Bad advice: “Homework is for kids who don’t hunt”

A Montana state legislator who’s also an outfitter sponsored a bill in 2013 to lower the hunting age to nine (it’s currently 12),…

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“Homework is for kids who don’t hunt.” This proclamation, delivered on a Realtree brand boys’ T-shirt, appeared recently in a Shopko sales flier. I looked twice to make sure I read it correctly, so shocking was the message to this former teacher. Flashback to rural New Mexico and a boy in my 9th grade English class. He was a nice kid–congenial, polite–if not a committed student. His greatest enthusiasm during the school year manifested itself immediately before his week-long absence every autumn to go hunting. Attend class? Do homework? Make up missed assignments? Pff. That shirt would have fit him to a ‘T’.  

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9 thoughts on “Bad advice: “Homework is for kids who don’t hunt”

  1. Hunting promoters will say that fewer kids hunt because they have too many other options. Never mentioned is the fact that we know more about animal sentience than at any previous time–and that lots of kids are repelled by hurting and killing other thinking, feeling beings.

  2. Apparently this is true. When hunters post on facebook, the spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is so abysmal that the message is reduced to complete gibberish (or, considering what message they’re trying to impart, perhaps I should say ELEVATED to complete gibberish).

  3. JFC, they must be inspired by all those horrific stories of kids picking up guns and accidentally shooting others or themselves. There is never a limit for these monsters!

  4. Meanwhile the kid who did do homework is now contributing to society helping scientists discover new facets of our universe, world and its history, defending and prosecuting in a court of law, improving technology and writing creative works.

  5. As if further evidence of their lack of intellect is needed, they proudly admit on the t-shirt that children hunters don’t “waste their time” studying because they’re busy murdering innocent animals…..It’s hard to believe they’re totally unaware of their admission of stupidity:) Yes, children with morals, ethics, & intelligence, & a soul, spend their time learning how to be a positive & productive human being that respects all life & want to help others, including animals, live their lives free from abuse, oppression, & enslavement.

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