Hunter Accidentally Kills Son After Mistaking Him For A Boar In France

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hunter kills son

A French hunter accidentally killed his son in a tragic hunting accident Thursday. (Photo via Getty)
A hunting expedition in France’s Ardèche region ended in tragedy Thursday after a hunter accidentally killed his son.

According to daily newspaper Ouest-France, the 61-year-old saw a shadow pass and fired his weapon. However, the figure was not a wild boar, as the hunter expected, but his 35-year-old son.

Though resuscitation efforts were attempted, the man died at the scene. His father collapsed shortly after and has since been hospitalized while prosecutors investigate the circumstances of the fatal shooting.

The accidental shooting follows another hunting incident earlier this week that led to the death of a 6-year-old in northern France. The young boy died in a hospital Wednesday, succumbing to injuries he sustained Sunday when a hunter’s gun was accidentally discharged.

Earlier this year, France’s National Office for Hunting and Wildlife reported that there were 179 hunting accidents in the last hunting season, which lasted from June 2012 to May 2013, 21 of which were fatal.

7 thoughts on “Hunter Accidentally Kills Son After Mistaking Him For A Boar In France

    • True. Maybe now he will? I feel really bad for the parents of the little boy, though. He was just playing and some elmer forgot to put his safety on. That is tragic. I don’t know how the law works in France or what will happen now. Everyone needs to be really careful, as we all know, it’s hard to make a noise in the woods that doesn’t sound like a rabbit… I went down to the Shapleigh Corner Store last night and all the old guy’s were talking about hunting so I just sat there drinking lemonade with my ‘radar ears’ on. They were all talking about the price of new skidders, then the conversation turned to hunting and the ‘chatter’ really picked up. Hunters seem to get excited in the Fall kinda like a young horse does on the first warm day after a long Winter in the barn. Same part of the brain and same hormones, I guess?

  1. Most hunting is totally unnecessary by humans, of course if you are a wolf, coyote, bear etc….. it is necessary to be an omnivore. I have some wolves that love to pick and eat wild red raspberries.:-) Humans do not generally understand how difficult it is for wolves to survive during hunting seasons. Some will starve to death rather than risk human contact! Many others will not mate due to stress from hunting. So hunting kills wolves even without actually being shot. It should not be a sport to kill animals, it should be a crime against nature! And all these stupid hunting accidents wouldn’t happen!

    • I agree and back you up on your anti hunting position. I am so fed up with hunters, nothing but psychopath serial killers that love to destroy beautiful animals.

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