Omaha man fatally wounded in weekend hunting accident

[One can hardly keep up with all the carnage.]

By Susan Szalewski / World-Herald staff writer

A 48-year-old Omaha man was fatally wounded in a weekend hunting accident, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The agency didn’t release the man’s name Monday.

The incident happened Sunday on the Omaha Indian Reservation in northeast Nebraska, near Macy. The man was among five hunters taking part in an early deer hunting season when he was shot in the buttocks with a rifle, said Jerry Kane, a spokesman for Game and Parks.

The victim was taken to the hospital in Winnebago, where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities ordered an autopsy.

The Game and Parks Commission, Nebraska State Patrol, Omaha Tribe officers and the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office were investigating the shooting death.

[To prevent this type of accident in the future, hunters may want to forgo the camo pants and wear blaze orange down there instead.]

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

5 thoughts on “Omaha man fatally wounded in weekend hunting accident

  1. Sucks to be him! Karma is a bitch. I bet the cops think it was ‘friendly fire’ to order an autopsy? For sure the deer didn’t do it!

  2. People aren’t usually fatally wounded when they’re shot in the butt…. Oh, it was a hunter, you say? Well, that explains it. He had his head up his ass.

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