Call OFF the “Wild”man

Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet

Mother Jones’ exclusive investigation reveals how animals suffer on the network’s top reality show.

By the time three orphaned raccoons arrived for emergency care at the Kentucky Wildlife Center in April 2012, “they were emaciated,” says Karen Bailey, who runs the nonprofit rehab clinic set in the sunny thoroughbred country just outside of Georgetown, in central Kentucky. “They were almost dead.”

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9 thoughts on “Call OFF the “Wild”man

  1. What is it with television networks showing these stupid reality shows about bumpkins and glorifying killing and exploiting wild animals lately? It is beyond disgusting! All you see anymore on most networks is one braindead reality show after another! Networks like Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, and The History Channel are supposed to show programs that raise IQ levels not lower them! All you see on these networks and several other TV networks anymore is garbage shows that glorify trapping, torturing, and killing wildlife for profit and entertainment! Then if it isn’t that, the networks show other reality shows of people acting like braindead yuppie idiots or people craving attention for doing ordinary stuff that other people do all the time that they think they should be on TV and get a medal for doing! WTF? It is really sad, disgusting, and disturbing that the media has gone so low and is force feeding this garbage to the masses and our society is suffering for it! Personally, I would love to see a social study experiment conducted to show the negative affects these reality shows are having on our society. I think these braindead reality shows glorifying animal killing and stupidity is dumbing down the masses and I think it is high time we stand up to the networks airing this garbage before they turn us all into braindead idiots and zombies from all this lousy programming they keep airing! One of the best things we can do to put an end to these lousy reality shows that glorify animal killing and stupidity is to start complaining to these networks by calling, emailing, and sending letters of outrage about their programming. Another thing we can do is boycott the networks that show them. Cut the networks off from their ratings and they will begin to lose money, then we will be able to force them to bring back intelligent programming and entertainment like they used to show before they started showing the garbage they are showing now.

    • Hi Justin,

      Don’t you feel we are outnumbered? I do.

      I listen to my friends and/or strangers on the train blather on about the latest reality TV show. They care more about who is going to win dancing with the stars. Sometimes I feel this is how the masses are being controlled — they are being narcotized by all the stupid shit that’s on TV.

      I watched the news last night, something I rarely do because I cannot stand it. Anyway, last night I listened to a reporter discuss Justin Bieber’s latest bone-head maneuver and thought, this is news??? Who gives a rats ass about this twerp?!

      IMHO most people only seem to care about sports, Reality TV and retail “therapy”. The Networks have already dumbed down the masses.

      I don’t have Cable, in case you are wondering. The most TV I watch is PBS and/or Netflix streaming – Breaking Bad & Dexter.

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