Hunting: the Sport of Sociopaths

How can some people torment and kill animals and call it a “sport?” They must have the same merciless attitude as Canadian pig farmer, hands-on butcher and serial killer, Willy Pickton.

When asked by a Vancouver police interrogator to reveal the locations of the 49 women he’d murdered over his career (some of whose remains were ground up, mixed with pig meat and sold or given away to friends or family), Pickton asked, “Why should I do that?” To which the investigator replied, “For the families. They need to know.”

Willie’s chilling comeback summed up his entire outlook on life, “Not my problem, shit happens.”

Pickton was clearly a sociopath (or psychopath, if you prefer), and so must be those who subscribe to his “shit happens” philosophy. While a lot of folks are pretty unsympathetic about things that don’t directly affect them, hunters (like serial killers) take it a step further, by making bad shit happen to others.

Still not convinced that hunters are sociopaths? Consider these quotes from “diehard” bowhunter and NRA spokesman “terrible” Ted Nugent, about his favorite sport: “There’s an absolute surety to the hands-on conservation lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping…” or “If you want to save a species, simply decide to eat it. Then it will be managed – like chickens, like turkeys, like deer, like Canadian geese.” and “I get a full predator spiritual erection from hunting bear, lions, coons, housecats, escaped chimps, small children, scared women and everything else that can be chased and/or hunted.”

Now, if that guy’s not a sociopath, Willy Pickton’s just a pig farmer.


50 thoughts on “Hunting: the Sport of Sociopaths

  1. I loathe Ted Nugent and anyone who subscribes to his madness. All hunters are sociopaths, sadistic, twisted monsters. What in the HELL gives them the RIGHT to slaughter animals?!?

  2. Terrible Ted loves nothing better than to poke a finger in our eyes. He wouldn’t stand a chance against a real man. As far as his bravado goes, it probably is his need for attention? Nobody cares what that wretched old man, with his tiny, shrivled up dick and looks that would make any self-respecting woman run the other way and from an overload of the vile smell of him! Not to make light of his probable syphiletic, wet brain, for which logic fails him but he can just keep up with being a has-been…

  3. I hope teeny- tiny -teddy, steps in a groundhog hole, and lands in a big pile of any or all (your choice) of the above animals shit and smells like the big pile of shit that he is!!!!

  4. Before I canceled my Cable, I used to love to listen to Bill Maher rip apart Ted Nugent. He has even invited good ole’ tough guy Teddy onto his show; however, the spineless simp doesn’t have the balls to walk onto Real Time with Bill Maher and stand up to his haters. Ted is a coward! I hope a bullet ricochet’s off a tree and lands squarely between his eyes.

    BTW, I heard about that Pickton dude. All I can say is, I’m glad I am a vegan.

  5. far I agree with every one of these statements. I Can’t Stand the POS nugent either, he makes me want to vomit just to look at him. and knowing about his favorite passtime..killing animals..makes me want to vomit ON him!!

  6. Willy the Pig Farmer is not alone, and certainly not the first one to dispose of humans by feeding them to pigs. I have heard from sober people that the reason you don’t hear about child molesters, serial rapists/murders and their ilk in history was the old saying ‘pigs will eat anything’! From the stories I was told, in the old days, before DNA, if someone was considered to be needin’ killin’, they were taken out for a night of heavy drinking and when they passed out, were pushed into the pig pen to be gobbled up. Pigs fight each other over food, so it wouldn’t take long. Then the bones would be put in a burlap sack and thrown in a swamp, weighted with stones. Some equally sick guy killed his wife, rented a chipper/shreader and cut her up and ran her through the chipper/shreader into a river. Tire tracks, rental receipts and DNA put him away, too. It just goes to show that some humans are sicker than the garden variety drunk, who goes home, kicks the dog and beats the hell out of his wife for fun. Not that that behavior is okay, is isn’t, but it’s a long way from stuffing the wife in a chipper/shreader! …or a pig pen. Physical/emotional abuse of others is dysfunctional behavior that getting clean and sober and therapy can fix. There is no fix for psychopaths.

    Jim, do you think these psychos are born that way or is it learned behavior?

    • A little of both–those with a genetic propensity for it sometimes react to even the slightest perceived transgression (against him or whatever he thinks he’s entitled to) by taking it out on others. In the case of hunters, the wildlife are their easiest, victims of choice. And since it’s legal to kill wildlife, they can carry on their serial killing for a lifetime.

