2 Wolves Were Killed By Hunters Using Dogs This Week

December 06, 2013

By Chuck Quirmbach

The Department of Natural Resources reports that two grey wolves killed in Wisconsin this week were shot by hunters who used dogs to pursue the wolves.

The wolf deaths happened in Rusk and Washburn counties. The DNR’s Dave MacFarland says hunters registered the wolf kills by phone. MacFarland says it may take a while to learn more details about how the dogs were used during the wolf harvest.

“The hunters are required by the fifth day of the month after harvest – so for these animals, that would be Jan. 5 – to organize a registration meeting with one of the wardens,” says MacFarland. “So the warden registration component of the registration process has not yet occurred for these animals.”

MacFarland says most of the discussions between wolf hunters and DNR wardens happen fairly quickly.

Rachel Tilseth of the animal protection group Wolves of Douglas County says she’d like to hear more details of this week’s wolf deaths, and hear soon.

“I would like to see more wardens out there,” says Tilseth. “I would like to know how many wardens were out there, and I haven’t heard anything on that. Once I find that out, I would like to know if the dogs chewed up the wolf. I want to know the condition of the animal.”

The DNR says it remains committed to enforcing state law, which only allows hunters to use dogs to track the wolves, not fight with them. The DNR says wolf hunters are now 32 short of this season’s quota. The only remaining wolf hunt zone is one in northwest Wisconsin.


12 thoughts on “2 Wolves Were Killed By Hunters Using Dogs This Week

  1. Wolf hounders are the lowest scum of the Earth! In a civilized, evolved society, these psychos would be locked up! What is next for the Wisconsin DNR? Hounding non-white humans for sport?
    How stupid of them to think the hounds won’t attack the wolf! And the wolf will turn and will kill hounds, to attempt to survive. This is like breeding a generation of serial killers! Boycott Wisconsin!

  2. This is a sad sad commentary on the state of affairs for our nation’s beautiful WOLVES…I weep for the suffering and cruelty. President Obama this is your responsibility.
    You have betrayed them and your stewardship of our earth is sinking the whole place. Please pay attention and stop this madness. Have Nelson Mandela’s courage on this issue and stop throwing others like wolves under the bus for political gain…BTW, Sen Tester’s vote on 2011 budget bill not worth one of our nations’ precious wolves.. Now 2,000 killed since you caved to him.You should get the strength and courage to back up our beautiful wildlife. Our nation deserves better and so do our WOLVES!

    • I agree. The politicians and the DNR in Wisconsin are devovling faster than even Germany did under the Nazi Party rule.
      Kyrgyzstan isn’t devolving, rather they have yet to evolve in their concept of animals being more than property or profit/sport/a fur coat.
      So I guess if you made an evolutionary ideas on wildlife as fellow beings chart, starting about 1950, to present day, Kyrgyzstan is pretty much a straight line, Germany curves up and Wisconsin is some loss, some gain and recently, under the present administration, has taken a dive so deep, they have crossed the line of Kyrgyzstan and are quickly headed for Hell in a Hand-basket!

  3. I’ve come to realize that hunters view the term ‘stewardship’ as ‘ownership’ and they have the right to do anything they want to ‘their’ wildlife. Again the entitlement attitude…everything is placed on this earth to satisfy their whim.

      • As maddening as the term ‘fur’ is, as applied to a living or deceased animal, these Wolf hounders don’t care about the value, it is all about the thrill of this blood-sport. That has no value in the form profit, education, survival skills or even dog training, because dogs are disposable, too. The cost of a dead hound is refundable if it is killed while hounding a wolf. I guess the value for the hound is set at the DNR level?
        I’m not sure where the money comes from? Taxes of some kind and/or fees?
        One thing is for certain… hounders are worthless trash.
        Wolves are priceless in all that they do to improve the environment back to it’s natural state. Bring in tourist dollars and boost eco-tourism. As spiritual and lifeway teachers. Wolves are precious, each and every one of them, to each other and to the Universe!

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