Captain Paul Watson’s Message to Patriarch Duck Dunce

My Message to the Patriarch Duck Dunce

From one so called Reality TV Star to Another

Captain Paul Watson of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars sends a message to Phil Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

Dear Phil,

I am confused. How can you equate homosexuality with bestiality? You’re hardly in a position to say such a thing when your business is manufacturing duck mating calls that essentially declare that you want to fuck a duck.

You are flirting with bestiality Phil.

You not only seduce defenseless innocent ducks, you kill them when they approach you. Sort of reminds me of Ted Bundy.

You are also seducing ducks through fraudulent behavior. Essentially you are lying to the ducks. And you’re peddling duck seduction devices in a quack-pot scheme to enrich yourself on the suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent ducks.

I picked up a copy of the New Testament to see what Jesus Christ or any of the disciples had to say about gay men and women. Incredibly I discovered that they never said anything at all about homosexuality. Jesus did however condemn the rich and you Phil Robertson are rich and I also do recall something in the tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain about not killing. It did not say thou shall not kill other human beings, it said, “Thou shall not kill.”

It seems to me that Jesus would have been more compassionate towards a gay man than to a rich man. So I think that Jesus would be more comfortable listening to Elton John than hearing your shotguns dropping his father’s children from the sky.

Now I know that it’s common for some Christians to cite Leviticus but if you believe Leviticus you need to go all the way, selling daughters into slavery, smiting and stoning and hating everyone that believes in something different than you do. But then again, I may be wrong but I recall that Jesus Christ came with a new message – one of love and forgiveness, compassion and kindness.

I can’t see Jesus defending war nor can I see him denying help to the poor. Nor can I see him spewing hatred for gays.

True Christianity can be a very beautiful thing – when practiced but unfortunately it is rarely practiced.

As for going to hell Phil, everyone goes to hell because if you do not believe in the Catholic faith you will go to Catholic hell and likewise Catholics will go to Protestant hell. From the way the various denominations have laid claim on heaven and hell everyone is going to someone’s hell.

But what I really don’t get is this. Why do people, and especially so-called Christians get all upset about gay people? How does gay marriage affect them? Why do they make it their business to interfere with the happiness of other people? Why does this threaten some people?

I mean Phil, how does gay marriage get in the way of you murdering ducks for dollars?

They certainly are not out there in the swamp gunning down what you consider your ducks and cracking red-neck jokes. There is simply no Godly reason they should be annoying you Phil unless, well unless you have had some inclination towards temptation in that particular direction of choice Phil and you are feeling guilty about your unspoken desires.

And as for freedom of speech, well, by all means you are free to have your bigoted opinions and no one is denying that. Your problem is that you broadcasted your bigoted opinions on television, and as such you must suffer the opinions of people who disagree with you and find your opinions to be vile and hateful.

A &E simply exercised their right to express their disagreement with your bigoted views. All those people you are saying are intolerant of your right to free speech are simply expressing their free speech to denounce your hateful rhetoric.

Of course you have Sarah Palin defending you. Good luck with that Phil.

Do you think that if I were to make racist statements about the Japanese that Animal Planet would not take me off the air? Of course they would and they would be right to do so. Our fight is with whalers who happen to be Japanese. Sometimes they are Norwegians. The point is we don’t condemn anyone on racial or cultural grounds and racism should never be tolerated, especially on the airwaves.

Phil, I don’t like you. It’s not because you’re white, supposedly Christian or seemingly heterosexual or that you have a strange and violent sexual relationship with ducks. I don’t like you because you’re a bigot and I don’t like you for murdering ducks.

The bottom line is you exercised your right to free speech and now you are suffering the consequences. The Constitution guarantees your right to free speech, it does not guarantee your right to not be held responsible for what you say.

You are free to continue making bigoted and hateful comments. No one is going to toss you into jail for it. That is what it means by freedom of speech.

You are however dreaming if you think that what you say does not have consequences. Enjoy your freedom of speech because you are going to have to pay for it – with consequences.

Oh and by the way, stop seducing and murdering ducks.

I’ll leave you with a little song I heard from a little girl the other day.

“Be kind to your animal friends
For a duck may be somebodies mother”

Yea, I know that is way beyond your comprehension of empathy but I’m sure Phil that if you repent of your sins of bigotry and lust for ducks that Jesus will forgive you.


19 thoughts on “Captain Paul Watson’s Message to Patriarch Duck Dunce

  1. Nobdy, and I mean NOBODY, gets to the truth and the heart of the matter like Captain Watson. And nobody actually walks the talk and puts themselves on the line like he does either. I don’t bandy the word “hero” around lightly, but he really fits the definition. I admire him more than any other human being.

    • Pretty good. But this video doesn’t address their worst atrocity. They’re rich. Jesus doesn’t like it but I don’t care that much. They’re fake. Worse, but not unusual within a lying fake culture. Homophobic bigots. Really bad, but manifested in just name-calling, not “sticks and stones.” But the fact that they are bloodthirsty murdering psychopaths is what has earned them a reservation in the seventh circle of Hell.

  2. I can’t believe that these people are the top shows on tv! and as far as him going on,, and speaking his mind, doesn’t his mind also tell him that there kids who watch these shows, and hear what is said? I know that the heros we emulated did things they shouldn’t have, but they didn’t flaunt it. now we have honey boo boo, little miss whatever……..I flipped thru one nite and stopped to watch….a 3 yr. old had on madonnas pointy bra, girdle, and the stocking tab flapping, and they fo suggestive moves, I couldn’t imagine what I was seeing.don’t think we are all going to hell, there are too many good people, rednecks? I suppose you could call me one, they are not the mobile home, cars in the yard, cousin marrying,pea brained people that they are portrayed. you are talking about trash, and there is too much of that around. I think if you are a public figure, it is your duty to shut up, too many people listen to them, because of who they are or vote because of them. the tv stations and newspapers, and the movie makers will make whatever they think the people want……, dirty language, and somebody with a dirty-looking beard, with god only knows what lives in there. I have a gay man up the street, he is the nicest, most good-hearted person. I will choose him, before one of the yuck dynasty. everything has place in this world, theirs is a garbage can. just read this, rather disjointed, but Watson is right. !!!!

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  4. Bravo, Capt. Watson!!
    Well put and well said. 🙂
    Make that mud-duck from Duck Dynasty walk the plank.

    Also, many of our beloved like-minds of the animal kingdom
    need your help is stopping the senseless slaughtering of our
    noble wolves, coyotes, and other majestic creatures,
    our Creator made for all generations to behold and revere with awe and wonder,

  5. Again, it doesn’t get any better than that! I was shocked that Duck Dynasty was so popular, although living in the part of the country with all the hunting and wolf hatred, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

    When it comes to Phil’s homophobia, I don’t agree with Phil. However, I agree with Paul Watson and freedom of speech.

    Sometimes I think we conflate discrimination with prejudice. Discrimination is about behavior that is unjust to people and is illegal.

    Prejudice is about what people think and feel about others. It is not illegal. You cannot make people like each other or punish them into changing their minds. But you can ignore them and their beliefs.

    Fortunately, no one has to watch Duck Dynasty, hate gays, or hunt ducks. We have an equal right to speak out against all they stand for.

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