No Hunting! Because Fuck You That’s Why!


This blog site is a haven for wildlife and animal advocates, a wildlife refuge of sorts, that’s posted “No Hunting,” as any true sanctuary should be. Just as a refuge is patrolled to keep hunters and poachers from harassing the wildlife, this blog site is monitored to keep hunters from disturbing other people’s quiet enjoyment of the natural world.

It is not a message board or a chat room for those wanting to argue the supposed merits of animal exploitation or to defend the act of hunting or trapping in any way, shape or form. There are plenty of other sites available for that sort of thing.

Hunters and trappers: For your sake, I urge you not to bother wasting your time posting your opinions in the comments section. This blog is moderated, and pro-hunting statements will not be tolerated or approved. Consider this fair warning—if you’re a hunter, sorry but your comments are going straight to the trash can. This is not a public forum for animal exploiters to discuss the pros and cons of hunting.

We’ve heard all the rationalizations for killing wildlife so many times before; there’s no point in wasting everyone’s time with more of that old, tired hunter PR drivel. Any attempt to justify the murder of our fellow animals will hereby be jettisoned into cyberspace…

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson


That statement appears on the “About” page of this blog for all to see. Yet every so often I still get comments from hunters desperately wanting to rationalize their murderous deeds. I received two over the past two days, including one from a Danish hunter who stated, “I take pride in my education and my gear, in which I have invested a lot of money, and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. But that does not make me a serial killer! I am a friendly young man, with so many other hobbies…”

Sorry to say, but a lot of serial killers would come across as “friendly young” men. Though he may not technically be a serial killer by standard definition, anyone who lumps the “thrill” of the hunt in with his other “hobbies” certainly shares some of the characteristics, like rationalization, justification, depersonalization, compartmentalization, as well as a sense of entitlement, lack of remorse, guilt or empathy, with the average serial killer.

The other pro-hunting comment came from none other than Laramie’s city councilman Erik Molvar, the Wild Earth Guardians’ new in-house hunter-on-staff, described on their website as “an avid fan of the outdoors, and enjoys hiking, flyfishing, skiing, antelope hunting, and renovating historic homes.” He doesn’t sound like someone who needs to feed his family on pronghorn flesh any more than any other suburban Wyomingite (who number in the 100s of thousands). Erik wrote at great length in defense of himself and about the relative morality of killing and eating a pronghorn vs. a loaf of bread. Yet he didn’t tell us anything we haven’t heard before time and again from other hunters. Once again, this is an anti-hunting blog site, with a longstanding policy of not approving comments from hunters and I see no reason to start now. We’ve heard them all before—ad nauseam.

Mr. Molvar, as your comment is directed to Marc, the author of the article “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing,” please send it to him at his website: (If you no longer have the text, I can retrieve it for you from my trash can.)

I appreciate your concern for wolves and Wild Earth Guardian’s hard work to stop wolf hunting. I love wolves the same as any advocate. But I also care about pronghorn, elk and prairie dogs just as much. If we wait until wolf hunting is ended before acknowledging the rights of any other species, hunting will only become more embedded, like a festering thorn in need of surgical removal.

23 thoughts on “No Hunting! Because Fuck You That’s Why!

  1. Great post, Jim! Wild Earth Guardians used to be in the top five of my “donate” list. They will not be getting another penny from me.

  2. Jim, thanks for another sensible riposte to the two idiot-hunters who think that if they just keep trotting-out the same all lame excuses for their pathologic hobby, eventually they’ll make sense.

    On a slightly unrelated note, I’d like to obtain several additional copies of your book for distribution to friends and acquaintances. I remember from a previous post sometime back that you said that buying the books directly from you would garner you a bit more income than you’d earn after the bloodsucking distributors (like Amazon) extracted their pound of flesh. If I have that right, how much per book and where do we send it?

  3. I see no difference between serial killers who prey on humans and those who prey on animals. They both get off on terrorizing, dominating, overpowering, and tormenting their victims. I believe it’s entirely appropriate to classify and refer to hunters/trappers as serial killers. Furthermore, I put hunting and trapping serial killers in exactly the same contemptible category as child molesters and abusers. Both types of serial killers are cunning, filthy, deviant, and absent of any empathy or conscience.

  4. Thanks for the heads up re Wildearth Guardians. Conservation Northwest is another one to avoid (newsflash? not to you I’m sure)

  5. Well said. Thanks. I had no idea about Wild Earth Guardians going down this path. I am disgusted. Why is this pronghorn killing Eric Molvar on their staff? This is really too bad. I hope they wise up. I won’t be donating any of my paltry earnings to them. And I am so grateful for this site.

  6. Erik Molvar does not accept, regardless of evidence, that wild horses arose, evolved and thrived on the North American tectonic plate for 55 million years. Therefore, he has no regard for the wild horses of our Western states at all. Too bad that as a biologist that he purports to be, he is so misinformed. As a hunter and paleo he is disgusting.

    • How can someone deny that horses, like camels, mammoths, mastodon, lions and giant land sloth, evolved on this continent, before being hunted to extinction by the paleo-Indians 11,000 years ago–in the first phase of the current anthropogenic mass extinction event?

  7. I am so surprised and upset to know that WildEarth Guardians has a hunter on their staff! I thought they were one the better organizations. I just started donating to their organization. That is very disappointing.

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