ALF Destroys 200 Fur Traps in Ontario

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ALF200-1from Bite Back

received anonymously:

“As of March 2013 we have removed and destroyed approximately 200 fur traps in Ontario. The traps were snares and Conibears intended to murder beaver, rabbits and other innocents. Tragically we were too late for two rabbits and one raccoon, whose bodies and internal organs had already been eaten into by snares. We will be forever haunted by our memories of their bodies, we will forever continue removing traps and we encourage others to get in the bush and help smash the fur industry. Look for tell tale signs of traps and trap lines; flagging tape tied to branches, repeated tracks entering the bush, and poles or sticks protruding from bodies of water especially near beaver lodges, where trapping is frequent. Join the burgeoning ranks of trap saboteurs!


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11 thoughts on “ALF Destroys 200 Fur Traps in Ontario

  1. At least a few brave souls are not afraid of direct action on behalf of wild animals. God bless them and keep up the good work!

  2. Well done Alf!!! Many do not realise these snares&traps,kill hundreds of various wildlife in small period of time..&all too often the animals are left in those traps days@a time&not always checked the same day.the animals die suffering an horrendous death..domestic animals have been known to get caught in them too.traps&snares should be banned permanantly!!!&fir trade should be outlawed.fur is not needed by human..its wrong.simple as.keep up the good work alf!

  3. Good! Is there some sort of guide as to where to look for these traps? Because I wouldn’t want to accidentally stumble upon them and inadvertently disable them.

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