Wild Wolf in Kentucky, First in 150 Years, Killed by Hunter

Gray wolves are on the federal endangered species list, but following a controversial proclamation that wolves are “recovered” by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency has proposed to remove wolves from the list.

Earth First! Newswire

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

According to a recent announcement by state wildlife officials, a 73-pound, federally endangered female gray wolf was shot dead by a hunter in Munfordville, Kentucky earlier this year. Were it Alaska or Idaho this wouldn’t be news, but Kentucky has not seen wild roaming wolves since the mid 1800s. The gray wolf was shot in March —but state officials were skeptical that it was even a wolf, believing that it was more likely someone’s German shepherd.  But following months of DNA analysis, scientists confirmed it was indeed Kentucky’s first wolf in over a century and also its last.

DNA from the wolf was analyzed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Wildlife Research Center in Colorado. According to the analysis, the Kentucky gray wolf had genetic traits akin to wolves in the Great Lakes Region. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory…

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61 thoughts on “Wild Wolf in Kentucky, First in 150 Years, Killed by Hunter

  1. Hi Jim, this picture INFLAMES me. The Ojibwa and I suppose the other Tribal traditions also find this as the Ultimate betrayal to our Guardian Wolf Spirit to be hung upside down like that. It is a form of disrespect. When my wolf was murdered for her fur, the nasty killer proudly posed with her hung upside down with his ugly face in her ass. When he was bragging in a local saloon that evening someone tossed red paint upon his “prized pelt” awwwww…. too bad… still these de-evolved thugs are what need to be sat down in a corner with a box of crayons and have their children teach them some manners

    • Sierra, I am so sorry some psycho killed your wolf! I really don’t know what I would do if that happened to mine. Don’t these assholes realize that an animal can be someone’s pet that accidently got out the door? You are on the same page with me with our sacred creatures, too.
      I was working on a cartoon to send to Earth First! Journal and now I really have the drive to finish it. You will know it when you see it, if they publish it. I have to snail mail it so it might be a while. I will do it to honor your wolf. What did she look like so I can do her at least that justice?

    • Couldn’t agree more with you Bro ! Wolves are sacred for us, the first nation people. They are the guardians of the nature. These mens are completely disconnected from any form of spirituality. Sad sad sad.

      • You will know what I mean when I tell you I have been spoken to by a stone who was an ancient guardian grandmother of the wolves. The stone wolf warmed herself by the fire and was placed in front of me in sweatlodge many, many years ago. She slowly turned her head toward me and told me of these upcoming threats to her People. She said I must speak of this when the time is right, which is now. All of the things biologists learned in the last 40 years, Tribal Elders knew. No one asked. I was given paths to take to learn what I need to know now. I did as instructed. I rescued wolves, I keep them safe. I educate people about them. I protest not just the delisting but those things which are causing the powers that be in DC and Ontario to hack away at the endangered species act to make way for filthy tar sands oil, fracking, water mining powerlines and giant super highways. And of course those nasty cattlemen and psycho sportsmen’s associations. It has become my life now to keep safe the abused wolves, forever. As many as I have room for. In closing, I am glad you spoke up. First Nations People and our creatures are being killed off again by greedy people hell bent on raping Earth Mother. We are beaten down by their poison ways and seeing our sacred creatures slaughtered in an all out genocide. Painful to say the least. And the grinning elmer, abusing the corpse of our wolves, well, that is just the worst heartbreak of all. Keep speaking out.
        -Grandmother Sleeping Wolf

  2. I just sat down to lunch break and before I could take a bite of food this picture came up. I am kinda addicted to your blog Jim and I should just turn off my computer for awhile at work. What a downer! The ruffed up bloody fur and the streaming blood of a magnificent creature. And the grinning face of the man-an unremarkable plug ugly guy. I need a vacation away from this computer.

  3. It’s one thing if I could do something about it but I cannot. My husband asks me why I torture myself with news and maybe I would be happier if I didn’t know.

      • You are right. That’s what I tell my husband when he wonders why I go to animal blogs. Because he can’t bear to look at pictures at all. I tell him that I read these blogs so that I will never again be complacent like I once was. It is very hard but once a person becomes vegan you can never go back.
        As you can see I am here again but I had a good night’s sleep and a strong cup of morning coffee.

