So Much for the “Respect” and “Tolerance” the DNR Says Exists for Wolves in Wisconsin

Although I don’t recommend trolling the depths of depravity by visiting these wolf-killer’s sites or FB pages unless you’re addicted to conflict and don’t mind outnumbered by hateful people you love to hate, some of the statements made by the wolf-haters in this post can give you an idea of what kind of evil the wolves are seeing out there.

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


The Wisconsin wolf slaughter is up to 95 today. Over at the hate filled “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page they are celebrating, spreading the hate, and cheering on more wolf poaching. In fact they decided to make it personal today when they posted this about the wolf advocates that had the nerve to report a possible wolf poaching last year:

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting

2 hours ago

Another photo shot for the Jamie Vee fan club from yesterday. Just a little shout out to Alice, Melissa and Cathy from the fine fans of the WWH fan page. We will turning that story over to a few bloggers and they will be running a story about all of this after the season is done with. Yeah we know what you three attempted to do with harassing people last year and this year . The majority hard core anti wolf hunters are nothing…

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1 thought on “So Much for the “Respect” and “Tolerance” the DNR Says Exists for Wolves in Wisconsin

  1. It’s sad times for our friends the wolves!
    We don’t deserve these beautiful beings
    America’s gun culture has no respect
    It’s a depraved lot
    I think the wolves won’t make it after reading these stats
    Pres Obama and Sec Jewell think it is a “win for wolves” !
    That’s some real crazy thinking !
    It’s a terrible loss for our environment and our souls … Where’s the reverence?
    And the persecution is simply mind numbing .. A crime against nature and a species
    WHY ?

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