Environmental Cops Bust Connecticut Man for Drunken Archery Hunting

[Newsflash: Booze and bowhunting don’t mix!]


Nov. 4, 2013 3:51pm Fred Lucas

A Connecticut deer hunter is facing a slew of charges after environmental officers busted him for allegedly drinking while hunting with a handgun and crossbow.

Officers with the State Environmental Conservation Police were checking an area in the Charter March Sanctuary where they had previously found a tree stand baited with apples and corn. Connecticut law prohibits baiting for deer because it’s considered poaching. This led police to Darin C. Hanna, 48, of Tolland, Conn., The Hartford Courant reported.

According to the newspaper, Hanna was archery hunting, carrying a crossbow and a loaded handgun. State law prohibits possessing a handgun when archery hunting, police said. Officers also said he didn’t have a permit.

Connecticut State Police assisted the conservation officers in the arrest, after which he was charged “with hunting deer over bait, possession of a firearm while archery hunting for deer, hunting under the influence, possession of a firearm while under the influence, and carrying a handgun without a permit,” the Courant reported.

Hanna was released on $10,000 bail. His court date is set for Nov. 14.


Could this news help explain why we’re seeing so many injured deer lately?…


5 thoughts on “Environmental Cops Bust Connecticut Man for Drunken Archery Hunting

  1. I think the reason we see so many injured deer is because the universe has yet to find out how to purge itself of this sadistic, bloodthirsty malignancy that infects it.

      • I agree but I’m also with those who agree our species is hitting a point where we are starting to split into two species, and the hunters will die off and we gatherers shall remain. How that happens, as enlightenment or some act on a Biblical scale, I do not know. The Earth can’t support us as we are now. Maybe there will be some plague in the meat that works faster than mad cow disease, like before they can breed? People, not cows, cows are sweet most of the time. It does hurt when they kick but they have a right to be afraid!
        They used to sterilize the dangerous nuts when I was a kid, or pith their brains with an ice pick, through the eye sockets, factory farm style in assembly lines! So they stopped sterilizing them but they are back to brain pithing experiments! I don’t know about you, but I would rather they go back to sterilizing the serial killers, mass murdering psychopaths and maybe a few rabid right wing-nut politicians, for sure the Wyoming Wolf-killing Klan… wait, not them, pith on them! 🙂

        Seriously, though, I am Abenaki on my mother’s side and there is a real stigma to mentioning sterilization in the Native community. It was done to women for no reason but ethnic cleansing. That can’t ever happen again! Not for being of a certain race or being from someplace else or poor or maybe you flunked math once… so did Albert Einstein and he turned out ok!
        But I am going to mention those Russian Fox Farm behavior experiments again, from the 1950s. It took three generations of breeding non-aggressive foxes to get a gentle fox who had never before seen coat colors, like a dog or cat and could be a playful house-pet! In the sixties we were all trying really hard to understand love for each other, creatures, the whole plant and even outer-space, traveling to explore the moon! Then, 1980… oops, Ronnie Rayguns gets elected. He let’s the nuts out of the funny farms with them promising to take their anti-psychotic meds on time. How much money di d that save? So then he decides pot is ruining our youth, starts a war on drugs only managing to lock up so many people that we needed more prisons.All this time, the psychos, who didn’t take their meds created a homelessness problem, bred with drunks and addicts for the past few generations, on or off their meds. Oh and for the final blow, he screwed trade unions and the future of middle class America, but greed is good, isn’t it? FF 2013. I’m waiting on a turbo-charged paradigm shift back to the future of wanting happiness that money can’t buy. But before we can all be those loveable fox kits in the 1950s we have to stop the mean genes from destroying all life on our planet like the bloodbath ending wolf recovery. Somebody might tie Dan Ashe to a tree on the Rez and explain to him that wolves don’t recover from assault rifle wounds, they die, and the species dies. It’s sad but it is the only way that he would listen is to have the elders teach him. He doesn’t know it know, but that would be a great honor to have that lesson from the Elders and then let him go when he understood why there is no other path that doesn’t degrade the whole planet and humans with it. I have to say this… that turbo phase might be a rough ride on spaceship Earth…?

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