Coming to Wisconsin July 1st…………

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


On July 1st of this year the Wisconsin DNR is sanctioning the release of an invasive predatory species upon the northern part of our state. This species is a viscous predatory canine with an insatiable appetite for blood, grandchildren :), and any wildlife species that is in their path. Is it the gray wolf? No. Is it the coyote? No. Fox? No again. It is a species known as “hounddogus redneckus.” Also known as the “bear hound” and it will be terrorizing Wisconsin bears and other wildlife with impunity starting July 1st when thousands of these invasive species are released into our woods for “training” against bear or whatever species gets in their way.

While researching this post, I made sure to read deeper into the DNR “rules” concerning the use of dogs against wildlife. What I found was horrifying. Here are the “rules” for “training” dogs against wild animals…

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1 thought on “Coming to Wisconsin July 1st…………

  1. dear God what kind of people do this, what kind of officials condone this. The activists that go to the hearings at DNR and any other applicable meetings need to ask in advance for a computer monitor and ask for time to present these kinds of videos as testimony. I feel so sick and heartbroken seeing this and knowing that this will happen in the fall to wolves along with foxes, coyotes and bears. Hound hunting is done sadists. The terror these animals must feel hearing these dogs and being chased and torn apart from their families.

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