110 Wolves Have Been Killed After Day 8 Of Hunting Season



The Department of Natural Resources says that as of Wednesday morning, 110 wolves have been killed in the wolf hunting and trapping season.

The season just started last week. Last year, 117 wolves were killed during the entire two month season. DNR official Tom Hauge says the faster pace of this year’s harvest remains a bit of a mystery.

“We really don’t have any good ideas as to why that is,” says Hauge. “But the trappers are out in large numbers this year and are having some good success.”

Most of the 110 wolves killed this year, were first caught in traps. Two people concerned about the possibility of using dogs to hunt wolves testified before the DNR Board today. Dogs are banned from the wolf hunt until December 2.

A wolf-hunting zone in far northeastern Wisconsin closed earlier this afternoon.

40 thoughts on “110 Wolves Have Been Killed After Day 8 Of Hunting Season

    • this is an outrage, there r not enough to go thru the season they will all b gone the gov’t of this state needs to put a stop to this instantly! he was wrong to even allow them to sell so may licenses! even if some miraculously manage to survive this slaughter, they will not b able to survive for long! not enough wisdom will b left for them, the young do not know what they r doing , this is heart wrenching in its depravity and insanity!! 😥

      • When the law is so wrong-minded and totally insane as the people who wrote it then it must be looked as a crime against nature and Earth Mother! They have managed to make these laws so that it would take too much time to change them than wolves have left on Earth. We must have a call to action across the board to rescue the wolves. You all know that I called for this in the Spring when it would have been unexpected and easier! But now we must all do what we do best, be it loading wolves on an old school bus and taking them to a few different places where they will be safe, trying to keep families together, or be the brave ones out in the woods, rescuing. Flying drones to check known traplines and probably the most dangerous job, keeping eyes on known den sites. We band of wolf and animal lovers must save the next generation! You know who you are and what you are able to do.
        As much as we want to see wolves free, the litical climate won’t allow for it, they illegally voted themselves the basically unlimited right to kill wolves. If this is jacking with the feds, obviously, the feds do not care! I guess they are afraid of the wolf killers. Given the profile of the young social rejects, budding sociopaths in wolf hater/racist groups, I can see their concern. The administration sees wolves as a non-issue! So we must do the correct thing. The wolf-haters are after the females ( gee, no surprise there). We must try to rescue the breeding pairs but that means the whole pack at this point. Very experienced people, should do this. Others can organize, drive, volunteer at sanctuaries, get trained, make local connections. Fortunatly, most idiots can’t tell a wolf from a mixed breed sled dog. Here’s a tip, travel with a dog sled and sledding gear. Wolves will eat the harnesses off overnight, just collar them. If they have a research colar on them, strap it to a bus frame that moves about the speed of a wolf. The ones that take the elderly to the doctor work good. 🙂 The collars help wolf-haters to find the pregnant females. If you are going to rescue trapped wolves, read the EF! Booklet and remember, the wolf-haters are more dangerous than wolves! Never forget to look for cameras on trees and listen for unfriendly drones. Chewing gum disables the cameras. A fishing net will catch a drone, without damaging it, just in case it is state property. bubble bum will disable it. !
        My tablet is acting up. Sorry, it is cheap junk! Be very careful not to break any laws if you don’t have to! How you deal with protecting yourself from psychopaths is your business. I don’t want to know! I just hope nobody gets killed, although I have heard the wolf haters have no problem killing us over ‘fur’. I pray they all fall through thin ice and die cold alone and frightened, like the animals that they kill!
        I just found out that 4 dogs were killed in coyote traps just in my neighborhood alone, one poor man had to shoot his own dog because of some asshole trapper in residential areas! I am so sickened by all of this wretched business, I will drive anything or anybody that will help. It’s all I can do, as I am handicapped and my rescue is full but I still have a licence to drive anything. I don’t have my own rig. Come on sled dog people, you have the rigs, step up, these are the ancestors of your dogs! They are the ancestors of all dogs!

