Stop The Euphemisms Hunters – You’re Killing Wolves Not Harvesting Turnips!

This of course applies to the hunting of all wildlife, not just wolves.

Howling For Justice

Walla Walla Pack Pup ODFW

Wolves Are Killed Not Harvested

October 11, 2013

“Sport” hunting is a brutal business. It means taking the life of an innocent animal for personal gain. The hunting industry doesn’t like the word  kill because it exposes the lie that animals die peacefully after being arrowed, shot, trapped, choked and generally tortured to death. So they sanitize the cruelty of hunting by using euphemisms to describe their evil deeds. Harvest is a favorite.

Harvest: The gathering of a ripened crop

Are wolves ripened crops to be harvested as  turnips, green onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, squash, bell peppers, grapes, etc? Or are wolves and other living creatures sentient beings who feel pain, who suffer, who bleed, who die?

Admit what you’re doing  killers of beauty.  You’re not harvesting anything. You’re making a conscious decision to take an innocent animal’s life. Stop sanitizing your actions. We have your number, you…

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6 thoughts on “Stop The Euphemisms Hunters – You’re Killing Wolves Not Harvesting Turnips!

  1. Regarding wolves and other predators the bottom lines in my opinion is several but one major one is that the states of MT, WI, and ID in particular are too hostile and backward in their thinking to be managing wolves and so are some other states. This country has exhibited a hostility and misunderstanding of the predators and an ignorance of balanced ecology from the beginning. I have met a few hunters who do not abide by killing wolves. I have listened to hunters maintain their folklore, lies and myths about wolves killing live stock to a degree out of touch with statistical and empirical reality with reality checks available from the wildlife agencies statistics for them to look up: About 0.002 % is the figure for cattle and 1% or less for sheep. Elk numbers are up in every state since wolf reintroduction and the elk herds in Yellowstone have stabilized at historical levels. There are a hosts of myths to which hunters seem to hold despite the counter evidence such as the gigantic Canadian wolf myth; wolves kill for fun myth; hamstringing as the major way wolves kill, but it is really seldom; wolves waste kills myth; wildlife agency myths that the wolf numbers have to be driven down to marginal levels; the myth that predators have to be minimized or marginalized so that ungulate numbers will go way up for the sportsmen to kill. The idea of balanced healthy ecology escapes sportsmen, and that apex predators are good for the ungulate herds and have a trophic cascading effect on ecology and that man hunting is more likely to weaken herds and encourage disease. Predators and prey will usually regulate their own populations if left alone. There is an obvious barbarism and cruelty to hunting and trapping that cannot be denied and the arguments for it are rationalizations that are self-serving. Hunting and trapping are dying sports, depending on the estimates and states, down to 6% to 16%. Yes, a lot of people do find that killing wolves is a barbarism we can live without and do see that wolves should be allowed to fill up many of their old niches. We certainly do not need the anti-wolf jihad going on in the states of MT-WY-ID-WI and other, Midwestern states. Most of this jihad mentality is spawned by hunters and ranchers and state and federal wildlife agencies that primarily appease them. They call it harvesting or management, but is killing whether ungulates, bears, lions, birds or wolves.

  2. What is so damned sick about wolves is this is the second full scale genocide! Some of the original wolf killers get to do it all over again! Or teach their grandkids. Ugh, they make me sick! Serial killers teaching their grand kids…that’s a new thought for me. There has been a lot written about the children of serial killers but nothing I have ever found where grandpaw gets to pass on the sickness of mind in a genocidal way, except maybe the Indian Wars? This isn’t lost in the Native community. There is something called Historical Trauma. I really believe wolves are now inseparable, historically from the genocide of Native people. With some of the same people involved in killing of both human and animal. Killers are killers, it’s who they are and what they do. Human, animal… they don’t care. They all bleed the same. They scream and cry…
    We here know who belongs in a cramped cage and it’s not the abused animals or people! It’s those grinning psychos!

    • I want that bumper sticker !
      That beautiful very dead wolf needs to know not all humans hate him …in fact we love them all deeply
      We are the entitled human parasite and I’m sure nature’s “harvest” of us is on its way…
      We have gone too far.

      • Every time I hear a gunshot in the woods, I worry for the creatures in the wild, for the wolves in my enclosures and for the minds of the poor little children and evolved humans who love and care for animals and each other. But then I try not to be so upset by hoping some grinning psycho just made it to the Darwin Awards nomination list.

        I love the bumper-sticker idea! 🙂
        Hey Jim, let’s have a ‘Best Bumper-Sticker Ideas’ write in? Give us some of your favorites, okay? Maybe some wildlife organizations can make use of our ideas to raise donations for saving animal’s lives?
        I also have an idea to make window stickers that are just wet the vinyl and stick it to the window, so renters can use them. Made in common sizes of windows.
        I have a plastic one with stick-on letters made out of clear report cover folder. Staples has them by the 100 per box. They come in colors and look like stained glass in a window! I put the letters on the clear ones and sandwich that between the color ones. It affords privacy but you can see through a single sheet to some extent.
        If anyone’s wondering what my window sticker says…” Allergy alert: big, hairy sled dog team inside” and “Door bell Broken, use xylophone on post.”
        I put a xylophone, the fisher-price kind, hanging off my porchrail post with a lugbolt for a clanger, tied to a string. 🙂 It was a good idea in theory but I can’t hear it over the howling! But it amuses the rugrats. 🙂 I don’t have sled dogs, but I can’t write wolves for obvious reasons!

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