Symposium on wolves draws opposing views to Duluth

copyrighted wolf in riverDULUTH, Minn. — Wolf experts from 19 nations will meet in Duluth for a major symposium this weekend focused on the future of the animal and its interactions with people.

The International Wolf Center global event, which is the first since 2005, will feature wolf advocates, researchers and wildlife managers who represent opposing viewpoints on how humans should treat wolves, the Wolf Center’s Nancy Gibson told the Duluth News Tribune ( ). A debate on hunting, trapping and wolf protection is set for Saturday.

“Global interest in wolves, both wolf research and just a general public interest, just seems to be growing,” said Gibson, a wolf center co-founder and board member.

Wolves face many issues throughout the world. Their prey and habitat is under threat in places such as Russia. Farmers are pressing for more wolf killing in France. And closer to home, wolf hunts have been held in Minnesota and Wisconsin and soon will be Michigan.

Minnesota has an estimated 2,200 wolves, which is down from nearly 3,000 a decade ago. Wisconsin has about 800 wolves and Michigan about 500.

Gibson said wolves seem doomed to a constant state of conflict with people.

“With the human population ever increasing, and more people living where wolves live, wolves will usually come out on the short among these two species that historically haven’t gotten along very well,” she said.

5 thoughts on “Symposium on wolves draws opposing views to Duluth

  1. Evidently Nancy Gibson fails to see First Nations People as human beings? Because Ms. Gibson obviously missed the absolute fact that for more than 15,000 years, Native Peoples have had no problem coexisting with wolves. Wolve’s problems started with the contact period, just as Native Americans suffered at the hands and weapons of the parasitic European Nations and their Kings and policies of mass genocide as early as 1637! Genocide of First Nations Peoples and all wolves, our First Dogs!
    Ms. Gibson also fails to understand that without domesticated Wolves there very well may not have been domesticated people? It was that first cooperative outreach that allowed us to use the skills of our First Dogs to survive in one place or area, learn love, loyalty, empathy and cooperation and communication skills from our wolf-dog companions. They got shelter by a warm fire and a safe place to give birth and raise pups. Early humans got all the wonderful things dogs do for humans to this very day. Humans kept the tame wolves and they bred them with other tame wolves to within perhaps the lifetime of a human, become an early dog?

    So what went wrong? I don’t know. It wasn’t the wolve’s fault! I guess it may have started down the wrong track when the human race started to be run by males instead of females? The goals changed. There were murders and wars just like a chimp colony! Instead of a safe, warm home in the company of friends and animals, it became more shifted to what we have now, addictions to power and money/possessions/control over others. By the time of manifest destiny, we had ways to kill that could be industrialized. The military-industrial complex was born as was chemical warfare. Blankets infected with smallpox virus were given to Native Tribes with near total genocide as the goal and result! Bounties were placed on the wolves and other creatures. Even crows! Where once there was perhaps a million or more, genetically diverse wolves, perhaps less than 500 survived in remote areas along the Canadian border in the Great Lakes area.
    We found our way with the help of the widely read and highly evolved thinkers like Aldo Leopold. And of course The Silent Spring by Maine author, Rachel Carlson. Wisdom took hold which lead to the ESA! Then disaster struck with the ‘Greed is Good’ mentality of the 1980s. Wall St. and the military-industrial complex took over and gave us wars, loss of personal freedoms, and basically a chimp-brained leadership. Wolves were still protected but the handwriting was on the wall. It said ‘NAFTA’. Personhood for corporations. As if they already didn’t have enough power? In marched the the planet rapers… Big Oil/Gas/Energy and now the water miners. One World Order, the World Bank and more loss of rights. Now Obama’s TPP. The plans for super corrorders that run from Mexico to Canada and East-West as well are falling into place as Enbridge lays their pipe lines to transport dirty tar sands oil across America to Texas to be shipped to China. Only they have a little problem. It is called the ESA and Wolves. So what does our Congress do? They get their knees dirty pleasing Big Oil/Gas and some special (big doner) interests by de-listing Gray Wolves thereby green-lighting the destruction of critical habitat for the pipelines and super-highways for truckers with extra room for huge powerlines.
    This is why the hunters/trappers/hounders are getting to party like it’s 1899! The psychos and poachers are getting away with murder with the gov’t shutdown. Meanwhile, our wolves are being slaughtered at a rate that even if it were haulted right now, would take years to recover, maybe decades since the collared wolves were targeted first. Lifetimes of destroyed reasearch so some subhuman, chimp-brained throw-back could have his face in the ass of a dead wolf to post online! I’ve exposed the connections here, maybe it makes more sense to those who actually care about why the government doesn’t stop the slaughter? Jim has done a great job exposing the sick minds in the woods, this is my opinion of the sick minds in government that allow this wolf genocide to continue and their puppeteers holding the purse strings.
    Just for the record, I am Abenaki on my mom’s side. I am not a racist, I just have a different perspective than you probably were taught in history class? And yes, I do research this stuff.
    We need to relist our wolves and delist the anti-wolf politicians and ban the evil wolf hunting, trapping, snaring and hounding forever! As for the psychos, put them in one of those secret off-shore CIA prisons where the only prey there are other psychos. Ok, yeah only after they have been legally tried in a court of law but allow wolf-hater site postings as evidence!

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  3. “We need to relist our wolves and delist the anti-wolf politicians and ban the evil wolf hunting, trapping, snaring and hounding forever! As for the psychos, put them in one of those secret off-shore CIA prisons where the only prey there are other psychos. Ok, yeah only after they have been legally tried in a court of law but allow wolf-hater site postings as evidence!”

    thank you for saying that!

    • Tom, you are very welcome! I’ve been thinking, maybe instead of being in a grouchy mood on Columbus Day, I will propose that it be, from now on, First Nations and First Dogs Education Day.
      …or in the words of Joni Mitchell, “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.”

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