      • Melody, you’ve put your finger on the fundamental problem: “The administration (as well as the mainstream media and much of self-absorbed, self-satisfied America) sees wolves as a non-issue.” So, the question becomes: how does a small but determined nucleus of people transform a non-issue into an issue? Maybe there are some historical precedents that might be instructive. Like when the Jews wanted an independent homeland in Palestine free from British rule, they started blowing-up facilities belonging to the British; and when the Palestinian Arabs wished for recognition of their sufferings, they started hijacking airliners. When Algerians wanted freedom from French colonialists, they started a vicious civil war that ultimately obtained just that. When non-white South Africans sought freedom from apartheid’s repressions, they started exploding bombs in white suburbs, When Black Americans in the 60s got tired of being victims of random KKK attacks and police brutality, they banded together, armed themselves, started talking about “by any means necessary” and, magically, it stopped. When about a third of white Americans living in the late 18th Century started feeling “oppressed” by their English progenitors, they got together, armed themselves and, low-and-behold, there was the American Revolution. If history teaches us anything it is that violence can be a potent tool and that yesterday’s “terrorist” frequently becomes today’s “father of the nation.”

        So, how DOES one attract public attention to a cause that is treated as a “non-issue” by the establishment and a majority of one’s compatriots? How does one get journalists, politicians, and the general public talking and thinking about an issue of importance to only a small minority of citizens? Gee, I don’t know. But here is what will definitely not work: contributing hard-earned money to “reputable”, already well-endowed, but ultimately-impotent organizations that simply cannot deliver; or playing by the rules written by and for the very institutions and miscreants that create and benefit from the injustices and wrongs that we are intent on righting.

  1. I wonder if more are being caught this year because their packs were disrupted, their ability to survive degraded and less experienced wolves succumb. The heartless bastards that do this for fun, how do they sleep. the legislators that allow this need to be ousted.

      • File an emergency hearing complete with all graphic photos and fb wolf-hater quotes. Call Defender’s or CELDF and borrow a lawyer and get a second local lawyer. Also, the Humane Society and anyone else that will help. Even some local hunters who have commented publically and are repulsed by having to share the woods with psychos! There are poor folks that have to hunt rodents, especially the elderly on a fixed income way below the poverty level. They are responsible, law abiding, usually war vets and the last thing they want to do is have to kill a living creature but they must look into the hungry-eyes of a family member, maybe their loyal best friend and off they go with flashlight and gun to kill a raccoon or woodchuck. I think we need to take care of our proud vets and seventy or eighty year old guys shouldn’t be stumbling around in the woods at night to feed their wife and dog! Those guy’s respect the law and have dicipline from their military training and if they are afraid of being in the woods with the wolf-hater/murders, I don’t blame them. They are sympathic witnesses, exactly what you need to testify to get results. I don’t know the laws there, so I will only go this far, just to advise an emergency hearing to stop the wolf hunt for the rest of this season. No one eats wolves, make that clear to the judge. Killing them is a hate crime, torturing them is terrorizing and animal abuse. Not using hunted meat is wanton waste, which is illegal. Oh, plus add any signatures against hunting wolves signed by residents. I wish I was there to help and testify!

  2. There are numerous reports coming from people INSIDE the DNR that anti-wolf employees are giving members of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and other wolf haters GPS coordinates of den, rendezvous sites, and known pack areas. Plus the bear hounders have been staking out wolf dens and pack areas for months if not years. On top of that they have also been baiting known wolf sites since bear hound “training” season started on July 1st.

      • It is completely legal. In fact everything short of artillery is legal. They can “legally” bait wolves one week before the kill season starts but most just leave their bear baits out that they started in July. Wisconsin allows traps, bait, dogs, electronic calls and killing by every way with no restrictions. While the rest if the country has been focusing on the sadists in the West Wisconsin has become the blood sport capital of the country. It is beyond comprehension how horrific it is for wildlife in this state.

  3. These sick bastards hate wolves with a passion and are doing everything they can to kill as many as they legally can. Its psychotic

  4. IMMORAL !
    and heads need to roll re these policies …This is beyond comprehension!
    where is Sec Jewell? where is anyone?…(maybe put them in the dens and see how it feels !)
    send them pix of the carnage..she called this a “win for wolves” re their recovery they they could now be killed ….What a jewel!!! that has no luster and no value as a sec of interior!
    Fire Her!
    It is so disturbing to know these people have the right to kill our spirit guide and iconic American Wolf with abandon and cruelty.