    • You can do something, you are not helpless! If there ever was a tragic act of stupidity, this man is it’s poster child! Perhaps he was uninformed of what he shot, or maybe he knew? Either way, I think we should make a gigantic protest online, posting and reposting the fact that ignorance of the law is no excuse, it doesn’t fly in traffic court and it sure shouldn’t fly when applied to the endangered species act! Any hunter knows they are to identify the species, know if it is or is not legal to hunt it and if legal, when…all before they pull the trigger. Personally, I think this man has no soul. Perhaps, if it makes you feel just a little better, the poor, dead wolf does not look pregnant in the photo and it was taken in March. So no pups were left to starve. Most likely, she was someone’s pet and probably spayed?
      Again I will say I have 6 foot fences to keep the woods-psychos out! If someone is going to have a pet wolf, clearly, this is not the desired outcome. There are lots of sites that describe how to construct a wolf habitat fence. That cute puppy gets big fast and proper fences are not and should not be an after thought.
      This wolf looked exactly like my first rescued wolf over 20 years ago. I haven’t stopped crying for an hour! I think this wolf should be on a billboard on the DC beltway for the wolf rally sept. 7th.

  4. Jim, if you don’t mind, I am going to name this wolf ‘Angel’, as she has no id number. It’s good that this story broke before the wolf rally in DC. This shooting should enrage all naturalists, wolf biologists and most animal lovers. Let’s hope it is enough to keep wolves on the endangered species list.

    Goodnight sweet little Angel, know you did nothing wrong.

  5. Miscreant depraved humans that delight in death, sadism and torture need to be paired with other miscreant depraved humans who enjoy death sadism and torture so they can to act out their sick depraved fantasies on each other —- thereby eliminating THEM and their NEED to KILL: Voila- problem solved.

  6. On the one hand I can understand making a mistake thinking it was a coyote. Coyotes are very common all across the country and are very aggressive, dangerous animals (unlike wolves which practically never approach humans). However, what I can’t sympathize with is displaying the wolf as he did, holding it’s rear legs and posing like that. That’s disgusting. I don’t own a gun, nor do I hunt, but if I did and I shot what I thought was a coyote from a distance only to realize it was a wolf… I’d be deeply ashamed and saddened. That’s just sick. It doesn’t take a genius to tell the difference up close either.

      • Let me respond with a question of my own. Do you think this guy would have shot and killed the wolf if he had been told beforehand that it was a wolf? (Hint: the answer is in the photograph.)

        Don’t misunderstand me, this sickens me and I’m outraged. I just think that we’re both more upset about different aspects of the story, which is fine.

    • John, respectfully, you need to do a lot more research on coyotes before you make such statements. If you have a Facebook page, I suggest you look up Wild Dog Foundation. Also google Coyote Watch Canada for some great educational info on coyotes. You will probably be surprised.

    • I beg to differ with your statement about coyotes. I live amongst them and they are not very aggressive and dangerous animals. I have stood next to them in Death Valley and near them in my neighborhood. They go about their business of gathering their food. They are quick good hunters but I have yet to hear of them bringing down a human. And even if they did dine on us I would still love them so.

  7. So are the wolves that are endangered protected?? If not then why the bloody hell not and if they are then please explain why can some red-neck, trigger-happy person get to satisfy their blood lust and get away with it? The government are very quick to tell us what is acceptable and not when it comes to terrorists, but when it is environmental terrorists, they seem to loose their …Well, they are scared to offend certain minorities I guess! Politicians need to grow some!

      • John, respectfully, you need to do a lot more research on coyotes before you make such statements. If you have a Facebook page, I suggest you look up Wild Dog Foundation. Also google Coyote Watch Canada for some great educational info on coyotes. You will probably be surprised.


  9. I live in KY and have had both wolves and coyotes running through my yard. I take steps to ensure that they don’t want to hang around and become someone’s target. I have no issue with them as long as they present no danger ie rabid etc. They were here first!! I am the interloper! I will respect them and love them from afar. Not everyone in KY is inbred or this ignorant.

    • Sally, the rabid issue is overblown. And it can be prevented in a simple way. Watch ‘Radioactive wolves’ on thr PBS, Nature website. In Russia, they are experimenting with dropping baits into the Chernobyl area, which now has some wild wolves that are being studied. The baits contain a killed rabies virus. It seems to be working and keeping the wolves there healthy. We could do that here and eliminate the fear associated with rabies and coyotes and wolves. Russia also, I have read, makes their wildlife officers pass a psych evaluation. That for sure would be a good start here! And not just for gov’t employees tasked with the wellbeing of animals. There is an old guy that we caught poaching on our land, he spilled his guts and gave up everybody else who he knows that he considers worse than himself. The amount of firepower these assholes have is way beyond the standard of fair chase. And I bet not a one of them could pass a proper psych eval? Now we take license plate numbers. One guy I caught slaughtering my coyotes bragged that he hid behind a big rock and waited for the deer herd to run by, then blasted the alpha pair of coyotes and all their babies. I told him if I ever see his truck parked on my land again that he can expect to be walking home! And I told him thereason there were so many coyotes was a lack of wolves. He didn’t get it. They want animals to over-breed so they can go out and get their sick jollies blasting them away! They don’t care about the degrading of the environment. Most of the ones doing this blatent poaching are older than dirt and will soon be under six feet of it from some illness or whatever. I hope things will change when the last of the generation involved in the original wolf genocide dies off? They only kill coyotes because they ran out of wolves. Mass slaughter of innocent animals is a hate crime.

