Wolf-Killers’ Admit They’re Sadistic Perverts

Paul Watson was right. In his foreword to my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson wrote:

“Any man who has to kill a magnificent bear or bull elk to mount its head on his wall has some very deep and disturbing psychological and sexual problems. Hunting is no longer necessary for our survival but trophy hunting was never necessary for human survival. Trophy hunters can be described quite adequately as sadistic perverts and social deviants.”

Worst of all, they freely admit it.

An article by Cathy Taibbi in Examiner.com entitled “Wolf-killers admit it’s all about the sadistic sexual thrill” includes photos, links and quotes from one of the many anti-wolf Facebook pages where members brag about “’getting wood’ when seeing wolves trapped, tortured and killed, whether in images or in real life.” Flaunting the fact that they’re still legally entitled to their predatory perversions as long as the abused are only wild animals, they don’t hesitate to tell their Facebook friends that they “feel ‘orgasmic’ when hunting, trapping, killing, butchering, and even eating their victims.”

And they wonder why we call them psychopaths or compare them to serial Killers?

Anyone who gets sexually aroused at the sight of a trapped, struggling or suffering animal should be preemptively executed for the good of the many. They are what the FBI’s Behavioral Science team refers to as “sexual sadists,” the most dangerous of all offenders to their victims.

The Examiner article goes on to say “…in a nutshell, what they are saying plainly is that torturing animals is sexually arousing for them. Do we really want people like this freely expressing their fetishes on the Internet (where children can be traumatized – or worse, titillated – by them), or acting them out using our wildlife or pets?

“What’s happened to our society, when any show of ethics, decorum or empathy is treated as a liability to be ridiculed, threatened and treated derisively, while a site enabling perverted, sadistic sexual thrills from abusing animals is considered free speech?

“These kinds of pages are no better than so-called ‘crush videos’ (movies of innocent, live animals being stomped, cut apart with scissors, burned, etc., and sold to perverts who like to masturbate while watching) except that, being based more in the ‘traditional sports’ of hunting and trapping, these (for now, at least) manage to sneak by legally.

“Hunting, trapping and other hate/fetish sites need to be dealt with in the same fashion as perpetrators of illegal crush videos. The penalties for gratuitous animal abuse need to be severe. The moral fiber and safety of our society is definitely at risk.

“Yup. These are scary individuals. And our politicians are pandering to them. It’s a sad and disheartening statement about where America is at this point.”

The article includes a slide show of graphic photos of which they caution: “Viewer discretion is advised.” If you’re already well aware of the depth of wolf-hater depravity, then you might want to spare yourself the mental and emotional scarring. But if you have any doubts that wolf trapping is as evil as the Inquisition, then by all means view the slide show.

13 thoughts on “Wolf-Killers’ Admit They’re Sadistic Perverts

  1. There is something missing in them, a capacity for empathy for other sentient beings, and they are not only well represented in a minority of the public but also in wildlife agencies. I read a Montana FWP warder refer to black bears as “recreational opportunities”. And that is exactly how wolves are viewed or as vermin or as mass killers of wildlife and stock by the ill-informed haters who create and believe in their lies and myths.

  2. I had to read this six times yesterday the pictures alone made my blood boil. I would get so angry that I would have to stop reading. Thought I was not completely surprise by there attitude. But to read they brag to being sexually aroused makes it crystal clear they have a sexual problem ,who is there target for there sexual release ? The children in there “family photographs” or the neighbors children. Due to the recent bombing the house quietly past Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. (CISPA) moving the FBI one step closer to owning all of your private information .
    Truth is ,unless you’re completely off the grid ,every move you make is being monitored. Apple, Facebook and Google are gathering specifics about you,your family and your friends on a daily basis . To sell you everything under the sun . Yet they are the very ones who wants to protect your 4th Amendment Rights. Maybe if the FBI reads and sees what we have been, these boils on the ass of society can be stopped.

    • Hmmm- I don’t kill wolves- or anything else except for the odd trout we pay to conserve through a much bigger picture!!! But aim your message at the nutters and I’m on your side.

  3. I always knew this deep inside what they are like…..I am not really surprised…I think the females who hunt are the same..but in their case I also think they do it because the guys that also hunt are turned on by seeing a women as sick as them ! They get off on murdering and torturing animals..but also off each other doing so ! I wish they would execute all these psychopaths/sociopaths and sexual predators so we can have a safer world to live in ..not only for us but the most vulnerable and innocent….our children and animals !

  4. I could say alot here — but i’ll keep it short as best i can !!! I did not watch the video because i have seen enough to make me hate these people and the senators and game commissioners for what they are doing ! I have tried contacting our so called representatives in our government to try to make my voice heard !!!! Yeh Right ? They only know money and the cattle industries have plenty . The individuals that you are talking about have been released by the States to slaughter our wolves and bears because of the hatred and the money that influences them ! When president Trump released the control of the wildlife management to the individual states because he is trying to down size the federal govt. – It created an opportunity for these bastards to do exactly what they are doing . 40 years of reintroducing the wolves to the wild,after these bastards killed them all off , and all the scientific studies that have followed ———— right down the poop shoot ……………… these animals are necessary to our eco system and all the studies have poven that but because we have let the laws be relaxed from our federal govt. — now the killers and wolf haters are back at it again … Say good bye to 40 years of science and controlling the fucking nut cases that want to kill our wolves – because that is what is gonna happen .

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