Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Dead coyotes hung in tree a sign of killing culture

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife



Dnr New Landscaping:  dead coyotes hanging from trees;  mutilated wildlife in traps as state park ground-cover

“It is shocking to me that a professional, government department could be allowed to use such obvious trickery to deceive the public that came to be clear about what they are for and against.”~ Ingrid Hanson, first time attending DNR election

After papering Dane county bulletin boards with 100 Wildlife Ethic posters, advertising the 79th annual DNR/Conservation Congress Elections and Vote,  I came home to a heart-breaking email.  The Boscabel Dial had published pictures of a tree in southwestern Wisconsin hung with 12-15 dead coyotes, and a hand-written sign at the base, saying “BAD COYOTE”. (

The DNR is recruiting kids to destroy life for fun.  So it is not surprising to see this kind of “prank”.  Expect more strewn bodies mangled in traps decorating our state parks this…

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