      • Poor, innocent animals and people! I think there are at least two genes that make up the ones that are born that way and some kind of frontal lobe disorder gives the the lack of an off switch in serial killers/poachers? I’ve had the misfortune of knowing people who were sociopaths, long dead now. Certainly, you are spot on with their preceived threats to their egos. Long time ago, I knew a guy who’s uncle was in one of the NYC mob families. They are all long gone now, it was people my mom knew. She’s gone too. Nobody around these people is normal and they usually don’t live too long. Bad judgement and a short fuse and a perceived insult to their egos could get their kid and or wife a beating. I remember saying totally innocent things and getting an undeserved, violent response several times. Especially around holidays. Gotta wonder if that huge amount of hunting that goes on around holidays is a stress-release for these psychos? Not just because they have three days off? And having a Trophy Wife and dead Trophy Animals is nothing but a rich sociopath with no soul? There are a lot of ego issues in the music business, but I have never seen the likes of Terrible Ted in the 45 years I have played with and hung out with musicians. His “mother must have dropped him on his head one too many times”, as the old folks used to say! Little did they know, it really might be a factor?

      • Jim, quite by accident, While channel surfing, I came across a story on tv about the Spahalski identital twins, there is a book about them. Called sociopaths by the tv show, one was a murderer and the other was a serial killer. The show talked about everything we’ve so far spoken of. Their first kill of an animal was their father’s pig, as kids, because they thought it would taste good. They had a motto of sex, drugs and rock and roll. They got brain damaged from doing copious amounts of drugs, LSD over 300 times! Their thieving turned to murdering but one had a bad crack habit which made him psychotic and led him to kill three people in one year! Both got caught and went to the same prison. It is an amazing case study! And as a side note, they broke into a guitar store and stole $24k in guitars and amps! Most of their crime sprees were in Elmira, NY and later, in Rochester, NY. Neither one felt empathy and both were very self centered. You might find these guy’s habits very interesting?

      • I’m sure I would. Crime writer Jack Olsen wrote Misbegotten Son, about another serial killer from Rochester named, Arthur Shawcross. One book reviewer wrote that it “comes closer to capturing the psychology of a serial killer than anything else I’ve ever read.”

      • The same author wrote a book about a killer whose dream was to become a 19th century-style mountain man and so he turned to poaching, often killing animals even though he had no need for the meat. In 1981, he killed two game wardens in front of a witness.

  7. Yes, Jim, I agree! One hit wonder is more like it. Unfortunately, he chose a lousy day-job! You know some guy’s are trophy guitar collectors? I don’t know what to think of them? It is harmless, I guess but they collect famous dead musician’s guitars. It’s a good investment if documented but that isn’t why mostof them do it. It’s another ego boosting trophy. It isn’t a live creature, it is a piece of wood with a history. But an awful lot of people I have known in the music business or mostly wannabes have this odd quirk of collecting dead famous people’s stuff. One guy was as weird as they come. He played about three blues songs and he would only play ones written by white men. He was a racist and was heavy into drugs, guns and motorcycles…and a real suspected serial killer of young girls and his wife died mysteriously. I know this because of a police investigation. He hates me, I never let him play at my hoots. Ha-ha! I can’t name him as he has not been formally charged or convicted. He’s too old to do much damage now. And by the way, his head did go through the windshield at least once.

  8. I think this article really needs to be written, but with scientific supporting evidence. What is evident to you and me will not be actionable in the public sphere until we have scientific studies to back it up. I’d love to see a psychological study of hunters, screening them for psychopathic/sociopathic characteristics vs. The general population. Btw, just like child predators, sadists and sociopaths seek victims by choosing careers that give them both cover (ie confer social and moral standing just by virtue of profession, eg priest and coaches) and access (to children, animals etc). By choosing these career paths they simultaneously have easier access to victims yet know they have less risk of being found out because no one wants to believe that a priest, coach, camp counselor, or veterinarian would ever be guilty of the acts they perpetrate. We need to face the likely reality that a higher proportion of sadists and predators exist in these professions than among the general populace.

    • Stefani, there are lots of studies, you just have to search them out. I have found a few. Perhaps the FBI will share some statistics? I don’t know how many serial killers alternate between animals and humans or if there has ever been a study to that affect? It is an interesting subject. Their extreme sense of entitlement knows no bounds, be it goods or animals lives or humans. Something went wrong with their hunter/gatherer process where it drives them to hunt trophys and gather trinkets from their victim’s lives. Some writers have been so bold as to equate gathering votes, in some deranged people, with major ego issues, to serial killer behavior, noting certain famous politicians locking political horns early in American history, ending up with one of them shot dead and the other going back to business as usual. I hope I don’t ruffle feathers, but just my opinion, Andrew Jackson had more than a few screws loose. Or you could look at personalities like Robert Rogers, who actually ate some of his victims. He also wrote the first version of the Army Survival Manual. His victims were the wife and children of a war rival, The Abenaki chief, who was a white man, married to a Native woman. You have to go all the way back to the 7 Year’s war for that bit of history. He came to a well deserved bad end, dying in debtor’s prison in England, a notorious drunkard and evidently, a massive credit risk, due to living large on other people’s money.

