Montana is a backward wolf massacre state

Regarding allowing ranchers to kill perceived “threatening wolves” (Senate Bill 200): Montana policy wolf qualifies it, from wolf conservationists’ perspectives, as a backward wolf massacre state.

This attitude is evidenced by $19 tags for five wolves; not having a real quota; by having a trapping season beyond and through the hunting season; an attitude of “we need to drive down the population” without any science behind such thinking; an attitude of not holding the rancher responsible in any way for taking preventive, good husbandry, measures.

It is political management, not scientific management. Now it will be in evidence with a policy of allowing a rancher to kill a wolf “perceived” as a threat, which to a rancher and guests will likely mean any wolf seen, which will all equate to open season on wolves, with much of it on leased public land.

Wolves kill around 65 cattle annually in a state that has 5.5 million which is 0.001 percent. There are 3,776 leases on BLM land and 772 on national forest lands. Ranchers are reimbursed for losses. Oregon has a model for Montana, although Montana rule makers are too backward and obstinate to listen and learn. The Oregon wolf management model requires ranchers to have nonlethal deterrents in place and to have used them, and then only kill chronic offenders.

Wolves are not vermin. Wolves are apex predators that are good for wildlife ecology, having a positive cascading effect throughout the food chain versus ecological unhealthy man wildlife killing.

References: The Hidden Life of Wolves, Jamie and Jim Dutcher; The Wolf Almanac, Robert Busch

Roger Hewitt

Great Falls
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6 thoughts on “Montana is a backward wolf massacre state

  1. Well written! Thank you for your facts. If only people wanted to be politically active for wolves. I dread losing them twice in my own lifetime! My heart can not stand this, nor my mind understand the depths of ignorance and I hear the howls of lost souls in my dreams. This is the darkest of times for the human race when so few dictate the deaths of so many wolves for no good reason. The only way to stop the slaughter is public outrage and mass protest. Letters are good, boots on the ground are better, making international news and shaming wolf policy in the backward states that murder them is a very good start! Finally, getting people elected who are notedly pro-wolf and keeping them in office is a wonderful goal that we must work toward if we want to save any wild wolves. It must become political poison to a politician’s career to vote to delist any endangered or threatened species. Only then will real change come and animals live in peace, as well they should. I long for a time when no creature is killed for sport or their flesh or fur. Only then can humans call themselves civilized.

  2. Welfare ranchers and their non-native livestock, which cause more destruction than any native
    wild animal ever could or ever will, need to be booted off our public lands before they kill all that we value and hold dear. They have had their way long enough, and I’m sick and tired of my tax dollars supporting their destructive “way of life.”

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