Salmon Idaho Derby “Winners” Announced

The photo is one sent by someone that was at the Derby. It is not from the Salmon Recorder-Herald weekly newspaper, which is not on line, and which has ranted against wolves since 1995. A friend summarized what the article said in today’s paper.
 from left to right (according to the Recorder-Herald)
Jeremiah Jones, Terry Cummings, Cody Morgan, Casey Thompson, Chip Johnson, Ray Whittier
Caption in paper reads:
“WINNERS IN THE coyote and wolf derby stand together with their winnings and trophies.  Left to right are Jeremiah Jones, Terry Cummings, Cody Morgan, Casey Thompson, Chip Johnson and Ray Whittier.  The pots were divided between the winners and trophies awarded.”
according to the article – $1,000 and trophies for most coyotes (5) went to Ray and Chip.
Largest female pot of cash went to Cody Morgan – 26.5 lbs
Largest male pot of cash went to Terry Cummings – 31 lbs
Chip Johnson had the most females
Mark Anderson won a camo suit (door prize??)
film crew from Montana Public TV shot video and Eric Stuart of London, England shot still photos for “Shooting Times”
billi jo beck quoted in article saying that the $1,000 wolf prize would carry over until the second annual derby.
Also see:

Advertising for videos of “coyote dogs”
Upcoming JMK Coyote Hunt this weekend out of Crane Oregon. $100 fee for 2-man teams.

9 thoughts on “Salmon Idaho Derby “Winners” Announced

  1. Why is it USFWS picks the most hostile places to release wolves! No wonder there were no wolves spotted! They were probably poached or ran off? These people are beyond ignorant, they are generations of breeding humans with no ability to feel empathy or identify with other living creatures. This, in any civilized, intelligent society anywhere in the universe would be considered child abuse. I guess this is Salmon’s version of quality time spent with their kids?

  2. They are probably pretty ticked that they didn’t score a wolf! Definitely proves who is the more intelligent of this “contest”! The whole thing is disgusting! And to think that our tax dollars are supporting the majority of the population in Salmon,Idaho because they are at a low poverty rate. Can we educate these people and require them to think before they kill?

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