Corey Knowlton? Yup, I Hate Him Too

Corey Knowlton is the hunter who won the right to kill an endangered rhino in the Safari Club auction. This is part of trophy room (Big Horn Sheep section – Knowlton claims that he has hunted “over 120 species on every continent” – obviously many animals per species)…


…and this is what Grumpy Cat has to say about him:


13 thoughts on “Corey Knowlton? Yup, I Hate Him Too

  1. and having all those heads from dead animals in your house proves what???????? all i see is death caused by a miniscule penis pretending to be a “man”

  2. It’s always good to have Grumpy Cat on your side.

    Here are 3 actions for urging USFWS to deny the import of the rhino “trophy” (aka murdered animal’s head):

    1) PETITION:
    2) PETITION:
    3) FB page with USFWS contact info and sample letter for writing to ask them to deny permit:

  3. There was an article on the Internet where he was complaining about the numerous death threats to him and his children that he has received after his name was publicly revealed; the piece included a number of photographs of the man standing over various dead animals he has slain over the years. I’m sure we’ll hear the standard boilerplate about how we must all abide by the law and respect the viewpoints of our fellow citizens even if we disagree, how human life is “sacred” and violence never solves anything, blah, blah, blah … But me, I’m actively praying that someone, somewhere will finally make good on those threats.

  4. Just watched CNN, you guessed it! He was on defending his actions…….helped feed a village, saved his buddies life cause the rhino was charging. What a humanitarian/conservationist. Can’t bloody wait to get the head home…..of course, to display and help educate all of us on the rhino’s plight. Excuse me, going to go throw up now out of sheer outrage!!

  5. The Government of Botswana responded to the Rhino hunt on their Facebook page:


    (22/5/15) – The Government of the Republic of Botswana notes with alarm the CNN documentary portraying an American hunter, Mr. Corey Knowlton, shooting one of the world’s most endangered species, a black rhino, in Namibia.

    We would have hoped that the amount of money he paid for the hunt could have been used instead to relocate the rhino to a country like ours, where we would have welcomed such an initiative and put the rhino in an area it would not be a threat to other rhinos and contribute to our tourism and education efforts.

    We therefore appeal for such consideration in future.

    As for Mr. Knowlton, whose actions and unconvincing attempts to justify them, is not welcome in Botswana.

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