It’s All the Same To the Victim

Lately we’ve been hearing from a lot of holier-than-thou types quick to make a distinction between sport and subsistence hunters. Truth is, there’s not all that much difference between the two. Sport hunters and pseudo-subsistence hunters are often such close kin they’re practically kissin’ cousins. I know a lot of hunters, but I’ve never met one who didn’t boast about “using the meat.” By the same token, I’ve never met anyone who openly admitted to being just a sport hunter.

There are a lot of needy poor folk out there these day, including myself, but I don’t know anyone who really needs to kill animals to survive. Like sport hunters, subsistence hunters do what they do because they want to, they enjoy the “lifestyle.” If one thing differentiates the two, it’s that meat hunters have an even stronger sense of entitlement.

But, everyone has a right to feed themselves and their family, don’t they? Well, does everyone—all 7 billion humans and counting—have the right to subsist off the backs of other animals when there are more humane and sustainable ways to feed ourselves? How many self-proclaimed “subsistence” hunters are willing to give up all their modern conveniences—their warm house, their car, their cable TV or their ever-present and attendant “reality” film crew—and live completely off the land like a Neanderthal? Not many I’m sure—at least not indefinitely.

It’s unclear what makes some folks believe they have the right to exploit wildlife as an easy source of protein, but animal flesh is by no means the safest or healthiest way for humans to get it. While a steady diet of decaying meat slowly rots your system, millions of vibrant people have found a satisfying and healthy way to eat that doesn’t involve preying on others.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

14 thoughts on “It’s All the Same To the Victim

  1. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t write this post hoping to start a debate about the hunting. Anyone thinking of commenting to defend hunting in any way will find their comments shit-canned. This is an ant-hunting blog and in fairness to everyone else who has had their comments deleted before they reached the light of day, I’ll be sticking by the previously-specified guidelines.

  2. I’s strange how the always say that, but I’m broke to the point that I could only live by eating vegan, it’s the cheapest option, vs buying a gun, education couses, ammo, and all those shitty little camo accesories, scent blocks, and orange vests. Killing like that cost more money than buying some pasta, ripe tomatos, and fruit.

      • The hunters are out in force, even though it’s too dark here to see. They suck! I saw two Massachusetts big shiny new 4wd trucks parked on private property after dark! I have a theory about the three piece suit types who go out trophy hunting. I think their trophy rooms are full of ex-wives and mean bosses that just happen to look like Bambi to us? Kinda like delayed road-rage, except it is ‘woods rage’, the only place they can let it out and get away with it.
        The wolf killers are a special needs group all by themselves. Gotta wonder if they have a stuffed wolf in their trophy room named Obama? (Along with a couple of Malamutes from their ‘learning curve’? )That is NOT meant to be funny, I am dead serious. Wolf hunters are mentally deranged. You’d think if the President knew he would set off psychopathic rage and genocide on wolves called ‘government pets’ and much worse by the haters, maybe he would have thought better and vetoed the delisting of wolves? I’m sure someone sent him the fed up in wyoming moron’s photo, dressed like the KKK, with a flag and a dead wolf and armed to the teeth? Obama is not stupid, I am sure if he saw that he must be wondering how to put that Genie back in the bottle…or under ground, as the case may be? If he had any balls, he would stop all wolf and coyote hunting/trapping/snaring/hounding. Don’t hold your breath.
        I am so very sorry you are having a hard time! We all are. Poverty is crippling us in our quest to save animals! I will send you a check on the first for some books, e-mail me what you have available and the price plus shipping. We need vegan food pantries for when folks are having a hard time. But even if you go to a food pantry that gives you some chicken dogs, your dog can eat them. When I had to go before my garden came in, I asked for fresh fruit and veggies because I am celiac. They gave me stuff I could never afford to buy, like those cups of fresh fruit and a huge bowl of cut up watermelon, other melons, cantelope and blueberry and strawberry, too. Left over fruit party bowls. We enjoyed those for 2 weeks! It’s a blow to one’s pride but well worth it! I miss that food pantry! But my diet will never suck so much that I need to kill an animal!

  3. Jim,
    I an in awe of you. I wish I could write like you. If I could I could give a more compelling argument. You remind me of my co-worker Thomas. He writes the most compelling emails in defense of animals.

    @Dywane: Like you, I am currently a paycheck away from poverty. Since my divorce, my standard of living has dropped significantly. As a result, I have had to learn to learn to live with less. No cable. No vacations. No dining out. No gym membership, etc.. The flip sides is, I’ve learned to garden, I compost (it takes me 2 months to produce curb-side trash). I’m learning to live with less but guess what? It’s not so bad. LIke you said, eating a vegan diet is cheaper than eating an animal-based diet. I live off of brown rice and beans adding only in-season vegetable(s) to my diet which is currently assorted types of squash. If I ate animal products, I cannot even imagine how high my food bill would be.


  4. So-called “subsistence hunting” is a myth. Liberal apologists (who feel guilty about not being “politically correct” in every way), and who defend what humans do to non-humans, are delusional, and not facing reality.
    Even in the coldest reaches of the planet, whether near the Arctic, Mongolia or Siberia, these so-called “subsistence” hunters are usually well-armed, often with electric tracking devices and other hunting gadgetry, along with the “traditional” snowmobile. Even if some are not, the excuse to kill non-humans is just that: an excuse: a barbaric “tradition” which views non-human life as less important. That is the core ideology which keeps hunting and trapping alive. Until Homo sapiens can shed its arrogance, its superior attitudes towards other species, it will continue to destroy them. If Homo sapiens could have done this, collectively, it might have been able to forestall and perhaps minimize the planetary crisis we are in, with mass extinctions. I see no evidence of that taking place, do you? I always like to shock people by saying, “if meat eating is so necessary for you, perhaps you should try eating human flesh, as there is no shortage of it, yet.”

    • No, I see no evidence of humans really trying to forestall the mass extinction they started centuries ago. But don’t tempt them, their meat eating is taking them to dark places and there’s probably nothing they can’t justify to themselves. I agree with everything you said here–good to know there’s people out there who can see what’s going on.

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