Back to the Dark Ages: What’s Next, Bald Eagle Blasting?

The New York Times’ editorial, “Wolf Haters” (December 29, 2013), brought up two prime examples of how anti-wolf fanatics in states like Idaho are trying to drag us back to the dark ages of centuries past, when predators were hunted and trapped to extinction by ignorant people claiming all of nature’s bounty for themselves.

Most Americans nowadays understand natural processes well enough to know that apex species, like wolves, will find equilibrium with their prey if given a chance. Perhaps the only ones who won’t accept that fact are trophy hunters who still claim the elk in Idaho’s wilderness areas as a commodity exclusively for them. It goes beyond the absurd that the US Forest Service would permit a state game department to bring in a bounty hunter because the land is too rugged for the average wolf hunter. To me that seems like the perfect kind of place for predator and prey to return to some semblance of the order that existed before the spread of Manifest Destiny.

I’m sure the enlightened lawmakers who crafted the Endangered Species Act (exactly 40 years ago) never imagined recovering species would be used as targets for some hair-brained “hunters’ rights” groups’ “derby hunt,” as is going on in Salmon, Idaho. Yet this brand of disregard is not without precedence—endangered prairie dogs are routinely targeted by “shooting sports” enthusiasts across the West. What’s next—contest hunts on Yellowstone Bison reminiscent of Buffalo Bill’s reckless era? Or, perhaps a Sunday afternoon of blasting bald eagles?


Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “Back to the Dark Ages: What’s Next, Bald Eagle Blasting?

  1. Beautifully said Jim.

    “Selfishness is one of the principal fruits of the corruption of human nature; and it is obvious that selfishness disposes us to over-rate our good qualities, and to overlook or extenuate our defects.”
    ― William Wilberforce

  2. You may have read that Bald Eagles will be endangered by wind turbines. One wind company was granted an “incidental take” permit for 30 years!!
    Wish i could remember the wind developer’s name and what state that was in.

  3. Wolf jihad: Wolf hate elements of society still continuing the scare tactics, hysteria, folklore, lies and myths associated with wolves. Our forefathers brought to this country all these folklore tales, wolf jihad mentality, hysteria, erroneous belief that they had to be exterminated. This nonsense continued through the decades and centuries to the present and through and with the state and federal wildlife agencies. Look at the mentality of the wolf massacre states (MT-ID-WI-WY) and the USFWS who side with hunters and ranchers and the reasons to kill wolves’ myths (ungulate decimation and stock predation) which are grossly exaggerated lies, myth, and folklore. Look at our entertainment fare: Werewolves, lycans, vampires, zombies, middle (dark) age’s demons and possessions. Then there are the mythologizing movies such as The Gray and Frozen that perpetuates the nonsense. Man the toolmaker is advanced. Man the humane animal, the sentient animal coexisting with other sentient animals is still in a very primitive state. “Sportsmen”), AKA hunters, and ranchers pull folklore/myths out of their arses stating them as facts, such as decimation of elk or other ungulates by wolves or cattle depredation. Their ilk in the wildlife agencies of the wolf massacring states and USDA Wildlife Services and USFW Services and the wolf massacring states, including the newspapers of those states, go along with the lies/myth/folklore. Local yokels repeat the lies, myth and folklore among themselves and wolf hate continues. Facts: Elk numbers are up in MT-WY-ID, way up, stabilized in Yellowstone and cattle killed is about 0.002%.

    • Roger, in a previous comment, you pointed out the need for “anti-fur shipping out of the country laws”… do you have any ideas on how to go about that?

  4. We should not forget that our forefathers landed in the USA and started killing everything in sight as they spread across this country and poisoning and trapping predators, killing off 50 million bison, and everything other ungulate populations. About 30 years after these pilgrims landed there were wolf bounties. Then very recently we started regulating hunting and have it only in seasons with quotas and wildlife agencies got into the business of counting game animals and facilitating their numbers to be killed for sport and continued the erroneous and selfish, self-centered idea that game was just for them and even now give themselves credit to “bringing back the great game herds”. But the idea continues that the game animals have to be protected from the predators by minimizing or marginalizing them. The hunters and ranchers and wildlife agencies are either ignorant or don’t care about wilderness ecology and are ignoring the role of apex predators in that ecology or do not accept the science and observation of the trophic effects of apex predators. They want to minimize the numbers of wolves, grizzlies and lions and wipe out the coyote. Now, there is an unholy alliance of hunters, ranchers, and wildlife agencies. The larger public is ignored and conservationists’ apex predator input ignored.

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