    • Native Americans can sue the state to stop this season’s wolf hunt because it has turned into hate crimes with wolves as a substitute for the local tribal members. The same wolf-haters are also “Indian-haters”. Many in the pro-wolf community are aware of this and have saved print-outs of wolf-haters calling Natives “timber-niggers”. By killing our spiritual and lifeway teacher, our guardian wolf, they are committing a hate crime and if they cross state lines to do it, then is a federal case of hate crime. If they torture the wolf in place of a Native person then it is terrorizing, just like burning a cross on a Black person’s lawn… except this is a live creature, not harming any human! A sacred guardian, a teacher and spirit guide! A good start is to have an educational potluck supper on every rez, to be followed by voting wolves personhood due to their status and extreme need to survive. Get some local Native musicians to play after the vote so people will stay. Personhood forever would stop the rez wolf hunting only, but it is a start! Make sure there is prison time as a penalty. Wish I could be there to help! Oh make sure the other clans creatures are next on the list but the wolves are an emergency right now!

      • Do the tribes in Wisconsin know this protocol?
        It seems hard to believe that the white man can now come in and kill the Native American’s spirit guide and icon…Didn’t the politics already go down about 150 years ago?
        What gives on this issue? BIA is under Interior dept ..Native American should be raising a ruckus and getting these killers to stop! .It’s like killing all the buffalo again so we could settle the land…What’s the problem now “boys” ? What else do they need?

      • Sorry Rebecca, I do not know what the tribes know about protocal. But that’s what lawyers are for.:-) They are being fracked to death and are taking those issues to court.

      • So sorry you have to hear that, knowing what it is! A retired lawman told me the subhumans doing this are too unstable to go into the military, 4-F’s if you know what I mean. Where I live, they are slaughtering coyotes. I here the same gunshots. It makes me sick.

  5. Geoff, good points! But every time someone figures out a new way to start a revolution, if it works or just frightens the powers that be, they write laws to counteract it with loss of freedoms. Elites are elites.
    Now how to change things. Communication, cooperation on the animal rights end of this. We are splintered. We need to form a coheasive group. Models for this are in a constant state of flux as in a chess game or, say…thermonuclear war. I’m as tired of the whine and cry would be revolutionaries, too! Hang off an interstate bridge with a bucket of paint that won’t come off like they use to paint the stripes on the highway. You would be surprised what you can get at government auctions…. use a cheap bucket and big square sponge and paint your message in big, block letters. I used to do this to stop nuke plants. Practice so you are fast and accurate. The news will cover it as vandelism but if that’s what it takes to get your message out, well, that’s ok! The words get covered and people start asking questions! Of course the organizations have to disclaim the vandelism but it is a chance to be heard! Buy some of Ralph Nader’s books and read them. I will write more later, company just arrived. Thanks for caring!

  6. Our anger and frustration is so evident. Remember, too, that these killers aren’t just wolf and predator haters. They despise activists with a true passion, thus some of the tortured wildlife photos accompanied by comments and threats directed at us. If you can, try to find/friend PETER SOUZA on facebook. He has been trying to rally activist troops to engage in a campaign to garner media attention on the wildlife abuse that is LEGALLY PERMITTED. Maybe it would be a good way for us to join forces … ?? There are many suggestions, contacts and myriad photos in the “arsenal”

      • Jim, they pay good money to lobbiests to make sure their pet congressmen, those gravey stained porkers to whom it is all a game and all they care about is how they look on tv while they have their photo op killing some frightened animal? They will never get it, that’s the problem! I mean Mitt Romney could never be made to understand that tying a veri-kennel to the roof of the family station wagon with their dog inside for 12 hours is wrong! They just give you that 500 mile stare and say something retarded like “…but he likes it”. And you know that how, Dr. Doolittle? This is why our laws regarding animal rights pretty much equal those of slavery, back when America was still in it’s colonial period. You are right about getting out to vote , the answer is to make a big list who voted to delist wolves should be delisted from their job by the public on election day!

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