Hunter kills companion dog: “I thought it was a wolf”

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Kathleen Stachowski  Other Nations

It wasn’t hard to see this tragedy coming. Really, it was just a matter of time–not if it would happen, but when.

A Missoula, Montana man went skiing on Sunday, Nov. 17th with his three canine companions– malamutes all–and returned home with only two living dogs. The third, a 2-year-old named Little Dave, was shot multiple times by a camo-clad hunter who thought he was killing a wolf.

The story–as reported by the media and expounded upon by county and state officials–can be read in twothree four recent, local articles: “Missoula man says wolf hunter shot, killed pet malamute,” “Sheriff’s office: Shooting of dog near Lolo Pass wasn’t criminal,” and (two updates since posting) “Dog shooting reveals legal gray area for hunting, recreation,” and “Authorities spoke with hunter who killed dog, say he won’t be…

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5 thoughts on “Hunter kills companion dog: “I thought it was a wolf”

  1. Shooting the dog was likely criminal in a civil sense of negligence, shooting a dog with a collar and light evidently not making sure of what he was shooting, but no criminal investigation will ensue because of a lack of witnesses and maybe the shooter (since he walked away). The Sheriff’s office passed the buck to FWP. FWP passed the buck to the Sheriff. If the shooter cannot tell the difference between a Malamute and a wolf, he should turn in his rifle and go back to his Lazy Boy chair. If he was shooting a canine with a human nearby, was there endangerment and stupidity? There seems to be several ethical hunting violations which would contribute to a civil case argument. In any case there is another Elmer Fudd Nimrod out there, so watch out for yourselves and your pets folks. It is amazing what the hunter and trapper can get away with in states like MT-WY-ID-WI! So few are taking priority over so many in the use of public lands. I know I do not feel safe with my dog on public land where there are Nimrods looking for something to shoot and trappers looking for something to trap. Maybe, like divers and divers’ flags on the water to warn that a diver is beneath could apply to flags warning of hunters in the woods, or traps ahead. Maybe FWP should have hunters pass a picture book test identifying game.

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