Cathy Stepp…….Only In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

Since January of 2011 so many of us have been asking “what the hell has happened to Wisconsin?” The fascist blitzkrieg that our state has endured has been nothing short of shocking for those of us that believe in democracy and the will of the people. But then when I look at public opinion polls I see that consistently 50 percent of the people in this state support Scott Walker and his regressive agenda. For me that is even more horrifying than the acts of the Koch puppet himself. Today there was a glimmer of hope in the latest Marquette University Poll that showed Il Duce Douche’s approval rating dropped to 48 percent.

Approval ratings for Scott Walker, Barack Obama dip below 50% in state

So what does this have to do with Wisconsin wildlife? Everything. Scott Walker, and President Obama for that matter, have been absolute disasters for our…

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2 thoughts on “Cathy Stepp…….Only In Wisconsin

  1. We have a cultural war going on, make no mistake about it. Sportsmen and ranchers and their reps in state legislatures and governors’ offices and on the national level are squaring off against ESA, EPA, and other conservationists. They are embedded in the right and far right way of thinking, read alternative universe. For them state rights trump federal rights, they would do away with the ESA and EPA. They would enshrine sports animal killing in the Sportsmen Act at the national level. They do not see animals, for the most part, as we do, as sentient animals, like us, but as recreational killing opportunities, and as objects, as animals that do not think or feel or face the same struggles in life as man does: food, shelter, safety, family, survival. They see other animals, than us humans, as non-thinking, as purely instinctual as renewable resources for killing, hunting, and trapping. They want to marginalize the predators as much as they can get away with, and essentially farm the rest for sport killing. If they cannot control things at the federal level, they are/will go for control at the state legislative and governor level. They are taking us on, so we need to meet them in the war to save wilderness and wildlife. It is a war against civilizations’ never ending encroachment and its’ war on wildlife, and shortsighted, short range profits at the expense of wilderness and wildlife, as they would let the extraction industries have free reign.

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