NRB Rubber Stamps Fall Wolf Slaughter because “God created homo sapiens to manage wolves.”

“God created homo sapiens to manage wolves.” That’s funny, wolves were around and doing fine millions of years before humans showed up.

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

**UPDATE** This is the full quote from NRB board member William Bruins:

“God created homo-sapiens to be in charge of controlling livestock (misspeaks, corrects) wildlife populations. And if we were to allow the wolf to propagate and go about being the predators that they are, that is not managing the wolf population. So I therefore move to approve the 275 wolf harvest quota and the license issue at 10x the number.”

When it comes to wildlife issues in Wisconsin it is no longer a surprise to anyone that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resources Board are in the business of pandering to special interests hellbent on eradicating the gray wolf from out state. As expected today, the Natural Resources Board rubber stamped the sham “Wolf Advisory Committee’s” wolf kill quota of 275 despite massive public outrage in the form of letters and testimony before the board. It…

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6 thoughts on “NRB Rubber Stamps Fall Wolf Slaughter because “God created homo sapiens to manage wolves.”

  1. I suggest a class action law suit against all of these groups including the Federal government and State & & Local governments for the mental anguish they cause us for their offensive, cruel, torturous, heinous and reprehensible acts they perpetrate on these innocent animals. It causes me much, much pain and many sleepless nights knowing what is going on day in and day out not only to wolves but to every living creature on this planet. I call our beautiful blue marble in space ‘Blood Planet’ because that is what these sick-minded serial-killer losers have turned it into. Think of all the animals that are murdered everyday across the globe not only in the wild but in the oceans, in slaughter houses, rivers, lakes and laboratories. It is truly mindboggling the amount of murder and torture that is inflicted on those who cannot defend themselves. It is nearly beyond words to even contemplate. And those of us, with eyes wide open, are often left helpless to do anything aside from fight the laws and try to educate people. Maybe a class action lawsuit for mental anguish and pain would bring attention to the many of us who find these perverted practices wholly unacceptable in a so-called humane, civilized society. WE are the portion of that humane, civilized society, which needs to be heard and not the barbarians who are running it.

  2. That’s like saying “god” created wars, murder, famine, fatal diseases, violent crime, etc., to control homo sapiens, but “god” has failed, miserably…look at “his” flock of delusional arrogant fools hellbent on dominating and wiping out everything in their path. Worst disease ever. Where’s the “miracle pill” for this one? Maybe the giant asteroid that will slam into this globe full of suffering and death and wipe out everything? From an article: “…a mile-wide asteroid striking the planet’s surface at about 30,000 mph. An asteroid that big traveling at that speed has the energy roughly equal to a 1 million megaton bomb. It’s very likely that an asteroid like this would wipe out most of the life on the planet.” Well then, I want a 2-mile-wide asteroid. It’s my dream. May it become real.

  3. I need to expose these dillweeds for the total idiots they are..
    In the Bible (Homo perfectus) is the title for dominance over the earth you can abuse kill whatever rotten thing you want to do but we lost that title went Adam ate the apple we were lower to (Homo sapiens) is the caretaker of the earth you’re not supposed to kill the animals torture them or anything that you desire you’re only supposed to protect and care for the animals
    read the entire explanation on human religion here’s the website
    then print it out and send it to those morons and don’t forget that have a bunch of copies to hand out

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