Hateful A-holes Kill Wolves in Mine Shaft

Thanks to William for this information:

Two wolves were killed in Granite County, Montana. The older male was wounded and tracked down for over a mile, at the end of which he had desperately sought escape in a mine shaft. The husband who killed a puppy, videoed his wife LeRee (both of Royal Tine Outfitters) and himself crawling in, killing, and dragging out the older packmate’s body.

Here’s how the killers describe the incident on “Hunting Washington Forum:”

Got a couple wolfs off a kill last week.  Mine was a 60 pound male pup and my wifes was a 90 pound male.  Had to get hers out of a mine shaft….

And here are a sampling of the comments they received:

–great job!!!!

You followed a wounded wolf into a mineshaft…

That’s a whole ‘nother level of crazy than I’m used to seeing on here.  Way to get it done, though  :tup:

You wanna adopt me for a week or so ? I want to kill a wolf more than anything I’ve ever shot.  Good job by the way……

If it ain’t dead, shoot it again at a 1000 yards !!                                               

–Kudos to you and your wife sir! 

–That there is SWEET!


23 thoughts on “Hateful A-holes Kill Wolves in Mine Shaft

  1. Sadly, this is a reality we face. While a reasonable argument for hunting for food can be made, I don’t see any reasonable, logical, or scientific based argument for this type of behavior. What’s amazing – sadly and almost terrifyingly amazing – is that we are considered to be the most intelligent of animal species. While other animals have been sighted displaying aggressive and lethal behaviors, none are as vulgar and repulsive as those displayed and sadly celebrated by man. It’s disheartening to see that we are smart enough to hunt – smart enough to find ways to kill – intelligent enough to create technology to advertise successful kills – yet many of our own mankind lack the very emotional and intellectual keys that we claim make us “better than animals”. I can only hope that our children and children’s children thereon, learn the importance of emotional IQ that does in fact separate us so that we rise above this behavior and improve ourselves, our communities, and our world. Note: I firmly believe in a Karma (fate, whatever anyone would like to call it). What goes around, comes around. May karma stake claim to these folks and show them the “mercy” they showed these animals.

    • With all due respect, you have to realize that these psychopaths are breeding! They have children and teach those children to murder innocent animals. The only hope for the survival of non-human inhabitants is a plague that wipes out all of mankind.

      • Their ignorance and cruelty is beyond comprehension .. How sad they are terrorizing our beautiful intelligent apex predators that are just living and doing their job on our earth … How dare they celebrate their stupidity and publicize their acts of sadistic behavior !
        Such fools are allowed do commit this crime against nature in America in 2013 when we already know better shows we are truly headed in the wrong direction .. One by one we kill the ecosystem … They were not taught properly the ethics and morals of the environment … We are failing the future.

    • We need to raise non-human animals up from the lowly status of “property” or “pest” and change the laws to start to acknowledge them for what they are: fellow travelers on this planet with their own unassailable rights to live their lives as nature intended.

      • I agree! But what is the best way to accomplish this? I’m part of the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected coalition, which fought to keep a wolf hunt out of Michigan and now–after our successful petition drive was run around by wolf haters in the legislature–are fighting to make this year’s hunt the last wolf hunt in Mi. I write letters to the editor, I talk to family, friends, etc and practice what I preach (live as cruelty free as I can). But is there something more effective? (I lay awake in bed last night thinking of this story–and how terrified that poor wolf in the mine shaft must’ve been. What the *f* is wrong with some people? How can they have so little empathy? Pardon the French …)

      • I didn’t hear any French. At least nothing to apologize over, considering the subject matter and the ultimate question you were asking: What the fuck is wrong with some people?! No conscience, empathy or compassion; low self esteem, selfishness, self-centered. Let’s see, what else is on the psychopathy checklist…

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