too bad we can not find a better social networking site to go to. it would put Facebook out of business! I wish there was some web developer out there that would do just that!

    • Angela, get your neighborhood Linux geek to come over and set you up with a linux server with a firewall and hardwired network. Somebody would have to be a lot smarter than those nuckledraggers to hack in to that set-up. And you can get all the stuff you need, free on freecycle and craigslist. 🙂

    • I don’t go on these web sites because I don’t want to deal with them because its like talking to a wall , but it seems from what I’ve read a lot of them come after many of you . If they threaten you in any way in the eyes of the law that is terrorism and you have it in print to prove it. You should report them . When they go to jail ,the rest of the savage bullies will crawl back into there hole and shut their mouth and leave you alone freedom of speech goes in both directions, if they don’t like what you have to say they don’t have to listen. ladies do not let them bully you !! Stand up to them you will help the wolves too!!!!!

  8. Take the redneck-yokel ignorance as displayed here and broadcast it, use it. We can’t fix stupid, but we can expose it. The best thing we can do is let these ignorant sob’s talk, then network it.

      • Do you have the NYT email address ? I would like to sent this to them . To see if they will print this . I think they should print yours along with these parasite so people can see it in print for themself that people who kill humans and animals come from the same sick mind . Or would it better if sent this along with yours again . If they don’t believe this is real they can go on that website check it out for themselves .

  9. They can talk and talk without saying much at all and leave others like me glazed over with dis-interest. But these thugs are nothing compared to the allies on my team. Unlike these limp-dick-basment-dwellers, my team will bring the thunder if ever nescessary and when won’t sit around talking and blowing a ton of hot aor about what we will do. I’m waiting for these idiots to kill and ARA so then it will really become world war 3.

  10. They are seriously sick people. Strike that, morons! They talk and spell like 6th graders! I hope they know that besides Wolves out there in the wilderness, there are Wolf lovers watching over them just ready to bust them and have them hauled off to jail. We have very good forensic investigation tools to do just that. Agreed, we can’t fix stupid. . . . .but we will NETWORK THE HELL OUT OF IT!

  11. May the wolves and all the animals and good people be saved forevermore from these sadistic psychos whose chosen life’s purpose is to destroy life for others.

  12. Jim, I have so many feelings after reading this, I am having difficulty forming a response. This is why we are on your blog as you do not let these haters, hate on your blog or Facebook page. They are evil, cruel and vile but Jim, some are so stupid as well-I guess it goes hand in hand. I almost had to stop reading when I real old smasher’s comment about how wolves were never endanger-There are no words. You are right and I know I too learned this when I did a radio show speaking to these issues on Public Radio. You can’t talk, reason or give these people a forum as it does no good. This enrages them however as they demand to be heard-waste of our time. As you say, they have their own hate blogs, etc. This needed to be said and I applaud you and this is why I don’t participate as much on some other blogs and pages because I don’t enjoy being called vile names and threatened for expressing my opinion. Jim don’t cave as this is what makes your blog brave and unique.

    • Thank you Linda, this is exactly why I keep this blog closed to their verbal filth. As long as there are people like you who appreciate this blog as a sanctuary from hunters’ toxicity, I’ll gladly keep it as it is.

        “Status Update
        By Legend Of Lamar Valley
        Round Of Applause!!!!” Posted yesterday. Face book came through.

  13. HELLO EVERYONE, here is a very pertinent and compelling YouTube video with several links in the description for petitions to sign, etc.; some of the links need revising to be able to open though:

  14. Yes thank you Jim . I want to learn as much l can to save the wolves and yours has been very helpful as many others . I got lucky when I sign my first petition to save the wolves to find all of you I know at times I can be glib and make jokes it’s only to lighten the mood because it is so horrific that sometimes just the words about how they act is just heartbreaking. When we fought to save the Wolves before we did not have to go through all this we basically relied on the media to kick their ass and word of mouth and it did happen and it will again . Maybe if we make that when we vote we get the right to say what happens to our wildlife this will never happen again. I do not go on Facebook or Twitter or any of that and the more I get to know what goes on there the less I have any interest of being on there . I think because so many of us adore and love the wolves for many many reasons there are people out there that have this mean spirit about them they just have to show how much they hate the wolves just so they can make waves .Some day this will come back and bite them in the ass !! Peta did a great job before helping, so I’m going to step back and be quiet and not say anything to the NYT for now but I do think they should print your article !!! Thanks again for your help.

  15. Having just read this (October 7th.,2013) The comments made about going into Yellowstone after a government shut-down,are very unsetteling.Does antone have a way of checking out what might be a new dissaster for wolves ??

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