Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife

Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife

Why this is important

In England, badgers are facing a scary predicament. Thousands of them have been sentenced to death.

The UK government believe that reducing their numbers will help stop the spread of a disease called bovine tuberculosis (TB). But they’re wrong.

Last year, a coalition of scientists told the government the badger cull would be ineffective at stopping the spread of this disease. In fact, they even think it’s likely to make things worse:

“As scientists with expertise in managing wildlife and wildlife diseases, we believe the complexities of tuberculosis transmission mean licensed culling risks increasing cattle TB rather than reducing it.”

Celebrities as far reaching as Queen guitarist Brian May, David Attenborough, Ricky Gervais, and Chris Packham have expressed their disgust at what seems to be the government’s way of appeasing farmers.

The public is finally realising that the government’s policy of killing off these badgers is mindless and likely driven by money. But they’re still going ahead with it. We need to make them see that what they’re doing is wrong.

Badgers have called Britain home for over 250,000 years. They’re shy but social animals who live in big families and are fastidiously clean. They are also a long-standing and beautiful part of British wildlife.

The government needs to know that we don’t accept the needless killing of these creatures.

So far in the UK we have an e-petition with over 250,000 signatures. But the government refuses to listen. David Cameron is staying silent.

So we need some help. This has got to go global. We need people all over the world to voice their protest and maybe, just maybe, we can get through to them.

Bovine TB is a terrible disease, but killing off healthy badgers isn’t the answer. The Wildlife Trusts knows that vaccination of the badger population is the solution. It will saves thousands of innocent lives. Our neighbouring country, Wales, is already vaccinating badgers to great effect

But we need the government to listen to us. Help them hear our cries!

22 thoughts on “Stop the badger slaughter and save British wildlife

  1. Me too, just signed it.

    @Maureen — you’re hysterical. “Twat”. LOVE IT!

    BTW Jim, I made the fatal mistake of engaging with “Killer”. I should know better than to feed the Trolls. Not to worry though, Nancy’s got my back. 🙂

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