The Department of Natural Resources, Structured for Genocide, throws Wisconsin to the Dogs

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


“…what is not open to question is the utter depravity of the structural violence inherent to capitalism.” ~Garry Leach, Capitalism: A Structural Genocide.

Capital, a human invention of exchange, has been used for terrible destruction.  The structural violence inherent in funding the DNR primarily on killing licenses has become too great a burden for wildlife, nature and the citizens who bear witness.  In sweeping hegemony, the white male patriarchy has pitted themselves against a disarmed general citizenry by taking everything – lands, parks, wildlife, and all the year, for their murderous past-times.

We must step in now. There are over four million citizens in Wisconsin age 18 and over.  Each of those citizens can pay $20 annually, tithing back to nature which gives us everything.  That would create an $80 million dollar fund for a new democratic paradigm – living in peace with our wildlife.  The $40 million paid annually…

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2 thoughts on “The Department of Natural Resources, Structured for Genocide, throws Wisconsin to the Dogs

  1. Great idea, but you and I know that it will never be adopted particularly in these tax-averse times when right-wing lunatics are busy running the asylum (put in charge, one should note, by “we the people”). I think a more feasible option for sufficiently motivated local citizens would be to exact a direct “tax” on the killers. It shouldn’t be hard to identify their motor vehicles, typically mud-caked pick-up trucks with a gun rack in the back and an NRA sticker on the window, parked outside wild lands during hunting or trapping season. Those big tires are mighty expensive to replace and a hi-power rifle slug to the radiator and engine block could finance an auto mechanic’s vacation to Disneyworld. If enough expensive damage were inflicted by enough heroic vigilantes, maybe the local Elmers would think twice about an afternoon of recreating themselves off the suffering of wild animals.

  2. The reform to democracy is too slow a process. The killers want their fun meanwhile. Do we have eighty years to turn things around and repair the damage? Nice thought. But I don’t have much faith in the “goodness” of human beings.

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