      • Yes, I agree. I guess it all comes down to what the human tribe as a whole decides is ‘the line’ that can’t be crossed? Be it eating your enemy’s kids on one end of the extreme, or not swatting a fly in the kitchen?

  9. I got to thinking, humans probably evolved by watching, acting like various animals that they gave special powers of a spiritual nature to and emulated the admired powers. I think humans did a lot of different things, did some long term scavenging before hunting, with the aid of wolves? The wolves kept their social order. Humans only learned to kill and cook the slow animals and share some meat with the cooperative wolves, that eventually became dogs. I think the wolves still have a better sense of community, family, morality, devotion, loyality and cooperation than humans. Also, wolves are omnivores. I can say from experience, though, you have a better shot at getting them to give up a bowl of popcorn than a bowl of leftovers with meat scraps. Ha-ha, they are after all, wolves. Their table manners are reestablished by the alphas at every meal…new day, new rules, try again.
    We like to think we are more highly evolved. Humans control the mysterious thing ‘fire’. Surprisingly, or not…one of the early traits of most serial killers is a facination with fire. Killing animals for no good reason, just to watch them die is another. And only humans make whole industries around causing death and making a lot of money from it, and others morbidly keep the dying alive as long as they can for profit, too. It’s all for money to buy more junk we don’t usually need anyway. The serial killers oddly follow that model, too, but they are stingy with the morphine and you can’t play with their toys because, well, they are ‘special’.
    We would have been far better off to have evolved from wolves…but then we would put divorce lawyers out of work, there would be no nukes, chemical weapons etc. And sadness, illness and hunger would be eased with kisses and help from a loving clan… oh, and the environment would be as it once was…pristine. We are not superior to wolves or other creatures, just different, mostly in a bad way and serial killers are really mentally crippled by their own sense of superiority and feeling the need to ever improve their ways of trying to reassure themselves and others which is like a guy slapping his wife as hard as he can until she says ‘I love you’, then he slaps her again and calls her a liar. Eventually, either she will get away or die. If not physically, right away, spiritually, but he will take everything away from her that she loves until death is the only escape. I prefer the company of wolves to most humans. We’re still working on their table manners. 🙂

  10. His take on life, hunting and the like is as gross as his music. I really do not understand how anyone who enjoys killing for “sport” can be trusted in life. There is clearly something morally and emotionally wrong with those who like to kill. Ted Nugent can certainly afford to buy anything he needs for survival, yet he chooses to kill. Disgusting!

  11. Nugent is the guy who avoided service during the Vietnam War by shitting and pissing all over himself for a week, not bathing or brushing his teeth, and then presenting himself in that state to the recruiters and using that as his excuse for being unfit for military service… but now he’s a pro-war gung ho wannabe militaristic type who likes to kill animals because he’s such a manly man… is there really anything else that needs to be said about this puke?

  12. Sociopaths only make up about 5% of our population, although it seems like more. The interesting connection is that hunters also make up about 5% of our population. I studied Sociopaths for years after having a boss who was a Sociopath (and hunter) and the only way to resolve our issues was to take myself out of the situation and find a new job.
    The main thing to know about Sociopaths is that they have NO CONSCIENCE. They cannot feel what it is to be in another’s shoes and have no idea what empathy is. Having a conscience makes it impossible to understand what it is like to not have one.
    Abusing or killing animals is a hint of what it to come when a Sociopath no longer has access to other species, they take out their anger and frustrations on other humans. They may not always kill humans, but they will emotionally and physically rip them apart.

    A good read is “The Sociopath Next Door” (Martha Stout) which helped me to understand the situation I was in and know that I was not alone. I have a feeling that as the population grows, so will the percentage of people with no conscience. It’s unknown whether or not this is a taught behavior or something that is present at birth. It seems more like a learned behavior. Most children are born with empathy and a caring nature. The first time they see their parents squash an insect rather than relocate it to the outdoors may be the thing that determines which path they choose to follow.

    We’ve all been hit in the head at some time in our lives….but we do not all choose to murder.

  13. The second most disgusting thing about Ted Nugent is that he spawned 9 kids, so the gene pool has that many more sadistic, psychopathic misfits available to continue the degradation. If anyone needed an early hunting accident it was Ted.

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