Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals

snl-106_4[If folks in New Mexico are this afraid of wolves, they must  really be paranoid of land sharks.]

Cages designed to protect children from  Mexican gray wolves at New Mexico’s bus stops have come under fire for demonizing the endangered animals, which have never attacked anyone in the  state.

Environmentalists argue the  wooden and mesh cages erected in the town of Reserve a decade ago are only furthering the misunderstanding of the animals, their behaviors and the dangers they pose [not to mention making the people of Reserve look really silly.]

But supporters of the cages – including residents and conservative anti-government organizations – insist that the animals, which were reintroduced to the area in 1998, pose a very real threat.

The  debate has resurfaced because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to  extend Endangered Species Act protections for around 75 wolves left in New  Mexico and Arizona.

The approximately 20 cages in Reserve were  installed on the orders of Reserve Independent Schools, Catron County Sheriff  Shawn Menge said.

The FWS is also seeking to make it illegal to  kill wolves in most situations and would greatly expand the area where wolves  can exist without interference, reported.

To many conservatives in the area, the  proposals are simply examples of meddling government officials who do not know  what it is like to live with wild wolves.

But Eva Sargent, director of Southwest  programs for Defenders of Wildlife, said that keeping the cages was politically  motivated, rather than based on safety concerns.

While there are some – albeit few – reports  of animals attacking livestock, they rarely attack humans. Even with the livestock, domestic dogs kill 20 times as many sheep as wolves do, data  shows.

‘There’s been absolutely zero, nada, zilch attacks on humans by wolves in the Southwest, so I think these cages are a reaction to a non-problem,’ Sargent told Fox.

‘For some people, it’s a political ploy to bring attention to other things. A lot of the fear stirred up by these kid cages, at the base of it, is an anti-government fear and the wolves are standing in for that.’

Yet, still residents in the West say the decision should be up to them, not Washington. ‘The wolf is symbolic of a larger fact,’ David Spady, the producer of an anti-wolf documentary told the LA Times. ‘The federal government is running roughshod over private property rights.

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28 thoughts on “Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals

  1. They are already so ridiculosly paranoid and there are only about a handful of Mexican wolves who live in the wild, the rest remain in captivity. They don’t stand a chance, do they? SMH

  2. “Even with the livestock, domestic dogs kill 20 times as many sheep as wolves do, data shows.” do you know if this is this just in New Mexico or nation-wide?

    • Hey Nancy, glad I read the comments because I was going to say the same thing!
      I don’t have data for it but I would guess that nation-wide, children are probably 99.999% more likely to be attacked by a child molester than any kind of normal wolf! And I am beginning to think wolves are probably a whole lot smarter than the political lackies in DC deciding wolve’s fates? Why? They avoid humans in the wild! And there is no known case in the lower 48 in 300 years of a child being killed by wolves. And the one case over 300 years ago was suspected to be false, a family trying to cover up something one of them did!
      And there is sure no case of wolves molesting people but unfortunately, there are real cases of people molesting wolves! And other animals as well, any vet can tell you that. There are a whole lot more sick humans out there. They belong in cages, not kids. The fate of the tiny Mexican Wolves will probably be cages in some government facility if they can even be brought in from the wild. I have suggested we take some old closed-up military bases and use them for wolf facilities because there are miles and miles of fencing. They adapt well to old buildings, seems they have taken over the old farms around Chernobyl. ‘Radioactive Wolves’ PBS, Nature. There has to be some way to save them from ignorant human hatred and I think, for the time being, very large areas with miles of chainlink fences might solve the problem for wolves and those who mean to harm them and want to not be forced to live with them. I think wolves would enjoy their own vintage military base as long as there are lots of rodents to eat and fresh water to drink and it might solve a huge problem for the government and make a great place to study wolves?

      • Hey Melody. Do you ever take your wolf rescues into the school, or have them come to your wolf sanctuary, I would love to see all the wolf santuary’s along with all the science teachers to educate the children since the library wants to keep them in the dark by eliminating the books !

    • Nancy, I would love to do that and maybe I will someday but I do this all by myself. So far, I have not been able to afford to do anything but just go to farmer’s markets and talk to people there, around town and on the blogs and facebook. I do that pretty much full-time. Inbetween caring for animals. My husband is a very private person and he is against going public with this rescue because we are up to our eyeballs full right now. He makes the rules because his retirement check is our only income. He helps when we go get heavy bags of dog food and he puts up the chainlink fences when I get donations of more fencing. But he is not like us. He grew up poor on a cow farm in NH and is a senior now. He just wants a quiet retirement. He has friends that hunt and trap and his mind on that issue dates to about the mid 1950s. He just isn’t going to ” get it “, I have stopped wasting time trying. He isn’t a wolf-hater nor does he hunt or fish and he is an avid organic gardener. If he killed animals, I couldn’t live with him! He puts up with a lot. But so do I because he is very crabby in his old age. So I don’t invite people into the house anymore. Friends are welcome to visit but no tours, just hang out by the wolf enclosures for a meet and greet the critters and a nice cup of tea or coffee. I don’t have the insurance to have the school bring kids. I have a wolfdog named Zoey who is trained to open coke bottles for me. And if you ask her what she thinks of Sarah Palin, she will snarl. 🙂 If someone wants me to bring a wolfdog and a dog and show differences and make an educational demonstration and answer questions, I might be able to do that but wolfdogs are shy so I have to think of their emotions. I am working on getting a Jeep on the road for the winter so it’s possible to do in person wolf advocacy. I’ve got a stunning arctic white wolf-malamute who is friendly and has yellow eyes. Also, I have a Mackenzie River wolf-malamute who is stunning silver gray with tan areas. Both are alpha males. Zoey, my therapy wolfdog is afraid of little kids from her puppyhood, where I rescued her from. She likes adult humans. Doesn’t trust kids. Mackenzie, thesilver-gray, loves everyone. The young girls are still excitable. They all will howl together. It’s fun to do a group howl! 🙂

