Twenty-first Century Swastikas

For over half a century the Nazi swastika—that all too familiar symbol of hate—has been relegated to the dark corners of extremism, never to be openly displayed on a flag or uniform again. The Nazi credo was perhaps as confusing as it was complex, but generally, it was the definitive case of one group vilifying and scapegoating another.

Today, a similar type of blind hatred rules in areas where exploitive or extractive animal industries are considered a way of life. One can hardly drive a mile in parts of rural America without seeing emblems of extremism in the form of hateful bumper stickers touting selfish anti-wolf slogans like, “Smoke a Pack a Day” or, in areas where wolves are still extinct, “Did the coyotes get your deer?” Another popular hate-symbol adorning the back of all too many rural pickup trucks is simply a silhouette of a wolfNT wolf bumpr stickr inside a red circle with a slash through it.

In certain towns along the Pacific Northwest coast, where commercial fishing is a dying “way of life” (because dams and overfishing had nearly wiped out the salmon), the trendy stickers of ignorance and intolerance feature a sea lion with a fish inside a red circle and slash. The message is clear, sea lions can starve and die off, the humans have claimed the fish for themselves.

And although sea lions are indeed starving and dying off, it isn’t happening fast enough for some small minded, self-serving fishermen who shoot them, in defiance of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, just as the wolves in the tri-state and Great Lakes regions become victims of those who claim all land animals as “resources” and can’t stand the competition from those natural predators. Blatant Nazism may be a thing of the past, but speciesist extremism is alive and well all across America.



8 thoughts on “Twenty-first Century Swastikas

  1. I actually did a comparison pic for activists and I personally don’t care is a few selfish people find it offensive.The world didn’t get to the small about of human progress today by being nice about it. I give anyone (activists that is) to re-post this pic wherever they please.

  2. Thanks for this article, it certainly is time to fight this evil! Did you hear about the poor little dog named ‘Puppy Doe” that was dumped roadside to look like a car ran her over? This was in a suburb of Boston, Quincy, MA. The dog was starved and had just about every bone in her body broken, joints twisted around and was burned and most disturbing, was subjected to middle ages type tortures for about a year and a half. The vet was very shaken up but she gave the little dog love and food before she had to pts the dog. The evidence photos and x-rays are horrible! The story was in the Boston Herald, last Thursday, I think? There is a wanted poster with a reward for info leading to the arrest of person or persons involved. Whoever did this had the dog on a ‘rack’ to draw her bones apart. When found roadside, the dog was unable to stand, full of infections and dying, but was a sweet, loving dog. Oh, the vet said the dog’s tongue was slit like a snake, crudely done. Also stabbed in one eye. Obviously, there is a psychopath behind that disgusting cruelty! One point of interest… the dog was not raped, the vet checked. Evidently it is more common than I thought now for abused animals to be raped, too! I’m sure you remember how freaked out I was when I came across the online video of two black wolves who were shot the one was raped as it lay dying! Anyway, that made me sick and so did the puppy doe story.
    You talk of Nazi’s, their behavior being similar to these animal abuses. Look up Vril Society. Hitler and most of his henchmen belonged to this secret society based on a sci-fi book from the 1890s. It is rumored that not only is the whole Nazi model based on the book, but they retrofitted an old castle with a room where sacrifices were made of animals and children.
    There are good in the world, so many more good than bad and we must remember that but in this information age, the bad ones are networking, which is really, frightening!

    • I think there is scant historical evidence for top Nazis being in thrall of the Vril Society or engaging in animal/child sacrifice. That doesn’t make their behavior any less abhorrent, but attributing it to membership in some secret society of over-the-top mystics doesn’t help explain how the Third Reich came about, nor the acquiescence of the vast majority of ordinary, “decent” Germans with an intrinsically evil enterprise. In fact, making the Nazis out to be barely-human monsters advances the notion that such individuals were total aberrations, comfortingly absent from present-day polite society. This enables most people to ignore the troubling parallels between Nazi Germany and our own society wherein a minority of the population inflicts most of the human-associated mayhem on the animal kingdom while the majority, who ought to know better, become complicit by doing nothing to stop it. So nowadays, comfortably distant from the chaos of that time, we admire those few Germans who actively (i.e., violently) resisted the Nazi regime and scorn those who went along with it or passively opposed it or were just “saddened” by it. “The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  3. In many parts of the country I’ve hesitated to display an anti-hunting or pro-animal sticker on my car for fear of the vehicle being vandalized. But, “if in Rome, do like the Romans.” How many of the stickers illustrated here would continue to be proudly displayed if the vehicle owners knew there was a high probability that their windshield would be broken or shot-out in the dead of night by some enraged ALF type? Those circular, red NRA windshield stickers you see all over sure make a tempting target!

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