2013 Wolf Issues

December 29, 2013 in Outdoors

2013 outdoors: Wolf issues
Rich Landers The Spokesman-Review

The gray wolf, reintroduced to the Rockies in the mid-1990s, continued to leave its mark across the Northwest in 2013 and into the legislatures. Here are some highlights.

• Idaho and Montana report significantly lower numbers of wolves for the first time since reintroduction, owing to hunting, trapping and wildlife control. But wildlife officials say wolf numbers are still too high.

• Washington estimates up to 100 wolves in the state, double the estimate in 2012.

• The cost of managing wolves in Washington, where they are still protected, is likely to increase by more than 200 percent from the past two years to about $2.3 million in 2013-14, wildlife managers say.

• Wolf hunting and trapping become issues of national attention as a wolf hunter shoots and kills a malamute romping with its owner while cross country skiing near Lolo Pass; a Sandpoint woman’s dog is caught in a snare set along a closed forest road, and a central Idaho predator hunting derby becomes the first modern contest to target wolves in the lower 48.

• Hunting authorized outside of Yellowstone Park results in the killing of wolves popular with tourists as well as radio-collared wolves vital to research.

• The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to drop endangered species protections for the gray wolf in most of the country.

• Pro-wolf groups submit a million comments in December to the FWS favoring continued federal protection.

• Washington legislation makes it legal to kill wolves threatening pets and livestock, provides state wildlife managers more resources to prevent wolf-livestock conflict and expands criteria to compensate livestock owners for wolf-related losses.

• Idaho hires a hunter to eliminate two wolf packs in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness to take the pressure off collapsing elk herds.

• Michigan becomes sixth state with a wolf hunting season.



4 thoughts on “2013 Wolf Issues

  1. Everyone be sure to thank Barack “The Other Sarah Palin” Obama and your Senator for making all of this horror and cruelty possible!

    • Yes! he is terribly complicit in the horrific carnage we have set upon these beautiful, intelligent and family beings
      It is a genocide pure and simple sanctioned by Obama and Jewell
      A deadly combo for our precious wildlife that belongs to all Americans according to the Public Trust Doctrine not just the very small percentage of hunters
      If civil rights were left to the states there would still be slavery.
      States are not capable of wildlife “management ” Obama giving Tester of Montana those rights started the bloody war on our amazing wolves
      We need to Protest and speak out on this any chance we get! NYT had a great call out against proposed delisting of wolves today discussing the ” killing contest ” in Idaho underway right now

  2. We should not forget that our forefathers landed in the USA and started killing everything in sight as they spread across this country, poisoning and trapping predators, killing off 50 million bison, everything was a target, even decimating ungulate populations. About 30 years after these pilgrims landed wolf bounties emerged. Then very recently we started regulating hunting and having it only in seasons with quotas, and wildlife agencies got into the business of counting game animals and facilitating their numbers to be killed for sport and continued the erroneous and selfish, self-centered idea that game was just for them and now give themselves credit for “bringing back the great game herds”. But the idea continues that the game animals have to be protected from the predators by minimizing or marginalizing them. The hunters and ranchers and wildlife agencies are either ignorant or don’t care about wilderness ecology and are ignoring the role of apex predators in that ecology or do not accept the science and observation of the trophic effects of apex predators. They still want to minimize the numbers of wolves, grizzlies and lions and wipe out the coyote. There is an unholy alliance of hunters, ranchers, and wildlife agencies. The larger public is ignored and conservationists’ and naturalists’ apex predator input ignored. Even in the wolf massacring states, the public majorities do not want the wolf delisted. The wolf-hating elements live in their own alternative universe evidently sharing the republican anti-science mind on their topical beliefs and traditions.

  3. The mighty American brain that took man gto the moon,, have rockets pon the way to Mars,, and yet, with a problem they seem to have here on earth, the only answer they seem to have is to kill them… Beautiful Wolves and Coyotes and other creatures the only solution they can think of is to KIL:L THEM>

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