Montana Mulls Upping Hunter “Harverst” Limit to FIVE Wolves

HELENA — Montana wildlife commissioners may extend the hunting season for wolves and the number of predators that can be killed by a hunter or trapper.

“We’ve always had a philosophy of incrementally increasing harvest rates and opportunities,” FWP Wildlife Management Chief George Pauley said in an article in today’s Great Falls Tribune entitled, “FWP proposes extending wolf hunt, kill limit.” The changes would allow hunters more opportunities and reduce the wolf population,
he said.

Well that’s just fucking great; more hunter “harvest” opportunities, fewer wolves–what a philosophy!!

The agency also is proposing allowing hunters and trappers to take up to five wolves each, the Independent Record reported Wednesday.

Last year, hunters and trappers could take only one wolf. The state Legislature this year passed a bill that allows the agency to increase that limit.

The commission takes up the proposal at its May 9 meeting in Helena….


11 thoughts on “Montana Mulls Upping Hunter “Harverst” Limit to FIVE Wolves

  1. Bat sh– crazy! MT FWP and the elements they truly represent: Usual Wildlife Agencies Lies and Myth and Folklore
    I see the usual lies and myths are proposed as reasons to “reduce wolf abundance”. Those lies are cattle depredation, 67 of 2.6 million in 2012 = .0025%, statistically insignificant; and elk depredation. Elk numbers in Montana have gone from 89,000 before wolf reintroduction to 141,000 now per Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Wyoming has had 10 years in a row of record elk takes with last year being the most. MFWP and USFWS are as bat sh– crazy as the groups they really serve. Elk populations in MT are 55% above target goals per MT FWP, and yet they want to reduce predator abundance. They, the wildlife organizations, fall in line with the traditions of this country back to the 1880s and 1890’s and the inception of wildlife agencies of marginalizing or eliminating predators and in the doing of it upsetting the ecological systems. MT FWP and USFWS and USDA Wildlife Service should be fired from the top down and reassembled as agencies that serve wildlife and work for cooperative living with wildlife instead of kill, kill, kill either in hunting and trapping, barbaric blood sports, often over-hunting then blaming it on something else, or managing wildlife for sportsmen to kill or for rancher hysterics.

    “Whenever and wherever men have engaged in the mindless slaughter of animals (including other men), they have often attempted to justify their acts by attributing the most vicious or revolting qualities to those they would destroy; and the less reason there is for the slaughter, the greater the campaign for vilification.”

    ― Farley Mowat, naturalist, conservationist and author of Never Cry Wolf

  2. speechless at the cruelty, ignorance and blatant attempts to eradicate these amazing animals. Disgusted and feeling hate in my heart for the people that put these policies into place

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