‘Wolf’ shot by Lolo resident was a dog hybrid

Wolf-dog hybrid shot

2013-10-24 missoulian.com

3 hours ago  •  By Rob Chaney

LOLO – What appeared to be a white wolf threatening a Lolo resident’s horses on Sunday was really something else.

“It turned out to be a wolf-dog hybrid,” Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wolf biologist Liz Bradley said on Wednesday. “It looked very wolfy, but it was neutered.”

The landowner shot and killed the dog after seeing it eyeing his horses Sunday morning. Bradley said she also got reports from a resident in Florence of a similar animal chasing her house cat up a tree.

“It’s a concern if somebody is releasing hybrids in the area,” she said. “Sometimes they can be more troublesome than wolves. They come a lot closer to people and can be dangerous.”

Bradley said she hadn’t had any other wolf incidents reported near homes in the Missoula or Bitterroot valleys this fall.

However, hunters have killed 12 wolves in FWP Region 2 since the 2013 season started on Sept. 15. The kills have been in the Bitterroot, lower Clark Fork River drainage and in the Blackfoot River drainage.

Statewide, hunters have taken 36 wolves this season. That number should grow rapidly when general big-game season opens Saturday.

In past seasons, most wolves have been shot by deer and elk hunters who encounter them by chance. Wolf hunting in Montana requires a $19, over-the-counter license.

FWP updates wolf hunting results online daily at fwp.mt.gov/hunting/planahunt/huntingGuides/wolf.


[I don’t normally peruse the comments section in newspaper articles like this (my stomach is queasy enough already lately). This kind of comment is the reason why]:

onetwopunch – 4 hours ago As a hunter and an anti wolf advocate [hmm, he comes right out and admits it] I am pleased to see that even the hybrids are being shot here. I don’t own a ranch but my elk [what makes them “his” elk?] are suffering and it makes it really hard for us hunters to sell out of state hunters Montana elk when the dang wolfs [by “wolfs,” I assume he means “wolves”] are eating them up!! outfitting is one of the most important industries in Montana and we don’t need stupid wolfs killing off our children and our elk. Get with it Missoula and join us in eradicating these vermin! At $2000.00 per elf [by “elf;” I assume he meant “elk”;)] we cannot afford to lose any to predators.

41 thoughts on “‘Wolf’ shot by Lolo resident was a dog hybrid

    • Absolutely! It’s scary to live in Montana and own a dog. Not sure if it is still this way but a few years back if your dog wanders off of your property and ends up on the neighbors property, that neighbor has the legal right to shoot your dog. Wow!

  1. According to the Missoula County Ordinances, any landowner can legally kill any animal if s/he “believes” (yes!) that the animal poses a threat to his/her “livestock.” This means that Mr. Sculless will not be prosecuted… same outcome would have occurred if this incident had involved a wolf, a cat, or a squirrel. That is the sad state of Montana.

  2. Big bad wolf hysteria in evidence here and the wolf jihad hunting seasons in the wolf massacre states. I have been thinking humans are not so evolved. Our forbears brought lies, myths and folklore with them from the old worlds about wolves, werewolves, vampires, ghosts. Most people still believe in such nonsense. Look at what is on TV and the movies: Vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghost stories. I think that the most primitive of us humans have coalesced on the far right. Ever try to talk to one, if you have you know about talking to irrational belief systems, folklore, lies and myths, whether you are talking about politics, Obamacare, or wolves.

  3. Elf could be his children…lol.He must be as strange as he talks.All those “wolfs”eating his children…why does’nt he move where there are no “wolfs”?

  4. Good God. I had better repent. God could punish me by making this country bumpkin my next door neighbor in the next life

  5. “Outfitting is one of the most important industries…” I’m guessing, money-wise, it pales in comparison to money spent by non-consumptive users. Like the people that pay to see a wolf ALIVE.

    • Agreed! I would Love to spend an hour watching Wolves live the Life they were given. But not 5 minutes with the moron who wrote that comment.
      However, I must have missed the ‘Wolves Massacre Children’ headline. This guy does not play with all his marbles, and we give HIM and people like him GUNS?
      I would gladly shoot this guy if it saved even one Wolf (or Elk) from his ignorance.
      Just shows how absolutely stupid some people can be.
      I recommend he enroll himself in the nearest GED Course.

  6. The fact that there are ignorant, hateful, misinformed yahoos like this who reside in these states clearly demonstrates that the states are entirely incapable of “managing” wolves.

  7. What a narrow-minded idiot! Jesus Henry Christ on Rubber Crutches! What is it with these people?!

    This guy shouldn’t be allowed to even take up space on this planet. It’s a pity we cannot neuter these assholes in order to prevent them from producing more narrow-minded wolf hating idiots!

    Jim, you gave us a window into these soulless wolf-haters and I have to be honest I feel sick to my stomach.