  10. I googled one of the numerous articles on this wolf killing. I always find comments to be somewhat educational. Check this one out. And note that he states “government approval”. Something really stinks here:

    “earnest t bass Scooby Doo • 5 days ago −
    it is not illegal to breed wolves…this might be one of my wolves that i bred in bonnieville ky…in hart county…( about 6 miles north of munfordville) the north american wolf has a range of about 200 miles that they are known to travel for a hunting grounds and they are NOT an animal you want to mess with unless you know what you are doing…a wild wolf will kill but only for certaiin reasons…most of the time they will stay off to themselves…i have been breeding these animals and releasing them back into the wild for close to 20 years now…WITH GOVT. APPROVAL…and funding…i got paid to do it…went bankrupt and lost my farm in bonnieville and moved louisville…the last batch i released was done in eastern tennassee…it is very possable that this animal was working its way home…they know by instinct what there home ground is”


  12. Memo to ALF, ARM and JD operatives in Kentucky: you’ve got the killer’s name, you’ve got his picture, you know where he lives. What more do you need?

    • Geoff, don’t forget AIM, as well. They have members in Kentucky. We are talking about a spiritual animal, a guardian spirit. Who better to teach this wolf murderer the error of his ways?

  13. If man when and gunned down an innocent person who was no treat to you, they would call it murder but somehow Society seems to think that it’s okay to kill innocent animals who are minding their own business in the safety and comfort of their OWN terrain and then want to brag about the killing believing it makes them more of a man. REALLY?!? Killing anything that is a living breathing creature is not natural. Something is wrong with your character.

    • Dustina, it is not just him, it is the gov’t idiots that let the old ‘thought it was a coyote’ lie slide past the ESA regulations again. They do it because they can, and yes, it is a sickness of the mind! A pervasive sickness.

  14. Why would anyone be idiotic enough to even consider killing an endangered animal that had not been seen in 150 years in the area. It would have shown intelligence to have kept track of the “wolf” and hoped a mate would have shown up to help re-establish them. Oh, did I just call a person in Kentucky stupid? Well he is!! And a murderer to boot. May he burn in hell!!!!

      • Exactly, Jim!
        I posted a sketch on my FB page that I did to honor Sierra’s wolf that was murdered. It is in good taste if one is up on wolf politics, which, I am sure all are here, now. Not to worry, Sierra’s wolf is pictured “walking on”, over a distant hill, after pissing on a USFWS sign. The tag line is ‘Wolf Opinion Pole”. 🙂
        E-mail me if you need access. Please share it/post it if you want to… it’s been hell for the wolf community this week, as you well know.

  15. L.B. I believe you are very much in the majority. Simple test… you do 51 mph in a school zone when the signal light is flashing and kids are present. You land in court. You tell the judge “Oh your honor, it was a simple mistake, you see, my mind plays tricks on me, I really thought the sign said 51, not 15!” The judge gives you a few years in jail, mostly suspended, and takes away you licence for many years and fines you heavily so that you must sell you car to pay the fine. This is why nobody with an ounce of brains, speeds through a school zone! Why did the judge reject dyslexia as an excuse? Because ignorance of the law, no matter what reason given, is not an excuse and probably just annoys the judge even more!
    Now, I used a severe moving violation as and example and confusion as an excuse. Certainly, it is the responsibility of every licenced hunter to know what the animal he is hunting looks like, no matter what state. While eastern coyotes are larger, the are still not the size of a GSD. That should have been his first clue. Wolves have much larger heads. Wolves do not have white tips on their tails, etc. As a basic rule, if a hunter is unsure in any way, of his prey, don’t ever shoot it!

    He is guilty as all hell of killing what is in Kentucky, a critically endangered species. Ignorance is never an excuse! He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as applied to the ESA and any other local laws!
    Personally, and I don’t say this lightly, I think everything he owns should be conficated and sold to pay for wolf education! I also think he should do some time in federal prison.

    As for the guy who said the gov’t paid him to release wolves around there, I know of no such program. My guess is he lost his house and just let his pets loose to fend for themselves? He probably feels horrible, having raised the animal but there are sanctuaries online, one trip to a library with a computer would have got him a list of places to call. No excuses! A protected wolf is dead! Book him Dano!

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