  3. There is a reason the county seat, Reserve, is often called Reverse. They should indeed build shark cages too because sharks have attacked and killed just as many children in New Mexico as wolves have.

      • Yeah, we need Wolf Area 51 protection level. I really think large abandoned military bases would be good for all concerned and even provide some jobs in rural areas, which may help turn the educational tides? Once the locals get to actually know the wolves, help feed them and help when the vet comes, they would talk to their kids, kids will talk to their friends. The biologist in charge of the wolves could have educational field trip visits for the students to learn about nature and wolve’s place in it. Plus for a very small cost of an abandoned facility upgrade and some caretakers and biologist, the government won’t have the public relations nightmare they have now. It is all win-win for everybody, maybe even use base housing for the employees? This could turn the whole Mexican Wolf nightmare around? Save their lives and still allow them to live their lives as wolves in the wild but safely, as they were before European contact period! I would volunteer to work on getting a community of volunteers built around such a project. I have worked in Native American Community Development and getting land with facilities donated to a charity. Even if the government won’t be responsible, perhaps the local tribes would? Something has to change! We need a paradigm shift in thinking for wolves to survive the new manifest destiny tea party style

      • I used to live on the front range, I know what you mean, Jim. They are the grandchildren of people who went west to kill Indians, they keep breeding with eachother. I got a front row seat on bad behavior, I used to work as a musician in the Denver area back when I was young. Songwriters observe people, it’s how we get ideas to write about. I met nice people but they never stopped learning or listening and that is exactly the opposite of wolf-haters. Wolf-haters cross over quite easily to spouting racist slurs at Native Americans. Their playbook is the same as for wolves, they see both as the government’s pets and outlets for their anger management problems. I’ve been called a ‘half-breed prairie nigger’ there. I had to learn it was their problem! Living in Maine is so much better than on the front range! I feel sorry for those kids in the bus stop cages, their only chance in life is to get away to get a good education elsewhere and leave the craziness behind. The Mexican wolves don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell. Not in the wild anyway, they look too much like a coyote. They need fenced protection. As I have said all along, the fences are to keep the humans OUT!

  4. Wolf jihad: Wolf hate elements of society still continuing the scare tactics, hysteria, folklore, lies and myths associated with wolves. Our forefathers brought to this country all these folklore tales, wolf jihad mentality, hysteria, erroneous belied that they had to be exterminated. This nonsense continued through the decades and centuries to the present and through and with the state and federal wildlife agencies. Look at the mentality of the wolf massacre states (MT-ID-WI-WY) and the USFWS who side with hunters and ranchers and the reasons to kill wolves’ myths (ungulate decimation and stock predation) which are grossly exaggerated lies, myth, and folklore. Look at our entertainment fare: Werewolves, lycans, vampires, zombies, middle (dark) age’s demons and possessions. Man the toolmaker is advanced. Man the humane animal, the sentient animal coexisting with other sentient animals is still in a very primitive state.

    • Yes, Roger, society programs children to be afraid, they are not born that way! It is a form of the new racism. It isn’t PC to be biggoted against humans so now they pick on animals. The frightening ‘transference’ on the wolf-hater pages by angry misfits, blaming innocent wolves for everything and anything is turning them into stand-ins for ex-wives to the president! The politicians and fish cops won’t try to fix this because as long as there are wolves left to abuse and blame, the bullets are not flying at the politicians! I have no idea how many wolves the nuts have abused and murdered because they don’t like Obama or any federal policy but I fear it is way more than anyone would expect? We can’t fix that because there is no reasoning with wolf-haters, they are a whole new bag of nuts who function poorly, if at all, in society. Antisocial personality disorder comes to mind…with a side order of paranoia.

  5. Yes, town of Reserve, New Mexico you do look very silly indeed. How embarrassing! Nancy’s right, there’s more danger from bad people and since when are bus stops on private land?

  6. This is the most unbelievable thing I have ever heard! What is wrong with the people? This is really beyond ubsurd! Wolves are the victims here, and something drastic must be done to keep them safe! From humans!!

  7. Problem you have in Catron County is the hatred for wolves. Why can’t that attitude be changed , the head law enforcement manager for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service owns and operates a cattle ranch with federal grazing leases in Quemado. You think that he could change his relatives minds. He makes $150,000 federal salary, gets cheap grassing lands and has good federal medical insurance. Lets get him to do his job! Heck we as taxpayers are paying for it………

    • Good points! Might be a conflict of interest if he fails to do his job? Why do they spend millions raising these beautiful endangered wolves then toss them out in a place that wants them dead? The good decision-making skills are just not there. I’ll say it again…fences, military base grade, are the only thing that can save Mexican Wolves by fencing the crazies out!

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