Is Ted Nugent considering a run for the White House?

[In Case You Haven’t Heard Yet…]

The “outdoorsman,” and Michigan native, is known for his guitar licks and long locks, but a recent photo posted to his wife Shemane Nugent’s Instagram account shows The Nuge with a short, conservative haircut. and no ponytail.

In a Washington Post interview, The Motor City Madman hinted at presidential ambitions.

Hi, I’m Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I’m running for president.” Nugent takes a sip of water, having delivered his potential slogan. “Yeah, I’m thinking about it.”

The Detroit rocker is known for his political statements and during the 2012 presidential campaign, Nugent got into hot water for ominous comments related to the eventual re-election of president Obama.

The 64-year old Nugent still maintains a part-time residence in Jackson County. He considered running for governor of Michigan in 2006 and 2010.

Would you vote for Ted Nugent for president?

Yes No O Fuck No O Never in a Million Years O Not if Sarah Palin’s life depended on it


22 thoughts on “Is Ted Nugent considering a run for the White House?

      • In the public light, it would be the nuts and sluts show. I feel sorry for his children, they didn’t exactly win the dad of the year lotto! If he didn’t have a certain trailer trash fan club, the ex-wives would probably be buried in his compound? With all the alimony and child support, he probably hasto whore himself out to any disreputable organization that will pay him? One more ex-wife and he will probably qualify for food stamps! He could probably get social security for organic brain damage? Not to mention OCD, impulse control issues, and being a danger to himself and others. But then he would lose his guns! Oh please, children, file for ‘guardianship of the person’ and put him in the locked psych ward of the state hospital! He would be in good company there and they would give him lots of ‘happy meds’ to deal with his anger management issues and on a bed alarm so he doesn’t crawl into bed with everyone!

      • Worry not, folks, that guy literally couldn’t get elected ‘dog catcher’! The closest he’d get to working in DC would be on the back of a rubbish truck…or spokesmen for the NRA, which is even lower than the rubbish slinging job. And with his personality, the union men on the rubbish truck would probably refuse to work with him? They have higher standards than working with that shit-head!

  1. What an absolutely horrifying thought! But there is no way in hell he would get elected. He’s even more wacko than most of the wackos.

  2. Melody-you say the craziest funniest things! I like the bed alarm… Would I vote for Ted? No oh no oh never in a million years no oh

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