Last Chance To Comment to the USFWS on Wolves

To those who want to send the USFWS a quick note on their plan to delist wolves, here’s the email address to their comment form:!submitComment;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073-30560


In addition to written comments earlier this year, I just sent them the following comment:

In light of the fact that Western and Great Lakes states have proven time and again that they can’t be counted on to manage an endangered species such as wolves fairly–Wisconsin uses hounds to run wolves to exhaustion; Montana changes their wolf hunting rules, to the benefit of hunters, on a regular basis; Wyoming treats wolves like vermin outside the park; Idaho has hired a professional hunter/trapper to kill off two packs within a Wilderness Area at the behest of trophy elk hunters and now has added wolves to a coyote contest hunt–I respectfully urge you not to delist gray wolves from the Endangered Species List.

States with small populations of wolves adjoining the tri-state area are poised to start in with the same misguided policies of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Utah has taken steps to disallow wolves to expand their territory, South Dakota has listed wolves as vermin–ahead of their possible expansion–and Washington has implemented the same loopholes for ranchers to kill wolves that their neighbors came up with a few years ago.

The job of wolf recovery is unfinished. Please don’t remove them from ESA protections only to see them subjected to irresponsible contest hunts and eradicated once again.

copyrighted Hayden wolf walking

11 thoughts on “Last Chance To Comment to the USFWS on Wolves

  1. i have given up on humanity why do these people take delight in killing these wolves please leave them alone to live and be what they are beautiful wild animals .i do not think you will take any notice of my plea your hearts are hard your minds are set on killing.its a sad time we live in even sadder for our wildlife.

  2. How much proof does USFWS need to prove that wolves should not be delisted? Wyoming has them classified as varmints in most of the state. Montana’s new rules allow ranchers to shoot any wolf they see as “threatening”, which means any wolf they see, and will have year around trapping. Idaho is having wolf and coyote contests for cash and has hired a hunter to kill a couple of packs arguing that it is in defense of elk herds. Wisconsin is using dogs. MT-WY-ID-WI are obviously marginalizing this apex predator which is not good ecology for trophic cascade of effects; with hunters (sports killing) and ranchers and these state wildlife agencies having unhealthy effects on ecology. We are rapidly getting back to the 1800’s in wolf massacring states. Wolf management–they do not generally need management, should be out of the states’ hands. The states mentioned are way too hostile, and controlled by historic hostile elements. They are promoting two myths despite contrary evidence: Wolves do not kill too many elk and their impact on cattle is less than 0.002%. These states are run by rancher and hunter folklore, myths and lies and their ilk in the state wildlife agencies and legislatures, with so far the only exception being OR and somewhat WA. OR is the model wolf management state, allowing the killing of only chronic offenders, not general wolf killing, and requiring that nonlethal management be in place and tried. The throwback (1800’s) wolf massacre states are mismanaging wolves.

    Roger Hewitt

  3. Thank you Jim!

    I have a general question about submitting comments on proposed government regulations. On the subject of delisting wolves, I have probably submitted dozens of comments over the past several months. Some have been form submissions through numerous organizations and others were directly submitted by me in my own words. Does anyone happen to know what the government does with multiple submissions from the same individual? Am I wasting my time by submitting multiple entries? Do they accept them all, throw them all out, or selectively keep one of them?

    • Your welcome Diane, My guess is that if you comment several times with your name and address each time they will probably lump all your comments together. I doubt they are keeping track of it enough to take the time to pick out a specific comment over another to represent your input. They probably go with the first one or keep a tally by your name as to how many times you’ve sent them comments. I just hope they’re reading with an open mind and this is not just another foregone conclusion on their part.

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