Oklahoma Doesn’t Need Wildlife “Services” to Kill Thousands of Geese…

…, they just encourage sport hunters to do it.

Oklahoma Saturday hunting news:

The Okla. Wildlife Conservation Commission approved the season dates for the next water-fowl season.The most significant change from last season is the increase in the daily limits for geese.

The daily limit for Canadian geese has increased from three to eight.

The daily limit for light geese has increased from 20 to 50. [50? Did they say FIFTY!!]

A migratory game bird biologist for the Okla. Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
hopes the increased bag limits will lure more people back to hunting geese.

He states “Hopefully, having eight birds (as the daily limit for Canadian geese) will get some folks back into the sport.”

Geese continue to cause nuisance problems in the state. He adds “We are trying to increase the harvest.”

For duck hunters, the daily limit during the Sept. teal season has increased from four to six birds. The limit of scaups during the duck seasons has been reduced from six to three birds daily. The daily limit for canvasbacks has increased from one to two.

Wildlife Photography © Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography © Jim Robertson

8 thoughts on “Oklahoma Doesn’t Need Wildlife “Services” to Kill Thousands of Geese…

  1. The sickest part of this is that many of these birds are migrating animals ane any time they try and land they are shot from the skies. I;ve watched them screeching in a panic as they attempt to land, exhausted and hungry while a bunch of creeps in camo shoot them from the sky. Its sickening

    • Louise, one of the worst hunts I’ve witnessed was also a goose hunt — a Snow Goose hunt. The terror and pain of in the birds left behind on the ground injured as they call out to their distant, flying flock … it blows my mind that anyone who engages this practice regularly can live with him or herself. Just bearing witness to the atrocity was enough to traumatize me for months. When you look at what it takes for birds to migrate, the already arduous endeavor it is, I simply cannot get into the mind of someone who takes enjoyment in shooting them from the sky. Living targets that make for more challenging shooting than skeet, that’s all it is.

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