Hunters Say the Darndest Things

One of the hunter trolls who reads this blog (to see how the enlightened, humane people think) just reared his ugly head in comment to the post “Top 10 Retorts to Hunter Fallacies” (soon to be 20…). He unimaginatively cited yet another one of the most common excuses hunters use to justify killing innocent, inoffensive animals for sport:

11) “You do realize that even if you are a vegitarian [sic] you killed the plants you eat. So plants can’t feel pain but all other animals can?”

Well, yes, that’s right, in fact. Apparently the guy hasn’t heard that animals (presumably including him) have a central nervous system and a brain—two things lacking in plants which spare them the experience of feeling pain when stepped on or fear when they’re about to be eaten. There must be something about being consciously aware that he can’t relate to.

His comment went on, “You stand up for the rights of helpless animals but then kill some plants probably eating them while they are still alive you sick sick people.” (Ahem…look who’s talking. Does that mean he doesn’t eat potatoes with his meat?) According to his (il)logic, those who ascribe to a raw food diet are eviler than any hunter or trapper. But of course, his reasoning runs counter to both science and common sense.

For a grand finale, he ends with, “Or how about the irony of wasteing [sic] valuable resouces [sic] so that you could put this on the internet, think of all the distructive [sic] mining that was done to generate electricty [sic] so you could put this on the internet. Have a nice day.”

A good point—I promise not to waste any precious resources answering to his comments in the future. Of course any hunter who makes a statement such as his must surely see the irony in the fact that they just wasted time and resources trolling and commenting to a blog with a policy of not approving hunters’ comments without making a mockery of them.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

28 thoughts on “Hunters Say the Darndest Things

  1. First off that troll has mash potatoes for brains ! I’m assuming he thinks its okay for him to eat mashed potatoes because he doesn’t care if anything feels pain. Second, we plant vegetable or we buy them . They are not born and have parents and family members . They do not have feet to walk they do not have arms or a mouth to feed them self and they don’t have eyes well ,(well potatoes that have been around long) to see you coming .”Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Abraham Lincoln

  2. Holy shite, not that idiotic piece of garbage argument again from meat lunatics. It’s the most disingenuous, desperate one of all, proving one thing mainly, that people who use that tripe ARE indeed PLANTS themselves, ripe for the plucking and sautéing, lol.

  3. OMG!!!! What a waste of human life! Tonight I am going to light a candle tonight and meditate on the vision that a bullet finds its way to this guy’s head. People like him should be exterminated from for taking up space. I now feel even more sorry for the poor innocent animals that have a run in with this Tool. When “they” start lining us up for the gas chamber, I want HIM to go FIRST!

  4. No doubt this dimwit wastes valuable resources posting pics of all of his victims, with him smiling over their dead bodies, on the internet. SMH

      • Thank you for the howling rounds of laughter, Jim and everyone. What I imagine is some fat slob sitting in MacDonalds, eating his Happy Meal with dirty, sausage-link fingers, while typing on his grubby wi-fi phone, using the free wi-fi there because he can’t afford internet service on a nut pension. At least now we know why the NRA opposes mental health screenings! 🙂

  5. Jim certainly is keeping the morlocks busy, tripping over each other, their little BSE-addled minds all in a lather. Must be scary to realize that the slaves on whose backs you’ve been livin’ might not be enslaved that much longer.

    Spin, little morlock, spin….!

  6. I would ask this moron what does he think the animals that kills eat themselves? You kill many more plants by eating a cow (who needs to be fed with plants) than if you went straight at the source.

  7. I can’t believe how often I hear that argument. Then they like to use Michael Pollan’s “The Botany of Desire” as their defense. I can’t think of an author in recent times who’s done more to validate the rationale of animal exploiters, sadly. Nearly every new hunter I’ve encountered cites Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” as their inspiration.

    Beyond the scientific lunacy they engage by comparing plant stimuli responses to animal nervous systems, they seem to miss the fact that if they did, indeed, care about this red-herring argument in earnest (the well-being of plants) would opt for a plant-based diet considering how many plants it takes to produce animal protein. So, these hunters contribute not just to the death and suffering of wild animals, most of the them also buy factory-farmed meat and fast food, and they also eat the grains and plants that vegetarians do, perhaps even more of those grains and plants produced by GMO and bee-bird-and-wildlife-unfriendly methods. If their argument had any basis, they would still be causing considerably more harm than anyone who eschews meat.

    • p.s. If you take them apart, almost every pro-hunting argument has at its core a logical fallacy, most often the fallacy of tradition (it’s okay because we’ve always done it this way) or fallacy by way of comparison (because A causes pain, I can do B and cause whatever pain I like).

    • Thanks for spelling all this out, Ingrid. If only they would read and absorb these kind of facts, but unfortunately they’d rather read Pollan’s PR pulp promoting cruelty as a way of life. Think of how many animals would have been spared if he were never born (or at least never decided to write his books)…

      • I can’t believe I missed the Fallacy Post! Fantastic, thanks for consolidating it all into one piece. It needed to be done! Sorry for the redundancy of my comment, I should have caught up on my reading first. Glad to know we’re on the same wavelength, though. 🙂

      • No problem, Ingrid, I figured you hadn’t seen the Top Ten post or you wouldn’t have brought up the naturalistic fallacy. I’m posting on it again today, in answer to a question on farm-raised “food” animals…

  8. Hunters, trophy hunters, poachers are basically greedy un-evolved savages. There is something missing in their make up, more like sub humans who should be hunted, tested and put in zoos so we can see another form of sub human specie. Seriously they are the ultimate cowards, sexually inadequate knuckle grazing morons.

  9. May these hunter trolls get back what they mete out…may their hunter selves be belly up dead in the woods…left for the wild dogs to dine upon…Will improve the tenor of the wild dog howl.

  10. So not only does this inbreed violate his own argument by eating plants himself and living in a house with electricty and killing untold amounts of plants for his everday need- *head explodes*. Jains and raw vegans like myself only eat the leaves and fruits of plants so they don’t die for our food, but I know very well that I’m not perfect and plants die for other things I use, but for the love of God! don’t put this argument before us with out looking at yourself. I know plenty of killers who not only gun innocet life down with no remorse but also eat at every single fast food joint imaginable. So not only to you support killing them yourself, you also support bleeding out resources and incresing debt, and causing millions of innocent children around the world to starve to death because you need food that could feed them to go into livestock to later feed you’re worthless ass. Argument check and mate.

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