Giant Wolf Chases Motorcycle Out of its Territory

This doesn’t happen every day.

Earth First! Newswire

Wolf Chaseby Earth First! News

Last Saturday,  Tim Bartlett, a motorcyclist from Alberta, Canada, was chased for over a mile by a wolf while he roared down British Columbia’s highway 93. The wolf, which Bartlett said was “the biggest dog” he’d ever seen, kept pace with the machine, at times reaching 40 km/h, and came within feet of the man. 

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11 thoughts on “Giant Wolf Chases Motorcycle Out of its Territory

  1. I had a dog that loved chasing bikes, motorcycles and cars. He never tried to hurt anyone, he did it for the joy of a good chase. It sounds like a similar situation here.

  2. Extremely unusual! Was it a she wolf and likes Harley Davidson types? What did the wolf plan to do with the MC? Was it a wolf-dog mix and knew man, thought it recognized the man and cycle? Maybe the wolf did just want to play?

  3. Glad to hear that’s what I thought at first but then I started thinking (not a good idea)why the wolf just came out . I took care of my brothers German Shepherd and she was about 5 months old we were in the backyard playing a motorcycle came up the street she took off running after that motorcycle I never ran so fast in my life thank God for the stop sign because he couldn’t hear me yelling to stop she never did that again. I guess chasing after toys put her in the mood to run

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