  8. Regarding the quoted comment, we should remember that the way these people are raised gives them their perspective. Why else would so many believe that marriage is a sacred bond between brother and sister, and if you don’t have a sibling, at least marry a first-cousin? That way, the family genetics are enhanced and inter-mingling is avoided, as we can clearly discern from the pithy comment.

    You might think he is wrong economically, speaking, but I’m sure this report will bolster his argument that hunting & outfitting is a leading economic activity: https://www.chase.com/online/commercial-bank/document/Montana.pdf

    I can’t show the exact numbers Hunting & Trapping (NAICS 114210) contribute because the gubmint obscures the data and highlights itself as a major economic contributor, just more proof that H&T is the big gun in Montana and that woofs are eating all the elfs!!!!!!!! (Please note added emphasis.)

    Save the Elfs! Petition Santa to bring them back to Montana! (www.MontanaElfFoundation.org and http://www.AntiSanta,com)

    Shoot a Prius–Save an Elf.

  9. Two of my favorite quotes, apropos for this blog:

    “We still do not realize that today we can enjoy the wilderness without fear, still do not appreciate the part that predators play in the balanced ecology of any natural community. We seem to prefer herds of semi-domesticated deer and elk and moose, swarms of small game with their natural alertness gone. It is as though we were interested in conserving only a meat supply and nothing of the semblance of the wild.”

    – Sigurd F. Olson

    “What galls me is how people consider human predation to be a sport and animal predation to be a nuisance that gets in the way of their sport.”

    In “On Behalf of the Wolf and the First Peoples,” by Joseph Marshall III, 1995

  10. Reblogged this on The Wisdom Tube and commented:
    Sick bastard…shot an innocent animal (wolf-dog) for “eyeing” a horse and a cat – cuz dogs don’t do that! Just another vicious example of the self-righteous belief of idiots like him that we humans are the superior beings and that it IS our decision as to how many animals (and which ones) are allowed to live on OUR planet. Someone please shoot him in his fat ass so he can know what it feels like…

  11. So sad indeed. What’s up with that country of yours? Seems every man or woman has either a small firearm or a shotgun standing by the door, for any and all occasions. In my country you need to be either a uniformed police officer or be licensed to even own a gun, let alone fire one. The wolf dog on the photo above could have met with a better fate. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone with my comment. Sweden isn’t paradise on earth either.

    • No, I’m sure it isn’t; humans do something to kill or exploit animals on every corner of the globe. And how could every 12 or 14 year old school child who wanted to be able to go out and gun down their teacher if there wasn’t a gun in every house?

      • True. It’s a global issue mankind has created and bltantly refuses to take responsibility for. Personally, I hate guns and all the reasons why they were ever created in the first place.

  12. Oh! I thought Mom told me, “Don’t make fun of installed retreads.” We were in the car, and I made a comment about a Dodge PowerWagon we were passing that had bald tires and a hairless redneck driving. I guess we had different contexts.

    Sorry Mom.

    I still think we should shoot Priuses to save the Elfs. There are Priuses everywhere, but you can’t find a single Elf. Those damned hybrids woofed them all down.

  13. Looks like that fat a** is eating his share of food..
    These action are mind sets and if you have a low IQ like this idiot most likely has- change will probably never come.

    The shoot shovel and shut up is what lowlife hunter/ trappers live by in their shallow world..

    • Some states don’t allow wolf hybrids. They aren’t bred to create killer dogs, and they’re not usually the result of being allowed to freely interbreed. Wolf hybrids are often the result of someone’s misguided idea of a pet. Not that I believe the animal in this article had was planning to single-handedly attack a horse, but they can be more dangerous to wildlife or livestock than the average pet, because of their mixed up instincts.

  14. I show and breed “Wolf look alike” DOGS. and export to the states. These are first and foremost pets and behave like any domestic dog. Infact they are more laid back and placid than most breeds. I would be horrified to think that one may be shot on sight. Just terrible…Too trigger happy!

  15. i always wanted to visit montana as a child, as, through books i read, it appeared a beautiful place full of indiginous wildlife,Now i see it as a place full of morons,You call them rednecks dont you? i take this as meaning thick headed morons who wear combats all day long set traps and slither around with guns and bows all day long,and when they shoot an animal they get delariously ectatic as though its the only thrill worth living for ..so thank you i will not bother visiting that hellhole. shameful sub human culture.i bet they wear masks made out of the skins of the animals they shoot too.

  16. I travel to other countries who killed off the wolf population for the same reasons given here … Everyone I spoke to regrets that they supported killing them off because other animals with far more disease and trouble are now overpopulated the areas and cause more trouble … The solution is Education so everyone can live share to gather .. But with the ignorance and mind set of what I call killers with an excuse this may take too long and sadly our wolves yes I said it Our My Wolves will be gone

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